The Most Affordable Means to Get Around in Bali

Although Bali is considered one of the world’s most popular destinations, unfortunately, this island (and by extension, the country in general) is still slow on its uptake on transport.

Affordable means to get around in Bali

Bali does not have a comprehensive public transportation system. Getting around could be a real headache if you don’t do your research or plan ahead. Getting a taxi could be simple and straightforward, but a 100K IDR bill here and there, it easily adds up in just a day.

And before you know it, you’d spent a significant amount of money that you could really save for something else. Here are some of the cheapest options that will help you get around Bali without spending more than you should.

Kura Kura Bus Bali Public Shuttle

This green vehicle come in three sizes; the medium bus (contrary to its name, it is the largest bus they have), the long mini bus, and the short mini bus. Kura Kura bus public shuttle is an affordable and simply an excellent method to get to popular tourist areas.

Tickets start from as low as 20,000 IDR. This public shutter operates daily from 8.30 am to 10pm. However, some lines may close earlier, so obviously this is not a viable option if you wish to stay out late.

Some of the major tourist destinations/attractions that the Kura Kura Bus get to are Seminyak Garden, Beachwalk shopping mall, Seminyak Village, Museum Puri Lukisan, Bali Bird Park, Bali Zoo, and many others.

The main hub is located at DFS Bus Bay, located at Mall Bali Galeria near Kuta’s Simpang Siur Junction—which is hard to miss given the sheer size of the place. They have an informative, comprehensive website that you can access anytime, watch out for the cute Kura-Kura (turtle) logo!

Bali Trans Sarbagita

Bali’s first ever government-run public transportation is the blue bus known as Bali Trans Sarbagita. It is the cheapest public transport you could experience in Bali.

Most of Sarbagita’s passengers are locals. At certain hours, you can see some street vendors going to their work destination or coming home with their baskets. The ticket for the Sarbagita bus only cost 3,500 IDR for adults.

It operates from 5 am to 9 pm on paper, but often times, the bus stopped operating at 5 or 6 pm depending on many factors, because there’s little to no passengers.

Therefore, there is no fixed time schedule and you should proceed with this in mind. It’s not an ideal means of transport if you’re short on time as you may have to wait up until one hour (probably more) depending on traffics.

Try to ride Sarbagita for the experience of it; you’ll see the local school students chatting with each other or local vendors who go to faraway markets to sell their goods. Sarbagita is also usually not crowded and all units are usually well-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable during your ride.

Online Transportation

Unlike the first two options, online transportation is the most convenient method if you’re short on time and you want to go to specific places not covered on the routes on Kura Kura Bus and Trans Sarbagita.

Online transportation is the most transparent means of transport when it comes to the costs, so you don’t have to worry about being overcharged or ripped off.

Consider getting an in-app balance that you can top up easily with your driver once they arrive, or go to the convenience stores listed where you can get your balance from. You can also ask the help of a local you trusted to top up your online transport balance for you.

Rent a Scooter

Undoubtedly the best method. Hands down, the cheapest and the most convenient, considering the narrow roads of Bali. But only go for this route if you have international driver’s license that allows you to ride motorcycles.

Best Time to Hire Bali Digital Agency

Let me ask you one question, if you have realized that Bali as one of the top travel destination in the world, doesn’t it will be visited by millions of people in a year? And that will be the best times for doing businesses. But you don’t have to do it alone. If you can’t build your own team, then simply find the the best Bali digital agency around.

As digital marketing roles the important part in digital world, now everyone with the smartphones in their hands can be your client, buyer or anything you considered can improve your business.

Best time to hire Bali digital agency

Your business now is running in a fast world where the penetration of information is occurring in just a second, or even below it.
We actually can’t chasing all of the information. All you have to do is well-prepared your business and create the better chances to make it increasingly high. With the best Bali digital agency that you can find, that will be possible.

The best time to hire a Bali digital agency is depending on your situations. What you are actually need at the moment?
Digital agency can have various creative divisions. You can use the get a graphic design services or photography and videography, marketing plans and their execution, increase your business brand and identity and many more.

Most of the digital agency including based in Bali are also offering the website design and development service. So, if your business have not yet get its own online address, you’d better creates it now.

It is important to make your own business site if you want to create more and better chances to find more wider and targeted customers. The more visitors your business site has, the better. So that, there are also many Bali digital agency that are offering their customers about the SEO service. The way how to make your site business generating more visitors and also conversion if you are selling products online.

But, we can’t just stop at that point. digital agency is also provides us the online advertisement services. Let’s say you want to put an ads of your business in using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Instagram or any other social media platforms.

If you don’t know about how to run your online ads campaigns especially to get more visibility (clicks) with the cheaper funds, then you can call your best Bali digital agency you have believed in.

There are more of advantages you can earn when you can work together with the digital agency. Or let’s just say that they will be the first and the last standing business firm that will help you about your business. It a digital thing, so leaves it to the expert.
To simplify about what you can get by hiring Bali digital agency, you can remember the 3 words i’d like to share which are: Contents, Creative and the Stats.

The contents can be in various forms. They can be the blog posts, social media and SEO campaigns, ads copywriting, and many more. While the Creative side will be support all content by providing amazing and engaging images and videos, infographics, and other resources.

The Stats itself is something you have targetted before. Does all of the contents and creative things can make your business reaches its goal or not. It will talks about anlytic tools and results, targets and goals, conversions, etc.

That is also the answers of how important the digital marketing is. No wonder if there will be many people are considering it as one of the important elements of a successful business. And through Bali digital agency, again, it is possible.

Digital agency should be employed by many of the businesses or organizations in all forms. Your business doesn’t have to get more workers first and then hire the agency. Even if you are the solopreneur, freelancer, up to the international and large company, you can always try to improve your business to the next level with an agency.

Now, I know that when it comes to talk about the best time to hire the Bali digital agency, you can always do it in almost anytime. You’ve got the money in your hands, you have known what the advantages to work with the agency, etc, so when you will visit and taken contract with the agency?

It is simple. Since (somehow) every business in Bali are related to the tourism sector, so you’d better start your campaign at least some months before the highest season of travel in Bali. Depending on your business, if you are renting a villa, then the sooner you are starting, for example the online ads, the better.

For you who still not have a business website, then you should talk about it with the Bali digital agency you are trusted with.
Keep in mind that millions of travelers are coming to Bali every year, even it is usual to see them everyday. With that information, hope you can also increasing your business to be better than before.

Urban Glamping Destinations You Can Choose

Glamour camping

Glamping or glamour camping has become more and more popular. People are not tied to conventional camping in the forest or suburban area anymore. Urban glamping is a new trend in travel world these days. Thus, you might as well starting to research about urban glamping destination to pick for your next camping plan. Glamour camping is a more fun and luxurious way to camp. This type of camping offers luxury and irresistible facilities. Urban glamping is another level of just a mix of luxury and camping. The atmosphere of the city is what makes this glamping is different. You can camp under the stars at night and enjoy the world-class attractions to the fullest.

Pick the best urban glamping destination to your bucket-list

Since urban glamping is still new, there are only few places which are suitable for this type of camping. Even though the term is urban camping doesn’t mean the camp can be built in random streets of a city. There are some criteria to be fulfilled so the camping will be called urban glamping such as the view, the luxury, and the location. Here are the best sites for urban glamping you can try:

  • Notel, Melbourne, Australia is one of the most unique pots for urban glamping. The location is on the roof top of a parking lot. In this place, you will find six chrome airstream trailers. Those are refitted to become perfect accommodation for camping. There are facilities you will enjoy during your glamping here such as Wi-Fi, iPad, and queen sized-bedding. Ensuite bathroom along with cooling and heating system are also available to accommodate your comfort during your stay.


  • Vintage Caravan, Oakland, California is urban glamping destination you won’t regret to try. Even though the camp is made up of vintage caravan, you will receive luxury in the form of modern convenience including mini kitchen, Wi-Fi, full bathroom with separate shower, and many more. The vintage caravan is painted with lively colors which make your camping experience more fun to do.


  • Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, California is the next recommended urban glamping destination you can pick. This spot is located at Veranda Suite. It is more like studio-style complemented with European decor. If you are seeking for not only urban glamping but also the private one, this spot is the best to choose. There are luxurious amenities you can take advantage of such as comfortable bed, soaking tub, and mesmerizing view of the city.


  • The Urban Yurt, Austin, Texas is one of urban glamping spots you can try. It is located at the heart of the city. Facilities you will enjoy while urban glamping in this site are private outdoor shower, communal fire pit, HD projector, and many more. It is easy to find the best restaurant, bars, as well as attraction while glamping in this spot. This urban glamping destination is also the best place for stargazing. The greenery around the site is enough to make you feel connected to nature even when you are at the heart of the city.


Padar Island Secrets You Might Not Know Before

Padar Island easily steal many hearts of travelers. It is devastatingly gorgeous with rugged terrain surrounded by gradient blue water. Throughout the year, the jagged hills are changing from vibrant green early on the year to crips savannah during the dry season. Prepare to have your breath taken when you come to this island. You will be greeted with the island’s unusual shape, otherworldly top-hill view, and the rare three coloured beaches.

Padar Island Secrets You Might Not Know Before

Padar is probably the most photogenic island in Indonesia and traveler’s favorite, but it’s more than a selfie spot. Beneath all the beauty, this island have its own story. Here are five facts about Padar Island that you might haven’t know about before.

1. The Most Rugged Island in Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park comprises with three large island, the Komodo Island, Padar, and Rinca, and 20 other smaller islands. Padar is located between the other two and is the smallest among the three. The island has a little bit rougher topography than others in the National Park. The paths is steep with hills set against deep bays—each bays has different color of sands.

2. The Beach Is Pink Because of Coral

The Pink Beach in Padar is one of the most famous. After all the robust outdoor activity, the pink beach is perfect for a pleasant leisure. Lying in the blushing sand, this beach will transport you to a cotton land. But do you know how could the beach turn so pink?

The pinkness actually come from foraminifera, a microorganism that cause a red tint to corals. These red corals lies right in the seabed of Padar, under the clear blue water. When the sea currents hit the corals, they break into tiny pieces of grain and washed off to the shore. They mingle with the white grain sands and turn the beach into a soft pink sands!

3. The Sands Are Protected

Speaking about the beautiful Pink Beach, you should remember that the shore is still a part of Komodo National Park. That means every elements on the island is protected and that includes the sands. I know it’s very tempting to scoop a little of this shining pink sands into a bottle as a token. It might seems harmless, but imagine if a hundred of other travelers think the same. Let’s leave the beach as pink as you find it at first. 

4. Padar Island is part of Wallace Line and Coral Triangle

Do you know that the island is part of ‘Wallace Line’? This line marks the meeting point of south and north currents, which results on abundance of marine biota. The island is also a part of coral triangle, where millions of corals and marine species bloom with life. Under the water, Padar boasts two magnificent diving sites: the Pillarsteen and Three Sisters. The Pillarsteen is famous for its beautiful canyon, underwater caves, and high rock pillars where it got its name from. Both diving sites are home for pelagic and unique marine species, such as yellow frogfish and hump-head wrasses. Who can think that beneath those dry and rugged mountains, lies a wonderful underwater life?

5. It’s Komodo Free

While Komodo and Rinca Island are teeming with the ferocious Komodo, Padar is totally Komodo-free. They Komodo has long left Padar due to the lack of food in the island. Slowly, their population in Padar was getting extinct—some were migrating in the neighbouring island.

Rumour says that there’s still two naughty Komodo roaming the island, but this is not true. The good news is, you can enjoy the hike and chill in the beaches without getting sniffed by the lizard! Now, are you ready to enjoy all what Padar Island has to offer?

The Most Breathtaking Lost Cities to Visit

You must have been familiar to hear lost cities. Just imagine how a city can become lost due to many reasons. There are so many lost cities to visit for your next travel plan. Those cities were abandoned for different reasons. Even though they are called lost cities, they still offer fascinating insight for people today.

Lost cities to visit

Human history is something complex but also captivating to learn. Through the lost cities, you can learn many things about how civilization changes due to various reasons. Even a wealthy city can become a lost one because of natural disaster.

Lists of the most breathtaking lost cities to visit

Visiting lost cities for your next travel destination can be a good idea especially when you have been bored with beach, lake and other common trips. Visiting a lost city can give you another kind of satisfaction which makes your trip more memorable. Without further ado, here are some lost cities in the world you can visit:

  1. Pompeii, Italy is one of the most famous lost cities in the world. It was destroyed in 79 AD due to the eruption from Mount Vesuvius. The eruption resulted in the city covered with ash. However, it was also the ash which helped this city to remain preserved. It even was created mummies of the fleeing citizens. It is fun to stroll around the street where you can find many interesting spot in this lost city such as forum, bath, bakeries, etc.
  2. Petra, Jordan is one of the most enchanting lost cities to visit. It was believed to have been built in the 1st century BC. It was then discovered in 1812. The general are of this city is majestic. The city is made up of hundreds houses, tombs, temples, theaters, as well as altars. It is believed that the area that has been unveiled from this lost city is only unveiled for the 15% part only. The remaining parts are believed to be untouched due to the possible location is the underground.
  3. Persepolis, Iran is also a lost city which deserves your visit for your next travel plan. This place is also called ‘the city of Persians’. The archaeological site of this lost city is unique and mesmerizing. It is said that this city was burned by the Greek in 330 BBC under Alexander the Great’s leadership. While visiting this lost city, you can explore the ruins remained from the burn which are still captivating for the eyes as well as provide artistic architecture.
  4. Dwarka is also a famous lost city. It is located in India and also called as Lord Khrisna. It was once said to be just a myth. However, the ruins were found in 2000 which made people believe that this city was more than just a myth. It was said that the city lost because it sank into the sea. The experts studied this lost city find it hard to believe because the ruins are incredible geometric. This is one of the lost cities to visit for your next travel plan.

Travel Hammock Reviews: Why You Should Never Falling Into It

It is a common thing especially on internet where many people are reviewing various products and services, including the travel hammock reviews that I also have been published about it in this blog. But frankly, even if I have many experiences in using it, doesn’t mean that you have to trust me with all your heart.

Never falling into of what people said about something, keep on trust your own logic.

Internet is not changing people, it actually reveals who we really are. The quiet person can sounds louder than the crowd. The true can be hidden with the fake ones. The best products and services can be replaced with the opposite. Many things are happening.

Getting money is one of the reasons behind all of those. For the blogger that need more traffics and revenue, there may those who will published the false product reviews with eye-catching titles to get more of the clicks.

Since traveling is almost what the most of the people around the world are doing, then there are many products and services related to it. Many business owners are finding the buzzers that are fame in social medias, authorized bloggers in certain niches, and many more. They are trying to promote the travel related products and services. But today, I will only talk about the travel hammock reviews on internet. Including what I have been written before.

Travel hammock reviews you should never falling into

I was telling you to get the best hammock camping or the travel hammock out there. At wherever online shops you have in mind to be visited. I am truly will only suggest you about the hammock products that I do believing in. I can simply make money by becomes the affiliate marketer, but you have seen that there is no such related links to that.

I am writing this travel hammock reviews is because it is not just about to relax your body, or easier camping at outdoors for some days, the lightweight luggage you will put on your shoulders, etc. It is also about your own safety.

I think that many of the parachute camping hammock activities will be taken place at the wild. So, although I have recommended you to bring only the hammock as your own shelter, keep in mind that you have no obligation to follow along my own words. You may the only person that knowing the conditions of the camping spot, so if in the end you decided to change it with the tent or even the hammock-tent, take no regrets in your decisions.

Many of the online travel hammock reviews are only will show the readers about its own advantages. Even, sometimes it is hard to find the disadvantages or the deficiencies it might has. If you found one of what I have been published before, tells me about it so i can change it as fast as possible. Writing specific product review somehow is not as easy as it sounds, especially about something that you may never used before.

But the business must going on forward. With the power of bunch of information over the internet, many writers can pick each information from different sites and later will be put the puzzles in order.

Have something in mind about the “best hammock of 2018” and you will type the same words on search engine before? Then there will be more and more manufacturers telling us about they are the best among the others.

It may good for the online business, but to be honest, you may feels the same disgust as I do. Tell me about it if i am wrong. And I may also will hate myself knowing that I have done the same.

I think that the travel hammock reviews should always included not only its own benefits, but also the opposites. It will be great to make a comparison especially to answer your question about “should you buy one of the hammock?”

Rather than keep on comparing about the price ranges, I think that would be fare to tell the people if they really need it or not. I mean, even if you are the true traveler, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

The first thing to do not to falling deep into the travel hammock reviews is to get yourself directly to the hammock shops or distributor. I know it is the traditional way to do, but it is always works. You can see the product directly, touch the fabric material, ask the trained shopkeepers and many more.

Even you can ask the shop or the manufacturer about why you have to buy their hammock, not the another brand.
Secondly, if you are doing online reading about the travel hammock reviews, make sure that the site owner can be well identified. It may only the blog that used to sell the affiliate product, so you mostly can’t ask the admin about what you have in mind related to the reviewed topic.

You can also try to send the site administrator an e-mail just to know is it the personal and anonymous site or used by any of the community or organization. If it will be owned by an anonymous, mostly it will just focus on the conversion rate. I know that many of the affiliation sites are published the well written content, but mostly you can’t reach them at all.

That’s all what I am thinking about an online travel hammock reviews and how to deal with it. Hope you get what I have shared.

Where to Find Northern Lights?

Northern Lights or aurora borealis are searched by lots of people because they are rare phenomena. If finding Northern Lights is your goal for your next travel plan, you must know where to find Northern Lights. For your information, there are only few places where you can find them. That is why you need thorough preparation and great plan for this type of travelling. Catching this type of spectacular natural show is hard to experience. It is not always being in the right place but also being in the right time. That is why this should be included in your bucket list. At least you experience this once in your lifetime and you won’t regret it.

Northern Lights

You may have thought that you should go across the Arctic Circle to find Northern Lights. However, you don’t have to. You can visit other places which also offer the same epic natural show. However, make sure you research to find out the best time to visit these places:

  • Manitoulin Island, Ontario is one of few places you can visit to watch directly the epic natural show of the Northern Lights. The light pollution makes this place a top list destination to see the Northern Lights. Not only tourists who are interested to visit this place but also professional photographers who want to catch the great phenomena of aurora borealis.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska is another best destination to find Northern Lights or aurora borealis. This is due to the location is beneath the aurora oval which makes this place the best spot to see the epic show. There is also peak aurora season which runs from September to late March. So this is the best time to prepare your travel plan to this place.
  • Tromso, Norway is also a great spot to find Northern Lights.  The dynamic culture along with breathtaking scenery is enough reason to make you visit this place. For those who seek for adventure travelling, this is the best place to visit. You can also watch the aurora dance across the sky at night which makes this place even more beautiful to see.
  • Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland are a set in the Scottish Highland where you can epic Northern Lights. This place is not technically located in the aurora oval. However, the open landscape shows the most breathtaking view of the aurora. The view is so dramatic that you will even forget that what you see is real.
  • Borgarnes, Iceland is a great choice of best spots to find aurora borealis. The mountains, glaciers, and the black beaches are included into a package beauty of Borgarnes. All those breathtaking spots can be enjoyed in one place. When it comes to find Northern Lights, this is absolutely the top list to visit.
  • Reykjavik, Iceland is an urban area but you still have chance to find Northern Lights during the high season of aurora. Make sure to rent a place in less polluted area o you can see clearly the Northern Lights.

What To Know Before Get PADI Certification Bali?

Bored with ordinary activities? Want to try extreme and fun activities? Why not? Many people think diving does not need a certificate. That is wrong! Want to become a professional diver? Then having a diving certificate is mandatory. It’s time to go to Bali and do an extreme activity and get PADI Certification Bali. So how to find the best dive center? Certificates from which organizations are trusted?

PADI Certification Bali

Discover Diving vs The Real Diving

If there is information, “You can dive without a certificate”. We must look first. There is indeed a certificate-free dive, namely, discover diving. But the depth limit is only 5-7 meters. What can you see at a depth of 5-7 meters? The question you have to ask is, how interesting is diving at a depth of more than 20 meters? The real dive is, looking at the underwater that not all can see.

Trustable Diving Organization

PADI is a popular and trusted diving organization in the world. Not that other organizations cannot be trusted. But it would be nice to take a certificate from the organization with a row of experienced and professional instructors. The possibility of finding information and knowledge from PADI-certified professional divers will be very large.

Many dive centers offer the best Bali PADI certification. Before deciding to take a certificate, you must know the diving organization. The fact is that PADI is a respected diving organization in the world. Choosing a certification standard is the same as choosing a school or university. Divers with unclear certificates will certainly be rejected at the dive service provider.

Many divers are fooled by the cheap price of diving training packages. Especially in Bali, it will be very easy to find dive training. But you don’t know which dive center is really the best for you. What are the benefits of you taking the PADI Certification Bali? You will be monitored by the experienced instructor during the training. When your time is up in training, you can continue when your holiday arrives.

Many dive centers offer PADI Certification Bali and with training guided by professional divers. You can choose a dive center that can provide training well. In fact, not all dive centers that provide PADI Certification Bali can make diver satisfaction.

For that, you must know the PADI organization well before deciding to do diving training. PADI as the largest Scuba diving training organization in the world provides standard luxury from the level of recreation, professional and technical diving.

Underrated Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

Underrated Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

Often, people fall for tourist trap. They tend to visit a place the others like the most while in reality those places can also be disappointing. Therefore, it is best to do your own research to decide which place you want to visit for your next travel plan. You might be interested to know that there are underrated travel destinations you should include into your bucket list instead of ignoring them.

Those places are rarely mentioned on social media feeds but it doesn’t mean they are less interesting. Instead of going to common travel destinations, why not give yourself a chance to try something out of the box?

Underrated travel destinations you should consider to visit

Here are recommended places to visit for your next holiday which tend to be underrated:

  • Lake Bled, Slovenia is a place in Europe which is surely underrated because it has less exposure to media. The town is peaceful and presents amazing view. You can enjoy your time walking around the lake. Take your time to enjoy your surrounding because the view is scenic. You will also find a waterfall at Vintgar Gorge, or you can also visit Predjama Castle. This is an old castle, proximately 800 years old located in the mouth of a cave. This city is just like a place you can only find in a fairy-tale book.


  • Guyana, South America is also one of underrated travel destinations you should give a chance to visit. You can visit research station called Iwokrama and you can even stay during night. Explore the rainforest conservation and visit River Rupununi. Venture to the nearby savannah and witness the most breathtaking natural beauty.


  • Kotor, Montenegro is another European hidden beauty you can visit for your next travel plan. The lakeside view along with fresh seafood as well as old cobblestone streets are perfect combination for dreamy vacation. You can also enjoy the beach and try hiking trails. If you are too lazy to go hiking, you can sit and relax while enjoying local wines.


  • Budapest, Hungary is underrated but it is one of the most affordable travel destinations. This is the best place for those budgeted-travelers. This city is well known but still underrated. This place is surely a perfect getaway. There are many things to enjoy here including local foods, museums, as well as architecture. Do not miss to explore both Buda sides of the river as well as Pest. You will experience the contrast vibe from both.


  • Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, Japan are historic villages with natural beauty in all surroundings. These are underrated travel destinations you shouldn’t miss. The farmhouses in the villages use Gassho-style which embodies the nature perfectly. These places are the perfect fit if you search for traditional form of Japanese architecture. Do not miss the chance to explore the river nestling the villages. The villages gained the status of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.


The Perfect Itinerary for Half Day Padar Island Adventure

If you love being spoiled by nature and being ‘lost’ in the middle of nowhere with a superb view, you gotta love Padar Island. This small island in Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia, is gaining popularity due to its wonderful scenery. The view from Padar’s top peak is one of the most beautiful sight in Indonesia. It’s also home to the unique three colored beaches as well as the world famous Pink Beach. Beneath the jurassic-looking island, Padar hides a very interesting underwater landscape.

The Perfect Itinerary for Half Day Padar Island Adventure

Rather than a complementary destination, Padar is worth for a day trip! if you wish to make full of what Padar has to offer. The gate is open to explore every nook and cranny of Padar Island, which will keep you busy for hours!

05.00 – 05.30 – Trek to the Summit

Padar Island is just synonymous with trekking. The island is famous for its hilltop pic outlook, and that’s often serve as the main reason to visit. And to reach the hilltop, you need to hike. Well, actually, due to the tumultuous topography of the island, you practically need to hike everywhere you go. The best hiking time to Padar hilltop is an hour before the dawn or sunset. It gets especially hot during the midday, when the sun is right on top of our head. Trekking during these time gives you protection from the direct sun—and also a very rewarding view!

The trek is easy and short, despite of the steep paths. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the peak from the shore. It’s quite sandy and rocky as well, so make sure you wear a pair of good sporty shoes!

05.30 – Sunrise Watching

It’s time for sunrise watching! Seriously, waking up in Padar Island is simply the best thing in the world. Reach the top and find a good spot to enjoy the nature show. As soon as the sun is peeking from the horizon, the darkness is slowly lifted and the landscape start to change colors. The three beaches is gleaming, catching the first light of the morning. Just off the shimmering shore, the vast ocean gradually shows its blueness—deep and calming. Above, the sky displays an ever-changing colors—a warm transition from purple, orange, to pink and blue.

And when the sun has actually risen, your breathe will be taken by exotic curve of the whole Padar. All the rolling hills, the crescent-shaped beaches, and the endless ocean is conspiring to take your breathe away. This will be one of the best sunrise on your life. 

06.00 – 08.00 – Venture to the Green Capped Mountains

Now when the island is totally awake, take time to stroll around the tumultuous terrain. There is many spots in Padar Island which gives a perfect setting for photography. Venture to a spot where not many people goes to. Search for a different spot that will bring a different perspective of the Island. I heard some other traveler found their own hidden pinnacle to gave better view of the three beaches. One even found a spot where the Pink Beach look the pinkest. So, go and find your own best spot!

09.00 – Pink Beach Chill!

It’s time to chill in the last slice of Paradise. To bathe in the sun where the soft pinkish sands meet the clear blue-green ocean. After all the hike and handwork, what’s best than a chill in this dreamy beach? Spread your picnic blanket, it’s time to have lunch in the middle of cotton candy land. Remember to not take the blushing sands back home, though. Let future travelers enjoy the same Pink Beach as you do right now.

10.00 – 12.00 – Snorkel/ Dive Off The Shore

As part of the protected Komodo National Park and the Coral Triangle, the underwater of Padar is blooming with marine life. Here you can see the red corals, the culprit behind the glowing pink sands. Just few meters off the shore, the sea bed is alive with healthy preserved corals and thousands of fishes. It’s even more perfect with great visibility and crazily clear water!

12.00 – Dock to the Next Island, It’s Time for the Dragons

You cannot enter Padar Island without entering the Komodoo National Park. And now, it’s time to see the dragons. Padar sits right in the middle of Komodo Island and Rinca, where the Komodo dragon dwell and creep around. It only take an hour by boat to reach one of those two islands. Prepare yourself, it’s time for another thrilling adventure.