Adventure Vacation to Challenge Your Adrenaline

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Adventure Vacation to Challenge Your Adrenaline

Those who are thrill seekers are always looking for adventure vacation. The thrill of extreme danger can boost up adrenaline to the max level. This type of vacation however is not everybody’s choice. Most people tend to like lazy vacation where there are summer breeze, cocktails, sunrise, sunset, magnificent landscape, and so on. Meanwhile, vacations which tend to be an extreme adventure provide different satisfaction for those who love it. If you are one of those thrill junkies, you might as well look for new destination to challenge your adrenaline and spike up the extreme thrill.

Choices of adventure vacation to boost up the thrill

There are many activities you can do during your vacation to boost up the thrill and the level of your heart race. The satisfaction is what you are looking for. However, no matter how thrilling the activities are will not do if you don’t do it in the right destination. The right spot and the right extreme activity are great combination to spike up the thrill. Here is recommendation for adventure vacation you might be interested in:


  • Waterskiing is too common to be considered as thrilling adventure during vacation. It is time for you to try sand boarding instead. This activity is not new. Actually, this has been existed since the ancient Egyptians. However, people these days are more interested in this activity which makes it more popular. You can choose your destination which will provide you the right spot for sand boarding such as Brazil, Oregon, and Peru.


  • Another type of skiing is heli-skiing. This is considered extreme adventure and worth to try if you seek for the thrill. You can find the best spots for heli-skiing in Alaska, Italy, or British Columbia. You will be transported to the high peaks, and you will be set to the right spot. It is usually an altitude between 6,500 feet and 10,000 feet.


  • You can also try to visit the coldest and driest continent on Earth, Antarctica for your adventure vacation. The scenery is breathtaking just like everyone who has already visited the place said. In Antarctica, you can go trekking through the real wilderness of Nature. The weather and temperature is the real challenge for you. If you are used to summer vacation, taking a trip to Antarctica can be a great breakthrough.


  • You may have not heard about stunt vacation. This is a type of vacation when you can have a taste of how to be a stunt in a movie scene. You will be able to try variety of common stunts such as shooting weapon. You will feel like involving in the real battle. You will be also able to enjoy the performance of professional stunts such as stunt driving.


  • If you want to face the real horror then you should try shark cage-diving. You can go for adventure vacation to see the fascinating creatures. You will be practically safe since you are in a metal cage while the sharks wandering around it. However, being so close to the deathly creatures will only spark your thrill and excitement.