What is Travelers’ Cheque?

With the existence of credit and debit cards that can be used virtually anywhere in the world, it’s probably rare for you to hear travelers’ cheque. It may even sound ancient. But back at the time, it’s the safest ways to bring money during travels. Even now, some people still use travelers’ cheque, and certain merchants do accept them. Although clearly the number has decreased over the decades.

Travelers’ cheque is quite similar to ordinary cheques in which they are issued by or purchased from a bank. The bank would charge you for the cheque issuance or purchase. However often times, when you have a certain amount of balance in your account, you won’t be charged for the issuance of travelers’ cheque.

Travelers’ cheques are generally safer than cash. It would also give you a peace of mind because when lost, a travelers’ cheque can be reissued, while the lost cheque will get cancelled. The process of getting a cash from travelers’ cheque also takes time, especially compared to the ease of access that modern “plastic money” offered today. Because of this hassle, getting your travelers’ cheque stolen is much slimmer. Travelers’ cheque gives a sense of safety even in today’s largely infrequent usage.

A signature that matched what’s written on the travelers’ cheque will be needed in order to use the travelers’ cheque, whether it’s using the cheque to purchase goods or services, or to exchange the cheque for cash.

Travelers’ cheque is handy as a budgeting tool. One of the economical benefits travelers’ cheques offer is that they can be a form of budgeting for travelers. Travelers cheque are pre-paid. It could mean no excessive spending, especially for those who knew themselves to be an impulsive buyer. It can be an extremely useful tool to get your travel finance under control. For those who love budgeting, you’d likely love travelers’ cheque a lot.

The travelers’ cheque has existed since the 70s. The first company to issue some form of travelers’ cheque is London Credit Exchange Company. In the 80s, an American Express Company’s president, James C. Fargo said that the travelers’ cheque can be the solution to taking money overseas. Travelers’ cheque today is generally available in major currencies; US dollars, Japanese yen, British pound sterling, European euro, and Canadian dollars.

Another major benefits that made the travelers’ cheque very popular back in the day is that travelers’ cheque would never expire. If you still have some considerable leftover money in your cheque, you’re free to use it again in the future, any time.

Today, despite the lack of convenience as well as the readily available, easier alternatives, travelers’ cheque might provide an essential backup for your travel funds, just in case something happened. Some people are prepared for their travelers’ cheque where ATMs are very far and few. There’s also a major safety concern where your whole life’s savings may be in danger. Travels to especially dangerous places may benefit from travelers’ cheque. Travelers’ cheques today is not convenient for your primary source of money, but always having them on-hand truly may save you some trouble.

Why Choose Bali Villas For Rent For Your Next Vacation?

Bali is the most attractive vacation spot. Not only is it supported by a wealth of popular tourist attractions but also cultural and artistic tourism. nature tourism, beach tourism and supported by a number of accommodations. It’s not difficult to find accommodation in Bali that you want. Accommodation in Bali is not just a place to stay but is supported by many luxurious and modern facilities.

Bali Villas For Rent

Vacationing is fun because you can see different scenes from your daily life. Uniquely, in Bali, you can enjoy your vacation and relax anywhere, even at the inn. This is why Bali is one of the escape places for many people, who avoid winter, summer or just to relax.

Holidays to Bali are more exciting when supported by comfortable accommodations. The best is not enough if it is balanced with complete comfort and facilities. Options available are hotels, resorts, guest houses or apartments. All of you can choose according to your needs, financial abilities, and your level of comfort.

Bali villas for rent are currently popular and are sought after as the best and most comfortable accommodation. Most Bali villas for rent are among the housing of local residents. This will be an impressive experience to recognize the daily lives of local residents. The calm and peaceful atmosphere is felt when finding a comfortable villa.

If you like 60% of tourists who first visited Bali, then the first thought is “which hotel to look for?”. This is your first mistake because it makes your vacation more expensive. In fact, Bali has thousands of hotels, resorts, guest houses, and villas. The forms of accommodation available in Bali provide many opportunities for your vacation financial planning.

Bali villas for rent is a form of luxury accommodation for family travelers or groups. The price offered for a villa is cheaper than you stay in a 5-star hotel. Facilities? Facilities Bali villas for rent are not inferior and like a 5-star hotel. Your privacy is more maintained where you will find a private swimming pool.

When you are faced with a lot of accommodation options when your vacation arrives, financial planning is the main thing. Why choose the more expensive one if you can get a cheaper one with luxury facilities? At least you can save your money and place it for other holiday needs. The experience of living in Bali villas for rent with the integration of rich culture and the atmosphere of this great holiday is an unforgettable experience.

Prepare More with the Packing for Volunteer Vacation

The hassle while packing can be annoying but the need of thorough packing makes you feel giddy to go to your travel destination soon. Packing for volunteer vacation is not that different.

Packing for volunteer vacation

You have to bring something you will need later at your destination. However, volunteer vacation can last a week to 6 months. Thus, you really need to organize your packing thoroughly so that you get everything you need both for volunteering and travelling.

Packing for volunteer vacation properly

Since you are going to volunteer vacation, you need to consider not only yourself but also what you will need during the volunteer program. It is highly recommended that you ask the organization to give you packing list since most programs do. They go all out to the extent giving you tips about the alerts and warnings of the country you are heading to.

  • It is recommended that you bring a one-piece luggage plus a carry on or purse. It is better to pack light so you only have what you need. About the clothes, it is suggested that you bring them in considerate amount. For a volunteer vacation that takes a week to three months, you just need to pack about 7 tops or t-shirts, 4 pairs of bottoms, a jacket, a pair of sneakers, a pair of comfortable sandals, Pajamas, seven to nine pairs underwear, five to seven bras, seven pairs of socks, gloves, scarf, bathing suit, a towel, and a bandana (if needed).
  • Toiletries are something you cannot forget when it comes to packing for volunteer vacation. Make sure to pack everything you need such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, wipes, hand-sanitizer, first aid kit, and personal medications. It is also recommended to bring bug spray because its price is usually more expensive abroad.
  • You will also need electronics to pack in your luggage. They include flashlight, handphone, headphones, charger, extra batteries, portable battery bank, camera (for capturing memorable moments), tablet (if necessary), and dry sacs to keep all your belongings dry and safe.
  • There are other things that you will need for the travel such as a pair of glasses, pen and notebook, dry towel, and reusable water bottle. Those sound unimportant but you will need them because they can come in handy.
  • It is also important that you pack some snacks such as granola bars, beef jerky, instant noodles, instant coffee, tea, and your favorite snacks. They can be your life saver when you are hungry but not in the right time to eat proper meals.
  • Make sure that you pack copies of important documents such as passport or visa. You can keep them in your carry on instead of suitcase so that you can bring them anywhere you go. You can also ask the organization of the program if you can donate such as medical or school supplies. You can also include small gift for the host family you are going to stay with is also acceptable in your packing for volunteer vacation.

You Have To Stay In the Luxury Villas Seminyak, Find Out Why!

Travelling and even living in Bali is really enjoyful. People are polite, the natures are beautiful, there are many things to do, to see and to visit. You will really experience the journey at its best when you are in Bali. No wonder that many of the travellers are keep on coming and enjoy what are available for them. You have to be in Bali for at least a week or more and enjoy all the beautiful vibes of the tropical islands. If you will be there couple of weeks or months from now on, makes sure that you will finds the luxury villas Seminyak. I’ll tell you the reasons why.

Seminyak is one of the popular area in Bali. Even for those who haven’t been there, big chance that they will know about that. At least, they will ever heard about it before. Therefore, many foreigner tourists are staying in Seminyak and surely that the accommodations are vary. You have many options where to stay! There are hotels and hostels, guest houses, condos, luxury villas, and many more.

You have to stay in the luxury villas Seminyak when travelling in Bali

If you are looking for the affordable accommodation in Bali, my two recommendations are the guest houses and the luxury villas Seminyak. The thing with the first option (guest house) is that there are not many amenities as you will get from the villa you are going to rent. You can’t even heard about the term of “best luxury guest house” in Bali at all.

But when it comes to think about the most complete amenities among all of the mentioned accommodations above, then staying in a luxury villa at Seminyak will be the winner.

I am sure that each accommodations will have certain market targeting. If you are wondering about the prices, the luxury villas at Seminyak can be started from $200’s. I think that will be targeted the middle to upper economy class. But all the villas are come with the private pool where you are impossible to get one when you are reserved a hotel room in the same price.

Many may are thinking that the price is quite expensive for some people, especially knowing that there are more other affordable accommodations at Seminyak. The thing is, you can even make your own party in the luxury villa where you know that you can’t do it at any other stays. Not to mention that all the amenities are free to use. TV, internet, the pool to relax your body, the coffee and the tea machine, and many more. The important thing you need to remember especially when it comes to the accommodation’s standards, this will be the world-class stay you have ever rented out.

That’s what the luxury villas Seminyak are going to serves you. But those above aren’t everything you can get, there still many of the benefits you can enjoy while staying there. If you want to go to the beach, it will needs only around 3 or 4 minutes by walking. Buying souvenirs can be easier since there are many shops for that. Even if you need the local branded fashions for you to wear, the choices are vary and all have been provided around Seminyak area.

Travel Tips to Phuket Thailand

Phuket has become a popular travel destination for travelers around the world. This is actually a great place if you are looking for relaxing vacation. When you think of Phuket in Thailand then it is possible to think of 2004 tsunami. However, it is still a great place to visit especially the beach is just mesmerizing to the eyes. While having a relaxing vacation in Phuket, you can do many fun activities. Here are some tips of what to do when travelling to Phuket Thailand:

  • Phuket has iconic place which is called James Bond Island. It appears that this spot had appear in 1976 James Bond film titled The Man with the Golden Gun. Therefore, this place had become more famous since then. The access to the spot is easy. You can reach James Bond Island or in local is called Koh Khao Phing Kan via boat tours.
  • Aside from beach activities, you can also explore another side of Phuket since it also has greenery which deserves your visit. This is more exciting since you can explore the greenery via the zip line tours. This is a great opportunity to fly through the Jungle safely. This is also suitable activity for adrenaline seeker.
  • Thailand is home to Buddhist heritage. Phuket is also home to Buddhist temples that can be visited by travelers. In Phuket, there is special Buddhist heritage in a form of 150 foot tall Big Buddha marble statue. It is a monument located at the top of the hill in Phuket specifically in the southwestern corner of the island. When you visit this spot, you will be presented with scenic view from above. It is recommended to visit this place during sunset since the iconic color of descending sun just amplifies the beauty of the view.
  • One of the liveliest and wildest places in Phuket is Patong Beach. This is where you can enjoy the lively nightlife specifically on Bangla Street. You can enjoy you special drinks accompanied by popular music. If you are not into party, you can still visit this area during the day to browse or shop interesting stuffs in one of the stores in the shopping mall. Or, you can also enjoy lunch at one of high-end restaurants lined along the area.
  • Next thing you should do while travelling in Thailand is to try Thai foods especially since they are already famous internationally. There are various foods you should try such as yellow curry with crab or the locals call Bu Pad Pong Kuree, Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai, Congee Pork Porridge, and many more. You can visit Banzaan Fresh Market or Phuket Weekend Market to have a taste of various Thai foods.
  • While travelling in Phuket, it is also recommended to learn more about the local culture such as by enjoying the Siam Niramit. It is a performance representing Thailand heritage and culture. If you are into sport, you can visit the Bangla Boxing Museum to watch a match of Muay Thai, special sport/martial art originated from Thailand.

Diving For Beginners Online, Opportunity Business To Make Money

If you or your friends decide on a legitimate online business, then hope to make a big profit. There are many dive centers that can help beginner divers online. This is very profitable to make money. Many things need to consider to start a diving business for beginners online. Need perseverance and tenacity to start an online business. Given that many dive centers also have online marketing to offer dive packages.

Diving For Beginners

As the interest in diving activities gets higher and higher, online diving business for beginners is a promising business. Training or packages must be internationally certified, either diving for beginners or professionals. In addition to training, the online diving business creation that you can offer is recreational diving for children with age limits according to diving organization procedures.

Diving packages for beginners are usually done 3-5 days. The training began with the introduction of diving basics, then the introduction of diving equipment, the use of diving equipment in the pool, and diving on the high seas. This is the goal of offering diving for beginners training packages. Give them a chance to see the beauty under the sea.

The target of interested in diving training for beginners is not only from domestic tourists but especially foreign tourists. Based on the survey, scuba diving enthusiasts in Bali are dominated by foreign tourists. There are some opinions that scuba diving is something scary. Many events can occur under the sea so that it is difficult to handle.

The price for diving for beginners to the highest level such as a divemaster is $ 300 – $ 1500. Diving does require a lot of preparation, both time and cost. Day trips for open water diver certified divers can be a business opportunity to make money, in addition to diving packages for beginners. When beginner divers will continue the next stage, this can be the best marketing.

Strong marketing strategy to get opportunities. Online marketing for diving for beginners is not easy. Need the right tactics in the hands of professionals so that everything is easier and more profitable.

What Is Diving For Beginners Online?

Traditional marketing includes different aspects including branding, awareness, loyalty, advertising, promotion, customer loyalty, prospective customers, sales, and more. If you are an expert in marketing in the physical world, you are not necessarily an expert in online marketing. Matching diving for beginners both physically and online is very important. Wherever the opportunity to do scuba diving marketing needs to be done to increase profits.

How You Can Start It?

As a beginner diving business remember to create awareness about the website. You need to enter your name, address, contact, email, and other information. Also, do social media marketing that can help to increase the popularity of your online business.

Going through Air Travel with Kids

Going through Air Travel with Kids

Kids are cute and lovely. Air travelling with kids and a bunch of bags as well as other necessities surely put you in agony. While travelling with kids, you have more necessities to bring such as carry- on bags, diaper bag, car seat, stroller, and many more. It maybe bearable when you are going for a road trip since you will be travelling on your own car. However, air travel with kids, moreover babies or toddlers is not an easy feat. You need to prepare everything thoroughly and stay guarded throughout the entire trip.

How to make air travelling with kids (babies and toddlers) easier?

Your challenge for air travelling with your kids has already started even before leaving your home. However, you can always find solution for every trouble emerges from this situation. First thing first, make sure to prepare and bring all necessities ahead of time so everything will be ready on the day of your departure. Here are some tips to make your air travel with kids more manageable:

  • It is recommended to buy your baby a ticket so they can use a car seat on the airplane. This way is more comfortable for them. This can prevent accident or injury if there is turbulence. You can make sure your baby’s safety by bringing their car seat. This will make your baby more comfortable during the trip especially when you are going on a long haul. It can also prevent from accident. If it’s too burdensome to bring car seat travel, you can buy airline harness which can help your baby stay safe on their seat.
  • Stroller can be a pain in the neck since it is not a small thing to carry here and there. However, it is convenient when you are going to air travel with your toddlers. Your body will be exhausted if you keep carrying them and they will also be exhausted if they keep walking. Make sure you choose lightweight strollers with a carrying strap.
  • Ask the flight attendant for help to make sure your kids’ seat is secured. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help because your kids’ safety is the top priority. Besides, you may need to install the car seat on the plane which can require lots of works. You may also need to carry your baby in other ways such as using baby sling or backpack carrier. However, make sure that you follow the airline regulations about using slings or flight vest since most of them don’t allow it especially when taking off as well as landing.
  • To make sure your kids’ safety and convenience, you might as well purchase necessary travel gears. Make sure to choose the one that can help reducing the hassle for your journey. Remember to choose lightweight travel gears with good quality so that they have durability. Travel gears these days have more efficient features such as folded wheels, hidden pockets in various sizes to keep the necessities stay intake, and many more.


Three Komodo Tour Modes You’d Love

Why would on earth people wants to embark a long Komodo tour journey and get dangerously close to the man eating, venomous Komodo dragons? Well, obviously not to catch the dragons to their Poke-ball—that’s for a cartoon movie. The answer is none than Flores’s upmost beauty that has captured the hearts of many travel junkie.

Three Komodo Tour Modes You’d Love

Ever since it joins as New 7Wonders of the World, this UNESCO-protected continues to let out new destination gems. Now the secrets has seeping out, travelers are having wider options for their Komodo tour. Today, it has extend vast beyond the dragons’ territory. People are no longer flocking to this southeast frontier just to see the scaly beast flicking their forked tongue. They are all prepared to discover the underwater beauty, visit all the islands, and go into deeper exploration through Flores’ rolling hills. 

So, basically there are three modes to go on a Komodo tour that you would love—regardless the length of the tour. What are them? Check out below.

1. Island Hopping

Island excursion is the most common type and one of the most basic Komodo tour offered by operators, though not less fun. In this trip, you are going to visit the dragon lair, Komodo Island and Rinca, and explore the surrounding islands. Prepare your hiking shoes, as you will do lots and lots of hiking in the barren and jagged islands! Some important highlights to not miss are the panoramic hills in Padar islands, wildlife sunset with bats in Kalong island, the pristine Kelor and Kanawa island, and of course, the world-famous pink beach.

All of the destination are reachable both by speedboat or Komodo phinisi Liveaboard, though we strongly recommend the latter. Sailing with the liveaboard allows you to enjoy the scenic route and relax in between the island exploration. This type of travelling appeals to almost everyone, even to non-diver travellers.

2. Island Hopping and Diving

The world under the water around the Komodo National Park are benefitted form the land’s protection status, allowing the coral triangle region to bloom into its maximum potential. Ever since the discovery of Komodo Island, divers begun to explore the marine life and spread the amazing view to the world. As expected, diving and land exploration become one of the most famous Komodo tour package to sell. During the excursion days, you are going to go into two-world explorations. Half of the days will be spent submerged under the water, scuba diving around lively gardens of corals and school of fishes. And when you are not busy catching sharks, you are going to spend the days in the middle of Komodo’s crisp savannah and sparkling beaches.

Some diving enthusiast choose fill their trip entirely with diving. While diving trip is absolutely fun, it might be a loss to just miss the beautiful panoramic landscape. Try to visit some islands if you can!

Some diving sites that can be the highlight are Manta Point, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Batu Bolong, Golden Passage, and Tatawa.

3. Komodo Tour + Flores

Many travelers arrive in Labuan Bajo, Flores, just for gateway before launch themselves to the Komodo National Park. However, it’s best to give the mainland Flores a try before going back to your homeland—and it won’t disappoint you. Flores hides so many natural gems behind the rolling hills. Clear waterfalls, mirror-like lake inside a cave, and a preserved ancient tradition dating back to the stone age.

Some of Flores’ best destination are Cunca Rami Watrefall, Rangko cave, Kelimutu Mountain, Wae Rebo village, and Bena village. And it’s absolutely a must to see stunning Ikat weaving during your village visit! Not many operators offers the complete version of Komodo tour like this, but if you find one, you know you’ve stumble to the right one!

So, have you find the ideal Komodo tour for you?

Travel Tips to Makassar, South Sulawesi Province- Indonesia

Indonesia is home to hundreds travel destinations. One of them is Makassar, a city located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is actually the main port of entry to the Sulawesi Island. When it comes to Sulawesi, you may remember about Toraja.

Travel tips to makassar

There are many things to see and do when you travel to Makassar. This is a modern city but still hold original culture at is finest. Both blends just right which make this city is even more intriguing to visit. It is even recommended to stay for at least five to seven days in order to explore all interesting things in Makassar.

Recommended things to do while travelling in Makassar

As mentioned earlier that Makassar is a modern city which blends together with the original culture. There are many sites which never fail to attract tourists both local and international. Amongst all interesting things you can do, here is the most recommended activities you shouldn’t miss while travelling in Makassar:

  • Makassar is home to Bantimurung Park where people can see waterfall and butterflies. This is why Kart landscapes are always interesting to visit. This Karst outcrop may not be as intriguing as the one located in Malaysia or South China but what you will see here is absolutely amazing. The backdrop of the waterfall gives magical vibe to the mood. You can also ride inflated tube down the waterfall for fun. You can also visit Goa Mimpi or Dream Cave. Not to mention the butterflies which makes the entire surroundings seem even more magical. They are flitting around the waterfall or the pathway to the cave.
  • There is also Paotere Harbor that you should visit while exploring Makassar. This has a long track of history. This is where you can witness how the trade and the wharf are so busy. Shipping activities are interesting to watch. It includes shipping rice, coffee, onions, and other essentials the local needs daily. The best time to visit this harbor is early in the morning. You will witness the busiest scene while enjoying the beautiful view of sunrise. Continue your exploration by having a breakfast at wharf side street food stalls.
  • When it comes to Makassar tourist attraction, Maros cannot be forgotten. It is Hutan Batu or Forest Stone located in Salenrang. It takes you one hour drive for the city. However, you still need to take motorized canoes to help you reach the location. You will enjoy the ride through the Pute River as well as jungle, cliffs, bridges, as well as traditional houses. For your information, the Stone Forest in Makassar is the world’s second largest karts landscape.
  • Pantai Losari is like an icon of Makassar. This is the local’s most favorite place to gather around with families especially during sunset hours. There are cartoon mascots, food stalls, and of course the beautiful horizon you can enjoy in this place. Not to mention that the street foods are just hard to miss especially pisang epe, a roast banana and buroncang, roast coconut cakes.

Need More Spacious Portable Hammock? Get the Double Size!

A single person hammock is actually pretty much spacious for most of us. But if you think that you will need more than that, the first choice will be the portable double hammock size. When I related it with its portability, all I mean is only referring to one thing: the parachute hammock. No other means beside that type.

Portable double hammock for more spacious relax rooms

So, why you will need to switch from a single parachute hammock to the double size? If the single size is quite spacious as I have said above, then why choose the bigger one than is possible to use more rooms when setting it up?

First thing first, if you are thinking about the more of rooms will be needed, then you are right. But it will only apply for its width, not the length. It is because many of the portable double hammocks are the same length with the single one but differ in the width. So, even though it will need more spaces, I think it won’t be a problem at all.

Secondly, it is related to where you will use the hammock. Since it is possible to be used indoor (even in your own bedroom) and outdoor, then it can be possible to affect which size you have to get. If you are using it in your house, you are possible to put more items inside to make you more comfortable. Actually when using the single size, it is also has pretty much rooms for many items. But who know what you will bring when you are going to sleep?

If you decided to uses it at outdoor occasionally, for example in camping with your brother, then it is better to get the portable double hammock than the smaller size. Rather than each of you get one of it, buy the one that can fit for both of you is better and will be cheaper. Later when using it in a cold weather of night, you will also get warmer. Sleep in comfort!

We all have at least a moment in life to relax and enjoy the day or night from time to time. For many times, we are often spending that moment alone for some reasons. We are rarely to let ourself to share that relaxing moment with our partner. In the other hands, we need to share things together with someone. Whoever it might be, be it the brother or sister, one of your parent to talk about something or your childhood friend, colleague and even you boyfriend or girlfriend. The portable double hammock is possible to accommodate your relaxation or fun moment with your partner.

Do all the benefits above are the signs that the single parachute hammock is not needed at all? I am sure that it is not even need to be questioned. Different hammock sizes have their own usages, and many of us are also get the various will. So, it will be all your decision what you will take. There’s no right and wrong in this, simply just the proper way to make use of what you have got.