What You Need to Know About Vacation Stress

What You Need to Know About Vacation Stress

A common belief says that vacation can relieve all stress from your body and mind. Contrary to popular belief, there is also a term which says otherwise. Vacation stress is something that also common to happen. Most people go for a vacation in hope to get recharged and energized. So they will feel alive to face their works after the vacation ends.

However, lots of researchers also found that vacation can be the source of stress itself. Of course, the vacation cannot be the only source of stress to blame on. All the stress can be accumulated during the vacation which makes the stress even worse.

Understanding more about vacation stress

When you take a vacation from your daily work and duty, you expect to gain more fun and happiness. However, sometimes a vacation is not that enjoyable. Sometimes, you will feel restless about the burden of having more works to do after taking a break.

It is also common for people to take extra works to finish just because they want to have a vacation immediately. This can be a source of stress that will be accumulated during the vacation. There are many causes of vacation stress you need to know in order to prevent it to happen.

  • Vacation costs money and sometimes it is stressful to set up your budget for vacation. Thinking much about money for vacation can be the source of the stress, this will begin to seep through your mind and make your anxiety worse when the time of your vacation getting close. The stress will be much when you cannot afford the vacation you have wanted. Thus, you won’t be really enjoying the vacation at the end.


  • Physical exhaustion can also be the source of your vacation stress. It is true that releasing your energy can rid of your stress. However, when the exhaustion reaches your limit, it will only leave the stress even more. The most troublesome physical exhaustion is the long travel to reach your destination. This is exhausting even before you start the activities of your vacation. Physical exhaustion is also the source of travel fatigue which can run your entire mood during your vacation days.


  • If you take a vacation to avoid certain responsibilities or problems at school or works, it won’t help you take the stress away. In fact, it will only add your stress because in the end of the vacation you still have those responsibilities and problems which can be bigger the more you avoid them.

Here’s To Avoid Vacation Stress

To avoid vacation stress, we recommended you to plan the vacation long before the due. This will help you plan your budget better. It will also give you time to finish your works so you don’t have to works extra just before the vacation date approaching. Make sure that your health is in good condition before going for the vacation. Therefore, vacation stress can be avoided and instead lift up your energy and mood after.

An Expert Tips to Do Before Going to Komodo Island

Komodo Island rise as a new hot destination that seemed like a blend of real-life Jurassic Park with lost paradise. Located in front of Indonesian frontier, the islands bloom in remoteness, away from the touch of human hands.

An Expert Tips to Do Before Going to Komodo Island

Going to the Komodo National Park will bond you to a handful of adventures, an endless supply of jaw-dropping landscape, and unequaled tranquility. To ensure you got the best experience, I highly recommend you to do these things before going to Komodo and around.

Work Out

Flores and the Komodo National Park are among the most tumultuous region on the country. A lot of top attractions require you to do a lot of hiking and trekking. Be it seeing the dragons in Komodo and Rinca, reaching the famous viewpoint in Padar, or enjoying the sunset in Gili Lawa. You are going to need a highly fit body to go through it all. Especially when you are planning to go snorkel or dive as well. You can do a little work out to train your body with physical exercise. Do a little morning jog, running, yoga, or speed walk for some weeks before going to Komodo Island.

Clean Up Phone and Camera Memories

Komodo Island and each of its surrounding island are seriously beautiful. You will have the otherworldly rosy-tinted Pink Beach. Get surrounded by the crazily clear blue water, with undisturbed reefs shown through the surface. You will be spoiled with an amazing lookout of rolling hills and curved beaches. And of course, getting awed by the dreadful and majestic Komodo dragon itself. Everything on Komodo begged an extra space on your camera. Make sure you have emptied your phone and camera memories before embarking on the journey. You don’t want to go regret for not being able to eternalize the uncanny scenery, do you?

Travel Girl: Count Your Period

The dragons are very gifted for their smelling sense; they can smell blood from kilometers away. And once their darting tongues taste yummy particles of blood in the air That’s why women traveler should pay extra attention to their calendar. You can tell the rangers, though, if your period happened to fall in during the trip. They will pay extra attention to you to guard you against the dragons. However, it’s best to plan a trip before or after your period fall than…having an awkward discussion with the rangers.

Learn Other Destinations Beside the Komodo Island

The Komodo National Park encompasses more than 29 islands that are still pristine and remote. Each has its own charm and distinctive beauty. Beneath the land, the NP also boasts world-class diving sites and among the best in Indonesia. It’s good to do a good research about Komodo Island and the islets around it before arranging your itinerary. Popular destinations are Padar, Kanawa, Gili Lawa, and Manta Point, but there’s still a lot of gorgeous destination to visit. Do your homework and you’ll know what’s waiting for you out there!

Vacation Outfits That Fit for Any Destination

Sometimes, you don’t have time to really research about the environment and condition of your travel destination. This can cause you to underdressed or overdressed. However, you can try vacation outfits that will certainly fit to any destination.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being out of place while arriving at your travel destination. Outfits are important because they are like your second skin. They are not only meant to make you look good and fashionable but also warm and protected especially from harsh weather. Therefore, the first thing you need to think when you pack your luggage is the outfits.

Vacation outfits that will never upset you

Vacation outfits to bring

It is easy to pack outfits for summer vacation since the weather really fits the mood. You just need to bring shirt or t-shirt with thin fabric, shorts, and sunglasses to complete your look. You can also just bring your bikini if your destination is straight to the beach. However, it is different when you are going to somewhere you don’t really know. Therefore, here are some recommended outfits to bring when you don’t exactly know your destination’s condition.

  1. If you are going for lazy vacation, it means you don’t have to bring special outfits. You just need to bring something comfortable such as plaid swimsuit, jumpsuit, wooden slides, and boater-style straw hat to complete your fun look. This look is simple because you don’t wear anything special. However, the vibe you give off is fun and this can lift up your mood at your destination.
  2. Vacation outfits are not hard to choose. You just need to choose the theme then the choices are available in your closet. If you are into feminine style, you can bring floral skirt, top shop sandals, and sling bag. You can complete your look with your favorite accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, or bracelets. This look is cozy but still photogenic for photoshoot if you consider taking pictures at your favorite spot in your travel destination.
  3. If you are travelling to tropical destination, you just need to be more playful with your color choice for your outfits. It is highly recommended to choose light color instead of vibrant and deep ones. Kaftan is a great choice if you want to stay simple and comfortable but still look fashionable. Don’t forget to bring your suede slide to complement your outfit. To make your look more captivating, pick your favorite sunglasses along with beach bag.
  4. Next recommended outfit that won’t make you look awful no matter where your destination is gauzy cover-ups with soft fabric and light color. Bring along your floral-printed swimwear as well as your cat-eye sunglasses. As for your footwear, sandal is more recommended to make you feel more comfortable. If you like bringing your stuff in your bag, it is recommended to choose basket tote bag to complete your effortless look. In choosing vacation outfits, make sure you pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Don’t let your ambition to look stylish ruin your health.

How Speed Up WordPress Plugin Affects Your Online Luck

Speed up WordPress plugin

I am quite lucky to know about WordPress blog. The knowledge further gives numerous advantages when using the WordPress itself. One of the best things about creating a blog or site for an e-commerce using WordPress is that there are various plugins to support many different needs. Of the many existing plugins up to this day, there is this one, the most needed plugin when you deal with site optimization. It is the speed up WordPress plugin to makes your blog running faster.

The time that it takes for a page to load is apparently important to search engines. So important that Google considers it to be developed further. They even support the existence of the AMP Project, which prioritizes the search results to the site pages whose speed has been optimized for mobile phone users. The project is taking the speed seriously, resulting in much faster page loading than before.

Not surprisingly, the major search engine with the largest users in the world applies a feature to check whether your site and blog pages are AMP valid or not. Not to mention that the Search Consoles itself also provide some other features which include a feature that encourages webmaster to submit different sitemaps.

The point is, whether it’s a homepage and other pages that are valid for AMP or not, the loading time for site’s pages are very important for optimization, especially when a better user experience factor is one of major priority upon site-building.

So, how the speed ​​up WordPress plugin will makes your site even better?

Data shown from WpEngine revealed that in 1999, internet users would wait for up to 8 seconds to load a page, then it would be around 2 seconds or less until now. If your site page takes up to 4 seconds to load today, current users have already considered it as a long loading duration. When it happens, around 25% of your visitors will close their tabs and switch to another website.

It is regrettable if such a situation happened to your online store. You might lose many potential buyers. The same fate falls to bloggers as well. You might experience a decrease in visitors and existing engagement as the impact of a slow loading page. And there are many more losses that you can get just because of the slowness of the sites that you manage.

Therefore, the presence of speed up wordpress plugin is increasingly needed by many users.

The plugin will increase the opportunity to get lots of visitors from various sources, especially social media and search engines. As a result, that the visibility of the domain or page that you publish will increase as well.

If you are an online businessman, isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming about all this time? Where the more of the visitors keep on accessing your e-commerce site, the opportunity to sell your products and services will be even greater.

The plugin will also be a great benefit for bloggers who targets a good conversion between the number of visitors and revenue from the followed advertising network. It also brings positive impact for the future internet marketer, as having an affiliate blog that can be loaded faster will also give you high conversion rates.

Getting your site faster loaded today is somehow a must for many of the site owners or developers. But if you don’t know how to deal with the technical stuff like coding, etc, simply find the best speed up WordPress plugin to get it done and see how your online luck is going.

Adventure Vacation to Challenge Your Adrenaline

Adventure Vacation to Challenge Your Adrenaline

Those who are thrill seekers are always looking for adventure vacation. The thrill of extreme danger can boost up adrenaline to the max level. This type of vacation however is not everybody’s choice. Most people tend to like lazy vacation where there are summer breeze, cocktails, sunrise, sunset, magnificent landscape, and so on. Meanwhile, vacations which tend to be an extreme adventure provide different satisfaction for those who love it. If you are one of those thrill junkies, you might as well look for new destination to challenge your adrenaline and spike up the extreme thrill.

Choices of adventure vacation to boost up the thrill

There are many activities you can do during your vacation to boost up the thrill and the level of your heart race. The satisfaction is what you are looking for. However, no matter how thrilling the activities are will not do if you don’t do it in the right destination. The right spot and the right extreme activity are great combination to spike up the thrill. Here is recommendation for adventure vacation you might be interested in:


  • Waterskiing is too common to be considered as thrilling adventure during vacation. It is time for you to try sand boarding instead. This activity is not new. Actually, this has been existed since the ancient Egyptians. However, people these days are more interested in this activity which makes it more popular. You can choose your destination which will provide you the right spot for sand boarding such as Brazil, Oregon, and Peru.


  • Another type of skiing is heli-skiing. This is considered extreme adventure and worth to try if you seek for the thrill. You can find the best spots for heli-skiing in Alaska, Italy, or British Columbia. You will be transported to the high peaks, and you will be set to the right spot. It is usually an altitude between 6,500 feet and 10,000 feet.


  • You can also try to visit the coldest and driest continent on Earth, Antarctica for your adventure vacation. The scenery is breathtaking just like everyone who has already visited the place said. In Antarctica, you can go trekking through the real wilderness of Nature. The weather and temperature is the real challenge for you. If you are used to summer vacation, taking a trip to Antarctica can be a great breakthrough.


  • You may have not heard about stunt vacation. This is a type of vacation when you can have a taste of how to be a stunt in a movie scene. You will be able to try variety of common stunts such as shooting weapon. You will feel like involving in the real battle. You will be also able to enjoy the performance of professional stunts such as stunt driving.


  • If you want to face the real horror then you should try shark cage-diving. You can go for adventure vacation to see the fascinating creatures. You will be practically safe since you are in a metal cage while the sharks wandering around it. However, being so close to the deathly creatures will only spark your thrill and excitement.


Fill Your Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo with Water-Sport Fun!

Crossing on the Flores Sea, what can you do during the sailing trip Labuan Bajo? Maybe lounging in the deck, watching the ever-changing landscape, or reading books in library. Sure, this things feel very relaxing, especially in a much-needed holiday. You can, however, spice things up with some water sports! As you are going to spend days floating in the sea, why not taking things to the fullest?

Fill Your Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo with Water-Sport Fun!

Luckily, some of the best liveaboard ships for sailing trip Labuan Bajo have decent water sport equipments on board. Don’t waste the opportunity. Though you’ve never do those things before, there’s always an instructor to guide you. You might not stumble to the same opportunity in such amazing landscape like Flores anytime soon. Without further do, here are my recommendation of five water sport activities to do in the liveaboard.

Diving and Snorkelling

With world class diving sites and coral triangle spread all around you, who can skip a dip in Flores sea? It’s a home to more than 200 reef-building coral species, pelagic, sharks, manta rays, and turtles. The seabed is vibrant with thousands of corals in soft color purple, yellow, orange, red, and magenta, a reminder that the underwater of Flores is another universe altogether. Between them are the psyschedelic nudibranch and array of fishes. It’s truly a loss if you just spend the days on the surface. Even non divers and beginner swimmers can snorkel with live vest.


The water around Komodo National Park is just perfect for kayak. Fill your days in sailing trip Labuan Bajo in the shallower shore, where the big liveaboard sometimes cannot dock in. Explore the surrounding bays and get closer to the whimsical nature. See the dropping hills and remote beaches from another perspective. Venture to the territory of dolphins and dugongs. They may lift their bottled nose out of the water and greet you with curiosity!

Stand Up Paddles

Many islands around the National Park rose in close proximity. This means that some of the bays of one island is protected by the other, resulting in calm water. With such small waves and tranquil ocean breeze, the water is totally perfect for stand up paddles. Wake early in the morning when the ship is still sleepy and sail with stand up paddles. Venture between the inhabited islands or into secluded shore. It’s just you and the nature. Below the clean waters, you can see the undisturbed reefs, busy fishes, or even a sleeping sharks.

Bonus point: this activity is actually good workout for your balance and strength!


The UNESCO status of Komodo National Park might hinder one from fishing around the area, but it’s something you can actually do. After all, fishing is the main source of living for the locals. Outside the protected areas, you can look for fishes both for sport or plain fun. Just like diving, you need to pay some amount of money before start fishing.

Floating with…Floaters

Okay. Maybe some of you won’t call this s a water sport… but there’s a lot of very shallow with perfectly clear turquoise water around the island. Take Makassar, Pink Beach, and Kanawa are just among the few. Think no more. Bring your stylish floaters here and start drifting in style. Don’t forget to take aerial snaps! These will make as gorgeous photos for your sailing trip Labuan Bajo. 

Choices of Exotic Travel Destination You Can Pick

Choices of Exotic Travel Destination You Can Pick

Staying at home during your break is not fair. Your body and mind needs something to release all negative energy. Visiting an exotic travel destination is not a bad idea. When it comes to vacation or fun travelling, exotic place is always on the top list. There are lots of places that can be considered as exotic all around the world. However, the choice is yours and you need to pick properly especially if you have limited budget for your dream vacation to exotic place.

Exotic travel destination you can choose

Spending your hard-earned cash for enjoying a trip is not a sin. In fact, you need it not only to indulge your ego but also to recharge your energy. If you keep working like a robot, you will be burnout sooner or later. As the result, you won’t be productive as much. Vacation is a great distraction as well as solution to earn peaceful mind. Thus, you will be ready to face your duty again later. If you are wondering what type of exotic places you need to go for your next travel plan, here are some recommendation for you:


  • Bali, Indonesia – This island always comes on the top list as one of the most exotic places you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Bali is also called as isle of Gods due to its raw beauty and unlimited charms in every corner of the island. There are many attractions you can enjoy during your time like Kuta Beach, ancient temples, as well as traditional dance ceremony. This island is tourist-friendly so you won’t have difficulties related to foods, accommodation, public facilities, or transport.


  • Playa Ocotol, Costa Rica – This exotic travel destination is the best definition of beauty. The beach is as perfect as you can imagine. This is the place where you can enjoy white sands, palm trees, as well as chirpy birds. The nightlife around the beach is recommended to enjoy. Besides, you can enjoy many activities in this exotic place much as swimming, snorkeling, or just enjoying your cold beverages near the beach.


  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – If you want to truly feel connected to the wild world, you should come and visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can see 5000 sea creatures by visiting Kuala Lumpur Convention Center at Aquaria. You will feel like being the one with the sea creatures by exploring the 90 meter transparent tunnel. You can also visit Bird Park to see over 200 bird species.


  • Mykonos, Greece – People will agree that Greece is one of the most exotic places on earth. You can prove it by visiting Mykonos, one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Blue architectural trim is a pleasure to the sight. The striking and clear blue sky is always mesmerizing during the day. During the night, the beauty of this exotic travel destination is not less. It is even more striking with the contrast of the light throughout the city even with the lack of technological factors

Top Three Peaks to Watch Sunrise on A Flores Tour

A Flores tour is bound with awesomeness, and Some of the best moments happened just before sunrise. A transition between night to day, from darkness to light. Sunrise always feel so magical. When you watch it in a beautiful place like Komodo National Park, the whole experience will feel almost magical. The tumultuous landscape of Flores and the National Park gives a lot of places for sunrise watching. Here are three top spots to catch the magical moment during your Flores island tour.

Top Three Peaks to Watch Sunrise on A Flores Tour

Sunrise at Mount Kelimutu

If you think watching sunrise from mountain summit is a common thing to do, wait until you reach Kelimutu. With three colored lake that keep changing almost whimsically, sunrise here is definitely out of ordinary. Take time for a short hike to Kelimutu on your Flores tour before going to the National Park. Get there when the sky is still dark and start hiking.

The track is quite short and easy compared to most of mountain climbing. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the summit. Even inexperienced climber will have no difficulty to reach the summit. Everything will looks dark before the sun begin to ascend. Once the sun rose, each crates begin to show its color.


Sunrise at Padar Hilltop

Padar is one of the must-visit places on a Flores tour that’s just plain awesome. The hilltop is famous for giving a spectacular panoramic view of the National Park. Trekking to the summit is relatively easy and takes around 1.5 hours. It can be scorching hot in the mid-day, so sunrise trekking is a good idea.

From your liveaboard, get here before dawn. Wear your comfy running shoes or trekking shoes, as the hill features rocky path along the way. When you reach the hilltop, take your moment to absorb the view. Magic happens in the first rays of light. As the sky start to change colors, the dark sea starts turning blue. The lights unveil lines of beaches and tumultuous islands that were non-existent in the darkness. Finally, the whole island glows as the rolling hills catch the rays of golden light.


Gili Lawa Darat

Your Flores tour will most likely involves island hopping, and Gili Lawa should be listed in your itinerary. Instead of spending your morning sleeping in the liveaboard, dock to this small island and start climbing. Then get your best sunrise of the year. When the sun rises from the horizon, everything little details will leave you breathless. The vast horizon is bright with soft purplish sky that simultaneously shift into pinkish hue. And down from the sky, you got an unobstructed view of the cerulean bay and reddish, rocky terrain. It’s one of the sunrise that you’ll never wish to end.

Just like any other trek around the Flores and Komodo, the trek in Gili Lawa is also considerably short and easy. Right from the shore, you only need around fifteen minutes to reach the peak. Resembling a similar topography with Padar, the trek is steep and rocky. With a pair of good shoes, though, everything can be tackled.

Adventure on Flores tour never lack of surprises. From dawn to dusk, the nature will keep you dumbfounded with plenty of pleasant wonders.

Travel Tips to Bangkok for Unforgettable Experience

Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand, one of the most famous countries in South-East Asia. This country is full of charms due its diversity in cultures as well as tourism potentials. If you are planning to visit this country or specifically the capital city, you need travel tips to Bangkok beforehand.

Travel tips to Bangkok

When you step in Thailand, the first place you reach is Bangkok, the main city and the highlight of Thailand’s charm. Thus, you might as well try to explore Bangkok first before running down all the districts over the country.

There are many things you can enjoy from Bangkok. And here are simple guides for you to travel in Bangkok:

  • Bangkok is accessible to almost all type of transport. If you travel by plane, you will arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you want to go directly to the town, just take Express train since it is the fastest way to reach there. Taxi is also available to help you reach your destination. However, it is recommended that you avoid rush hour because then the traffic is quite unbearable.
  • Bangkok is a home to large population or about 10 million souls are occupied the city. However, you don’t have to worry because you will have some fun exploring the town. There are many attractions you can enjoy throughout your trip. Recommended places to visit are Chinatown located in the south, Dusit located in the north side, or Chao Praya River located on the east. Pick your own destination by the available transport.
  • Next travel tips to Bangkok is to not miss to explore the tow by taking traditional transport called tuk-tuks. It is a motorized three-wheelers perfect for slow travelling. However, you will need to negotiate the fare so you pay for reasonable price. Use your strategy to get the best price even though you are a total tourist. However, you can also take other transports such as SkyTrain or MRT for faster journey.
  • As for the accommodation, you have many options to choose. You can stay at four stars hotel or humble hotel. Just pick the one that suit your budget but still provides you the best room with great facility and services.
  • There are many things you can do during your trip in Bangkok. You can take a view of Bangkok’s skyscrapers from Buddhist temple. Besides, you will also get other views from this spot such as canals, and other temples. It is recommended to visit this spot in the morning.
  • It is incomplete trip if you visit Bangkok without having Tom Yum as your highlight meal. This is certainly one of the most original foods of Thailand you shouldn’t miss. Have this yummy food for lunch to indulge your appetite.
  • As a city full of cultural values, you should visit the famous National Museum which exhibits Thai antiques, archaeological finds, as well as religious sculptures. There are also oil paintings by the King that will make you awe them instantly. Travel tips to Bangkok certainly will help you find perfect aim to experience.

Ideal Criteria For The Best Honeymoon Bali Villas

Everyone has their own standards especially about the ideal criteria of something, which in this article is for the best honeymoon villas to be stayed in Bali. However, as a personal preference, I myself do have the criteria for that too.

Ideal criteria for the best honeymoon Bali villas

I don’t need to ask you about: are you sure you want to honeymoon in Bali, right? So my first advice is do not carelessly in choosing the villas. Keep in mind that honeymoon can be something that will not be forgotten for life, even it is as the irreplaceable moments.

Therefore, it will be a regret if one thing that will not be forgotten have negative or unwanted thing in it. For those of you who are not yet experienced, especially if this is your first time in Bali, you have to read my own reviews about the current topic.

So that, here are some of the criteria for your best honeymoon Bali villas that will make both of your moments feels like in heaven.

1. Beautiful scenery

The first thing that certainly needs to be considered when choosing a villa for honeymoon is the view it has. This applies whether in Bali or not, but wherever you want to enjoy a precious moment. Just imagine, it would be an unpleasant thing to see an unattractive view outside the window or even on each side of the villa while you are in honeymoon moment.

As a tip, it is the right decision if you choose the luxury honeymoon villa with the scene of the beach or mountains with lots of trees.

2. Seductive atmosphere

This is the main difference when choosing a villa for a honeymoon with a villa for a regular vacation.

You are highly recommended that the villa you choose has a seductive atmosphere in it. For those of you who don’t understand, it is an atmosphere where the couple feels uplifted. Maybe you are also understand if the honeymoon itself will not be interesting if there is no exciting atmosphere in it.

I would like to talk about this for more, but I think that most of the readers have known the topic more than what I could imagine.

3. Provides high privacy

In addition to the above 2 things, it is also very important to note when choosing a villa for honeymoon. You have came so far to Bali and if there is something that can disturbs your privacy, I hope it won’t be the bad news for both of you. Perhaps, there are some of the criteria that a villa or its rooms with high privacy can have. But most of all, don’t have CCTV in the main bedroom is a must. Don’t get me wrong, there are some villas that store CCTV in the rooms to avoid crime.

Another thing to be considered as well is the design of the villa you are going to reserves. Does it quite open for other people can see through the building or not.

You have also needs to be warned that usually the cheap villa prices is always the first choice, but actually it should not be an option if you have more budget. This is your honeymoon in Bali and the listed prices are never wrong. The cheaper the price, the less of the facilities you get.

4. Find the best location

In case you are in love with the beach and loves to gathering around at the crowded spots or area, you can choose to find your best honeymoon villas Bali at Seminyak and Kuta. This is not only because many of the villas over there are well designed so you will not have to deal with the sound or the voice pollution, but also the local people along with the tourists are friendly.

5. The honeymoon Bali villas facilities

It could be a private pool, spacious bathroom with bigger bathtub, and many more. It also could the luxury interior design since you may will spend many of your times inside rather than at outside when you are at the villa.

With a great and perfect design, it could also be support the seductive atmosphere i have mentioned above.

6. The villa services

In Bali, it is actually easy to find the villas with the honeymoon package. So that, you will be treated as the new married couple and can experience all of the facilities and also the services that only provided for that special moment. For example, you could be provided with the romantic room setup, candle light dinner with acoustic music performance, and many more.

Those are my own ideal criteria for the best honeymoon bali villas. You may can add one or two of them into your own criteria if you want. Hope it will give you new insights about this current topic. Thank you for being here.