Wakatobi island fact you don't know

8 Interesting Facts About Wakatobi You Might Not Know

For many divers both beginners and professionals, it seems to be not a new thing hearing about Wakatobi which is one of the regency located in Province of Southeast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. How much do you know the facts about Regent of Wakatobi and why one of the main prioritized sector is tourism?

The area is located on the world’s coral triangle center, making Wakatobi islands as one of the paradise for divers around the world. The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia also make it as a Top 10 Priority Destinations in Indonesia. And commonly also referred as the one of the “10 new Bali.”

The local government, host communities and the businesses people are still preparing and keep on promoting to bring the tourists both domestic and abroad. If you are one of the many who have watched an ad related to the Wakatobi’s tourism and are interested in visiting, it’s good to know 8 facts about the regency that just turning his age to 15 this years old this year.

1. The word “WAKATOBI” is an acronym

Did you know that wakatobi is an acronym of 4 large populated islands? WA referring to Wangi-Wangi (WAnci) which is also the regency’s capital since its first inaugurated in 2003 ago. KA = KAledupa, TO = TOmia, and BI = BInongko.

Some other islands are not inhabited at all or sometimes consist of only a few families. Wakatobi is also an archipelago consisting of dozens of islands.

2. The National Park of Wakatobi Islands

National Park of Wakatobi has also been established. In fact, its extent covers all the existing areas in this regency until today. This means that the area on the land and the sea as a whole is a conservation area and must be protected.

3. As one of the world’s biosphere reserves

In April 2012, by UNESCO, an area of 1.3 million hectares of Wakatobi designated as one of the 13 world’s biosphere reserves in Paris. It is determined without any conditions at all. This is also becoming a good news for the preservation of nature in Indonesia. The determination will then cover 3 important things which are the local wisdom of the community, environmental conservation and sustainable economic development.

4. Most of the areas dominated by the sea

Wakatobi island fact you don't know

The total area of Wakatobi Regency is 18,377 km² and 97% or about 17,554 km² is waters. To be axact, mostly covered by the sea. And the rest which is 3% is the land.

5. Also known as the “Tukang Besi” islands

“Tukang Besi” refers to the people with skills in making machetes and other objects made of iron. There is even an island which is Binongko island that has been long time ago called as “Pulau Tukang Besi” or an island with many skilled people in making the machetes.

6. The Bajo’s tribe

The Bajo’s tribe is also often regarded as a sea gypsy tribe. A seafaring people. Even in Wakatobi as well, they are scattered in Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa and also Tomia Island. Bajo’s life depends on the sea so that the dwelling they have built was right on the beach or above the sea to facilitate the fulfillment of their daily needs.

7. Largest species of coral in the world

There are 850 species of coral reefs on earth, and 750 of them are in Wakatobi. What a large number, isn’t it? It even exceeds the number of species present in the Caribbean. Up until today, it is also has always been one of the main interests that became the reason why many world travelers keep on coming to visit Wakatobi.

8. More than 50 diving spots

Yes. Spot dive is more than that. Does not including free-dive spots that almost every corner of the island in Wakatobi you can find. I mean, there is no need to worry about the lack of spot diving there.

That would be all of 8 interesting facts you need to know about Wakatobi. Are you interested enough to be there someday and take wakatobi tour? Please share this interesting article! Thanks.

Charcoal coffee in Yogyakarta

“Kopi Joss”, Black Coffee With Hot Charcoal Inside

What’s your reaction if on the table in front of you right now served a cup of coffee that is mixed with hot charcoal? In Yogyakarta, one of the most famous and legendary coffee named as Kopi Joss. The name of this coffee also refers to the location for hanging-out, located at Jl. Wongsodirjan on the north’s side of Tugu Railway Station of Yogyakarta.

The way how it is being called, the word “Joss” refers to two things that is to describe something nice, delicious and so forth. Also considered as a sound being heard when the red burning charcoal inserted into a cup of coffee that is also still really hot.

Yes. You did read it right. Kopi Joss is a kind of ordinary black coffee which is then inserted or added with one or several hot charcoals. So it is also famous with the name of “Kopi Arang” (Charcoal Coffee) in Indonesia.

Sounds weird, not interested or even getting more curious about how does it tastes?!

Charcoal coffee in Yogyakarta

In addition to charcoal, other mixtures combined in a cup of coffee are not many. Simply added with sugar and also milk as you need and if you want it. As simple as that. No more other secret recipes or gradients.

Regarding to the charcoal that is used, it was usually the result of burned roots of mangrove plants. In its presentation, boiled water is heated in a small or medium and thin kettle which is also using the stove fueled by charcoal. Not a gas stove to create a distinctive taste.

The coffee beans are also departed from coffee plantation located at Klaten which is about 45 minutes from central city of Yogyakarta. The coffee beans are then roasted and then pulverized manually to produce the coffee’s powder. No wonder if when you are finish drinking it, you will be found much of coffee’s grounds on the bottom of glass you use.

When the coffee’s powder has been mixed with a spoonful of sugar in a glass, then the hot water in the charcoal furnace was then will be poured into the glass and then stirred. The aroma is very attractive and fragrant, so that could make you want to drink it. And that’s the truth.

Immediately, the charcoal that is also heated in the furnace will be taken and then put into the glass.

Then ready to be served along with a small placemat as a gutters for the glass. Initially, the placemat will be thought to be useful for the waiter so that the heat does not touch the hands and skin. Indeed it has a point as well. What you might need to know is that a placemat made of ceramic or glass is mainly often used to pour a hot coffee into it so you could drink it calmly, and not getting the coffee too hot to be drinked.

The way how to drink a glass of coffee like that, is also a way for Javanese people, especially Jogja, Solo and in other Javanese cities and regencies.

So, if you are planning to visit Yogyakarta for your next vacation, make sure to let yourself being served a cup of Kopi Joss at the location that I have informed above.

Bargaining tips when traveling in Indonesia

How to Bargain With Sellers When You Are Traveling in Indonesia

Shopping is one of favorite activity among others when you are traveling. And yes, sometimes it will cost you a lot for some reasons. Mostly because you are buying like souvenirs at the mall or some other shops located on the main downtown where almost anything there are expensive.

The first thing you need to know for saving money when traveling is, almost every local markets across Indonesia are very cheap and mostly you won’t need a single doubt about the quality.

I know you can’t find a high, international plus original brand over there, but the piracy one. But if you are looking for a handy-craft made of the local people, you may want to set the local market around as your main place for shopping, especially when it comes as souvenirs for your friends and families.

Bargaining tips when traveling in Indonesia

Another thing you need to know is, people from USA, Australia, and many countries in Europe mostly seen as the richest one with a lot of money. No matter how poor you could consider for yourself, you still have big chance to be seen as the one with a thick pocket.

What does it means?

Then it will give chances to the sellers to raise the price of what they are selling to you. Not all of them, but maybe just some greedy human being to reminds us that they are exist.

It’s not about how to recognize them, but this will become one of some reasons you have in mind-How to keep on saving and not to be tricked by the others. To be exact, I will tell you how to bargain with sellers in local market or bargain-able shops in Indonesia.

Here they are!

1. Compare the price between sellers

Don’t get yourself stopping by in one shop only, but also let your shoes stepping aside to the others. Many difference shops sale some similar goods or souvenirs, so you can compare the prices between two, three or more sellers and determine which one will have the better offer according to the quality and the price you need to pay.

2. Act like as if you don’t need it

You are in traveling and you are happy. You are also have enough money or maybe more than you need just in case to anticipate something else coming up. The only thing you know and feel is you are the better person, whether outside or your soul.

What I see about that is you are almost the perfect person could give anything to the others since you know that you are capable to do so. Your current condition might also mean that you can spend more money, lightly. And the more chance for the “naughty” sellers to get benefit from you. You know what I mean, right?

So when you find some interesting goods, keep yourself calm. Don’t hold the goods for long times, etc. Simply let the sellers keep on guessing what you are really looking for. You can also ask for the price, discount, and something else. But, it is important to show your face and gesture as if you don’t really need what you just asking to the seller.

By doing this, sometimes they suddenly will get the price down or offering you more discounts and even doubled the quantity with the same price and many more.

3. Buy more as needed

Assuming that a souvenir is sold for about $1, what if you could get two and pay only $1.5 or even lower?! Yes it is happening all the times in Indonesia. Just ask for it at the first place, why not. You can also buy more with the same souvenirs or not and ask the sellers for more discounts. That’s really normal in Indonesia to do so.

4. Ask for a half-price

Bargaining. Is also a very common thing in the local market. And when you are doing it, make sure to name a half from its original price you’ve just heard. Not a matter at all. Instead, many will really appreciated it. They even will tell you the reason why they can’t accept the price you’ve set. At least, you may find that bargaining will reduce the price about 20% up to 30%.

Sounds interesting?! A big YES from me.

5. Use Indonesian or local language

There are 3 common words and sentences I always be hearing, that the foreigners keep on using when traveling in Indonesia. Thus are: “Terima kasih” or thank you, “sama-sama” or you are welcome, and the last one is “berapa” similar to ask about “how much the price …?” of something.


Some or even many Indonesians are gladly to hear the foreigners saying thus words. And some of them will became an over-prouded Indonesians, thinking that their language spoken by the foreigner. I don’t even know the reason why is that happening. But it still continuing up until today.

Imagine when you are in local market and want to buy something using Indonesian’s language, you’ll might end up with many goods without spending a single penny.

I mean, you can always choose to improve some of your vocabularies and how to speak well in another language. If that couldn’t help you, at least you have put a smile on other’s face.

6. Pretend as if you want to go to the next shop or leaving out

Yes. When you have used the 5 steps above and the result does not like you need and want, pretending to go out as if you want to go to the next shop or just like you want to leave. It is always or at least has BIG CHANCE to win the price you’ve set. Most of the time, it works for me.

Scarity. That’s what i try to put in the mind of the sellers. They won’t be happy to see me out and knowing that I will buy the same souvenirs at another shop, right?! They will calling you right after the moment you are turning around. And there will be 2 things happening. The first one, they will give you more discount but not as you have offered before. And the next one (which is the best) is the sellers will follow along to what you have said earlier.

That’s it.

Those are 6 things to do when dealing with sellers in bargaining to get lower price of goods when traveling and need to be saving money in Indonesia. Feel free to share this article to help others or yourself, who knows you might need it on your next journey. Thank you.