Hanging Your Hammock Safely: What to Lookout For

Safety is an integral element in camping that all of us should exercise every time we go hammock camping. The basics of camping safety apply to all kinds of camping. A lot of the safety elements in regular camping would apply to hammock camping as well—just with a twist. What are some of the things you should be on the lookout for?

First things first—your equipment

Beyond just the basic safety checklist when you’re setting up your hammock, you should also need to consider the effect you’ll have on your surrounding. First thing first, you should also think of what your equipment may or may not do to the environment you’re camping in. Choose hammock straps that are tree-friendly.

There are numerous tree friendly strap or eco-friendly strap manufactured out there. However, as a general rule, a wide hammock strap of a minimum width of 3 cm or more should suffice. Straps or ropes that are too narrow have so much more potential in harming the trees you’re using to hang your hammock. Avoid camping near the body of water. Put approximately 80 meters distance between you and water bodies. This is essential to help preserve the unique vegetation that helps hold the soil against the water.

Observe the tree you’re going to use as your attachment points

Consider trees as your best friend when you’re hammocking. You need them. So observe your trees well before you decide to hang your hammocks. Lookout for branches that seemed to be falling and/or fragile. Fragile or old branches could fall on you anytime when you’re sleeping.

Look for any signs of life in the tree as well such as bird nests. Avoid hanging your hammock in trees that are “occupied” if you know you’re going stop disturb them by your presence. Some animals, although not common, may even turn hostile.

Take a look around your surroundings

While the possibility of laying exactly on top of a snake hole is non-existent because you’ll be hanging above the ground, the basic camping safety fundamentals still apply. Make sure that you are not disturbing any fauna lives around you. Animals don’t attack when they don’t feel threatened. Fearful and wounded animals, however, can be extremely dangerous. If you see wild animals, simply observe them from a distance. Don’t get close to them; they will feel threatened, and it’s for your very own safety and the safety of the people you’re camping with.

Hang your hammock at a safe height

Never hang your hammocks too high above the ground. Don’t hang two hammocks vertically on the same two trees if you can help it. A safe distance from your hammock to the soil below is approximately 1,5 meters in height. This measurement can be compared to a “chair-height”. You should be able to get into your hammock as you would a chair. This height would prevent you from a potentially dangerous fall. Not to mention, getting into your hammock should be easy, and a hammock that is set up too high would only make it difficult for you to get in.

Go Abroad To Do Dive Internship Bali

For those who pursue diving activities, one day they will reach the dive master level. Dive internship abroad can be the first step in gaining valuable experience and making connections with many people around the world. Remembering diving is an amazing adventure and of course, overseas scuba internships open up a new world for you.

Why Do Dive Internship Abroad?

As a dive master, you will automatically become an instructor. As an instructor, you must have a lot of diving with a variety of underwater obstacles. It is very important to get an international dive internship experience where you have to deal with international customers. In addition, you will be prepared to adapt to the culture and habits of other countries. This will make you better prepared for your diving skills or personality.

Dive Internship Bali

Bali is one of the diving destinations that can be said to be cheaper than other destinations. Not only do you do the Bali dive internship but also get other valuable experiences. Enjoying the sights and beaches of Bali is one of the advantages offered when you do a dive internship Bali. The best view of the sunset along the coast of Seminyak is one thing you should not miss.

Bali Dive Internship can be done 2 – 6 months, depending on your diving skills and the intensity of your program. To become a dive master, you have done at least 100 dives. Bali Dive internship emphasizes safety during diving and guides divers through a perfect diving process.

Benefits and Challenges of Dive Internship Bali

To become a dive master, you certainly have the instinct to explore discovering something new and unique. Dive internship Bali helps every diver help to satisfy curiosity. The curiosity to find the best spot is the nature that most divers have.

Dive Internship Bali prepares divers to know all the knowledge and skills needed to be certified as a dive master. When you reach the dive master, you won’t know what will happen next. So many possibilities to get the best opportunities.

Dive internship Bali connects you with many people from various worlds. This is an opportunity to enter into a fun and friendly dive community. This will help all divers get long-lasting friendships. There are many other useful things that you can get during your dive internship Bali. At the end of the internship, you will be ready to face the open sea. Experience is a valuable thing of all.

Travel Guide – Best Things to Do and See in Iceland

In recent years, Iceland has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With the incredible view you could find on most roads, the lush landscape and the undeniably most magical scene of Aurora Borealis, Iceland has attracted people to come year by year.

Enjoying time while watching Aurora Borealis as one of things to do in Iceland

There are many things you should do and see while traveling Iceland that you won’t be able to stick around in just one place. In order to make sure that you don’t miss anything out, here is the travel guide you have to read before going to Iceland.

1. Explore the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the most popular trips in Iceland that you shouldn’t skip. It is the driving route which starts out from the National Park named Þingvellir to the Geysir geothermal zone, and also the well-known Gullfoss waterfall.

The driving route can be generally followed in 3 to 4 hours, but if you want to maximize the sightseeing, you can choose to extend it to 8 or 10 hours long.

You will find that there are many tours providing this trip, but, it’s better to take a rental car and explore the area yourself.

Aside from the Golden Circle alone, you can also stop to several spots including the power plant of Hellisheidavirkjun geothermal, the crater Kerið, Laugarvatn Geothermal zone, Stokkur Geiser, Thingvellir National Park, Öxarárfoss waterfall, as well as Faxi waterfall.

2. Snorkeling in Silfra Fissure

Seeing the Northern Lights is a must on every travel guide, but, if you are a fan of diving, you shouldn’t miss the chance in Silfra Fissure.

The water is claimed as the clearest that you can find in the world because it has been filtered constantly by lava rocks. The visibility of the water is over than 100 meters and you can actually drink it.

Aside from the clean and clear water, by swimming in this place, you will be able to go through the two tectonic plates.

Yes, you can actually swim through two continents which are the Eurasian and the North American continental plates. This cool experience is a must on this travel guide.

3. Visit the Snæfellsnes in Western Iceland

You can find many amazing natural landscapes and features in this region. Even the locals state this place as magical since it has Snæfellsjökull glacier.

If you have read the book with the title Journey to the Centre of the Earth written by Jules Verne, then you have to visit this spot since it is the place that inspires the book.

After Snæfellsjökull glacier, you should continue your trip to other travel destinations such as Bjarnarfoss waterfall, Gerðuberg, Rauðfeldsgjá gorge, and Langaholt where you can enjoy the golden beaches.

4. The Aurora Borealis Tour

You can always choose to drive yourself to some spots where you can see the Northern Lights. But, booking a tour is preferable because you will be able to make the most out of your time.

The tour provider will definitely take you to the exact spot where you can witness and amaze the most beautiful site.

When the weather isn’t good enough, they know alternative places, so you can still have wonderful sights. The natural phenomenon occurs from August to late April, so make sure you have set the right time to visit Iceland.

Bali Photography Service to Provide Quality Images for Villas

There are many interesting things that can be discussed about the world of tourism in Bali. The one that is quiet popular is how it is affecting a photography business where there is one extra service that is offering to the villa management which is the professional images of the accommodation.

In fact, there is even some of Bali photography services specifically targeting the villas as their main only market. Question remains, how can it be a good business ever since there are so many photography services in Bali?

Have you ever think that there must be at least a reason why photography service demands are increasingly high in Bali?

To me, it is actually a simple math where high market demand is influenced by the large number of tourists. Later, they will need accommodations where today–villas are pretty much dominated as the main alternative for travellers than hotel rooms.

Bali photography service to market a villa accommodation

And that can be easily proven where many of popular area and destinations in Bali are easy to find even the luxury villas. Just take a look at them at popular beaches, you’ll know that I am right about this.

Bali photography service for villa

Somehow, it seems that Bali is oversupplied for accommodation. The competition itself is getting crazy to rent a villa since there are too much of them. So that, the owners and managements should had a great and creative strategy to market their accommodations.

And surely it is not a new thing at all to involves the high quality photography as one of the main thing the villa accommodations should have. That’s when the accommodation business should thinking about where to get the professional and high quality service to support that purpose.

Photography will really take the important role especially in attracting the potential travellers to rent a villa and the professional images for that is how you will sell the accommodation.

Villa and all kind of accommodations are the huge business that need more money. So that, you have to market it the best possible way you can do. The better the images are, people will getting attracted by that. But no matter how luxury the villas are, if you are displaying it in worst image quality, the image angles aren’t interesting, then your villa may considered the same as what you have displayed.

To help you with that, you will need to find a Bali photography service, visiting a studio or simply getting to know some of the professional photographers and start talking about your needs.

High quality images is a great investment for villa managements. They can used for various needs such as to registering the accommodation in several online reservation sites, make them as the main content for villa’s official site and social media accounts and so on. Those professional images can even be used for years. And by the way, photos are the first impression for travellers when they are looking for the accommodation online.

London’s Geek Tour: Popular BBC TV Series Doctor Who

BBC’s “Doctor Who” is one of the longest-running TV series with hundreds of episodes today that span decades, and beloved by many. Thanks to the duration of its run, fans span across all ages; from kids to adolescents to, well, even to your grandma’s generations. Travel’s must-visits for Whovians who visit London would, of course, include the the Who shooting locations.

Visit the London Eye: Where the Nestene Consciousness controls all the plastics

The London’s Eye is one of the very first spots introduced in the newly revived Doctor Who series in 2005. The very first episode of what fans often referred to as NuWho, titled “Rose”, remains one of the most popular and most-watched episodes of Doctor Who of both the classic and the 2005 series.

The episode reintroduced a villain from the classic Who series, the Auton, or the Nestene Consciousness. Their ability is to manipulate plastics. The Ninth Doctor started “The shop window dummy, phones, wires, the cables..” Rose added, “The breast implants—“ The London Eye is located on the South Bank of the River Thames, with the nearest underground station being London’s Waterloo station.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre appeared during the third series of the NuWho where the Tenth Doctor traveled with his companion, Martha Jones, and met Shakespeare. This place was featured in the TV series titled the Shakespeare Code. The villain of the story is Carrionite, a species of Witch from the planet Rexel. Their power is a word-based science that could shape reality, and in the Who series, was described as Witchcraft. The Globe Theatre of the modern time is a reconstruction of the demolished building and it was based on past buildings. You can find the Shakespeare Globe less than fifteen minutes walk away from the London Bridge railway station, or less than 5 minutes drive by car.  

Watch out for Slitheen at 10 Downing Street

The Slitheen is one of the main villains in the first series of the resurrected Who in 2005. With Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper trying to save these green-skinned aliens from invading the earth through London. The famous 10 Downing Street is the British Prime Minister’s Office in real life. It has been designated to the prime ministers since 1735. The locals sometimes simply referred to it colloquially as “Number 10”.

Apparently, the area around what is now known as the Downing Street had been a prestigious and important spot for government dated as far back as 1,000 years ago. It was home to Anglo-Saxon, Norman settlements, as well as the ancient Romans.

Spot the Blue Police Phone Box; the TARDIS in London!

The infamous TARDIS—Time and Relative Dimension in Space—is the Doctor’s time and space ship he/she (they?) use to travel throughout the series. The design is actually just a regular London police phone box used in England from the 1920s. These days, the police phone box is hardly used anymore, although a few do exist up until now.
However, these days, the blue police box is associated far more intimately with none other than the BBC’s Doctor Who. Whenever they spotted a blue police phone box, “It’s a TARDIS!” One of the most popular spots to find a TARDIS is near the Earl’s Court Station. The TARDIS has been “parked” here and it’s a place that attracts geeks every single day.

Recommended Seminyak Villas Luxury Vacation in Bali

Having vacation in Bali is the right thing to do if you want a full-package holiday. Bali has everything you need for enjoyable and memorable holiday. There are many attractions to enjoy which are beautiful, unique, and sometime even bizarre. However, all is attractive and interesting to explore. Thus, you also need proper accommodation so that you can stay in Bali during holiday comfortably. Seminyak villas luxury vacation are recommended because this is popular area for international tourists. Thus, everything you need is within walking distance. Villas are also great choice because then you will enjoy staying in Bali with more friendly and homey environment.

Best Seminyak villas luxury vacation to stay in

It is common to feel like you want to stay in Bali longer than what you have already planned. It is common for tourists to choose long term vacation in Bali, especially Seminyak since it offers raw and majestic beauty that you cannot compare anywhere else. If you are looking for villas to accommodate your stay in Bali, here are some recommended places you can book:

  • Casa Brio has unique vibe to its style because it is designed with contemporary style. The living space is generous so that you can bring your group of friend or families for long vacation in Bali. There are four bedrooms with glamorous design to give you best experience during your rest. There is also a 21-metre pool for you to enjoy for relaxing your muscle after venturing around Bali. The location is only five minute walk to the nearest beach. Thus, you can go visiting the beach anytime. Not to mention, Seminyak has one of the best sunsets to witness.
  • Lakshmi Villas has romantic and stylish vibe to every villa. One of the best about this villa is that the strategic location which allows you to wander around various places with ease. Everything you need of cosmopolitan Seminyak delights are on its doorsteps. In the back of the bedroom, you can enjoy you time relaxing in private pool surrounded by lush greens. This is a great place to spend with your partner for romantic retreat.
  • Villa Ramadewa is recommended place to stay in Seminyak Bali. It has 3 bedrooms with luxurious style and design to indulge every guest. The prime location is the highlight of this villa. You can reach Petitenget Beach anytime since it is not far from the villa. This villa is designed in contemporary style blended with traditional Balinese style. Thus, it brings unique vibe which can make you feel good all the time.
  • Villa Shambala is one of the most strategically located Seminyak villas luxury vacation. However, it is more secluded and private than other villas. Therefore, it is nice option for you to pick if you are planning to have serene and peaceful holiday in Bali. It has tropical grounds along with spacious living space. Therefore, the seclusion only makes it more private and intimate. You don’t dwell with the buzz and crowd and rest comfortably. Not to mention spacious pool with rows of coconut trees on each side.

Away of Photography When You Are In Traveling!

Today, seems to be travelling won’t be the special thing if you can’t really capturing all the moments while you are enjoying all of the luxury of a trip your are getting.

Many of us are taking images almost all the times that made me thinking we don’t really enjoy the travel moments.

I mean, how can it be possible for us to really living up in the best moment in life if we are getting busied by which photography poses and filters to be used for images we are going to upload on Instagram?

In one side, photographing travel moments are needed, but in the other side, it can actually ruin your trip without you being realising about it.

try to getting away of photography when you are in travelling

Photography surely not a mistake when you are making use of it at the travel destination you are visiting. But when it is dominated all of the things you should do at the destination, then it will surely become the issue you have to get rid off it.

Capturing the travel moments is actually not to keep on updating things you do for your followers, but I think we should re-think about it since all of the moments you are getting through are valuable and many of them should never been published online.

Travel images can help you remembering the beautiful things you have done, things you have shared with your lover or best friends, the most rare destination you have not been visited before, all of the moments you can’t experienced at the other places and many more. So, since the first place you are traveling, you are actually have been realised that every journey you are taking, many of them are valuable and can help you to be a better person with a better point of view about life.

But in fact, all of what I have been expected on above is nothing at all since many of us are considering those as the useful things. Later, I once was telling myself to try not to capture any images at all when going out for traveling.

At first, it can be troublesome since I think that I was getting used to be capturing images every where I was going. But, after trying a bit hard not to think about that. until today, I can really know and enjoy what the real leisure itself. And you can also do out of the box as what I have been proven.

You will then enjoy the traveling by your own eyes not lenses and you will have more times to spend with those who you are inviting in a trip and start talking about anything.

Anyway, I’ve seen people who are taking children in a travel and some of those kids aren’t treated properly since the parents are busy taking images. What a beauty this life is!

A Camping Can Also Be Romantic For Two, Let Me Tell You How

One of the travel packages that I usually seeing is any kind of travel ideas or accommodations for couples. It is surely that the main market for that kind of trip will be those who are in a relationship. A couple. But, did you know that even a camping itself can be more romantic than any other packages you have been offered?

Who would guess that being outdoor, involving the whole of your body parts, carrying the backpack with loads, walking for hours can be the romantic travel ideas for two?! If you don’t believe me in that, give me a moment to show you how it will be possible.

How couples can get a romantic camping trip

No matter how hard I think about a romantic camping trip, I think that there is even none of my friends will suggesting the others about that. It is not romantic at all when you are walking with heavy loads on shoulders for hours when the camping ground can’t be reached by the vehicle.

But one important thing they have forgotten is that; There will always the beautiful rainbow after the storm!

R]How to get a romantic camping trip for couples

So does in camping trip that after you are exhausting all the up and down to the camping site, your fatigue will be paid off when you know that the destination you are going is too amazing an beautiful to be missed.

Now, you have just a great view that can support the romantic aspect of the journey. You will need a poem for that 🙂

Next, being at outdoor while camping that there is nobody else but you two as a falling in love couple can be the most romantic moment in your life. Look, you have a beautiful scene and a truly couple’s moment where nothing can disturb you two, what can be romantic than that?

Not to mention that you guys will firing up the woods to make the fire camp and start getting warm in the night. What a moment!

So do when you and someone you love are resting together. But this time, your body won’t be hurt by the rough ground and small stones because you are actually in a hammock camping trip that is combining the romantic of laying close together under the stars and between the trees.

You can use the double hammock size as it can be your gear that will really make you both warmer while resting.

I am telling you that as a 99% possible true and you think that a romantic camping trip is still impossible? You are the one with issue here 😀 😀 😀

Last but not the least that you can really enjoy the romantic camping trip with someone you love is to think about an element of surprise you can give. Although it is a camping, surprising your lover is always a recommending thing to do since a long time ago.

And as you can see, a camping trip can also be so romantic, isn’t it?

The Kitchen of the Future: London’s Design Junction Exhibit

If you haven’t thought about maximizing the best potentials out of your kitchen as a focal space of your property, you may want to rethink your business choices. The market appears to demand more and more out of the kitchen, these days. But beyond that, kitchens are the space where the future seemed to be headed. It’s no longer fancy living rooms equipped with smart entertainment devices or bathrooms with open ceilings. Today, kitchens rule.

The future kitchen for a healthier you

A fascinating finding was discovered during the London Design Junction. They mentioned that it was the Kitchen of 2063. A technology would scan a part of our body—our hand—and analyze us. The tech would then measure our body’s nutritional needs simply gathered by the data it receives from our hand. Ideally, the 3D technology would then propose to us a recipe according to the information they gathered. This seemed to be the stuff they always show at sci-fi fantasy. That is, it is fictional. However, the designer, Miele, thought that this may just be the norm in the future. And that’s not the only thing on the future of the kitchen.

A live-in, personal nutritionist—everything at the touch of your fingertips

In line with the idea of a healthier lifestyle afforded by none other than your kitchen, there is more to that. Miele predicted that there would be more, to the point that a personal nutritionist is not at all far-fetched. The tech would feature more scanners that would provide you the information of your heart rate, levels of cholesterol, body fat ratios, and more. Miele had also mentioned that the stove would be largely replaced. The method of steam-cooking is one of the future-kitchen ideas included in the 2063 kitchen design. An automatic steam control and a steamer powered by renewable energy are a part of the future of kitchen counter.’

Renewable energy for the kitchen—no more fossils waste

The future kitchen in London Design Junction is said to ideally be harnessing the energy that is renewable to mankind. And ideally, the major source of energy for this is none other than the sun. There would be solar blocks that are glass-like. These solar blocks would let the light to the inside of the kitchen and it would not only power up the future kitchen, but also the entirety of the house as well. A self-sufficient kitchen is something an ideal future kitchen would have.

A fascinating concept of oceans display

An aquarium-like compartment would be one of the most striking features these future kitchens have. Ocean fishes and the vegetations of the seas are going to be grown in these aquariums. This takes gardening and farming to the next level due to the complexity of this. But the aesthetic value of this breathtaking idea displayed just how much the artistic elements played an important part in this whole future kitchen plan. All in all, a very fascinating concept.

Find Out Villa Ubud Bali with Best Service

Holiday is about spending your time enjoying the place without worrying anything. The concept of luxury vacation must be a dream for everyone. Bali is the right destination if you are planning to have memorable and leisure vacation. Ubud specifically, offers you many interesting other travel destinations can’t. Ubud is for art and culture enthusiasts. If you are a romantic at heart, booking one of villa Ubud Bali with best service is the right choice. You can stay in Ubud and enjoy everything that the place offers started from art galleries, artist’s workshops, historical sites, and many more. Not to mention that sightseeing in Ubud will be worth it.

Booking villa Ubud Bali with best service

Accommodation is essential when it comes to vacation. Since Bali is one of the most desired travel destination, accommodation is the least thing you should worry about. There are many villas you can book with affordable rent. Even if the villa you are booking doesn’t have ‘luxury’ category, most villas in Bali are equipped with luxury and best service. Here are some recommendation of Villas around Ubud:

  • Four Season Resort is a great place to stay during your vacation in Bali. This is where you can book one of the villas situated amongst the trees. This is also where you can enjoy the picturesque Ayung Valley. Before entering the area of the resort, you will be welcomed with the suspension bridge. It leads to the rooftop lobby pond. Then, it descends into the valley. You can book a villa completed with its private pool to relax your body. There is also meditation area as well as spa.
  • Chapung Se Bali is situated on the ridgeline of Osh River Valley. It has perfect vantage point to enjoy. Thus, you will witness the most beautiful sunset in Bali. You can even enjoy the view from your living area since it is designed in open-air concept. Not to mention the bathroom is also designed in open-air concept. During your time in bathroom, you will be able to hear the chirps of the birds in the jungle. To indulge your appetite, you can visit Fish Restaurant with Mediterranean concept.
  • The Kayon is one of the most recommended villa Ubud Bali with best service. The villas are designed in private concept to let you enjoy serene and peaceful environment. At first sight, you might think it is like an old palace or something. However, you will feel different vibe once you enter the villa. It is built with polished wood and glass partition. Thus, it makes you feel closer to the nature especially when you can enjoy flower petal bath.
  • Puri Wulandari offers the perfect vantage point for you to see the valley below the infinity pool. This villa is designed in traditional and rustic style. For book lovers, there is a library you can visit so you can happily read your favorite book while lounging on your private daybed. You can also have satisfying lunch and dinner by visiting Legong Terrace Italian Restaurant.