Advertising Your Bali Holiday Villas to Parents: What to Highlight!

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Advertising Your Bali Holiday Villas to Parents- What to Highlight!

One of the fastest expanding categories of the travel business is family and multi-generational travel, with cost and value being two of the most significant criteria for these traveling families. Bedroom space, kitchen amenities, and laundry facilities are becoming increasingly crucial as more families travel together. Vacation rentals are the ideal answer for those looking for a low-cost option. Parents love it when they can have space for themselves during family vacation, and being able to cook to save more vacation budget. Holiday villas are popular among travelling families in Bali, and here’s how you can make your property more attractive to this segment. 

Why Families Love Villa Over Hotel

There are a lot of things need to be forsaken when families are having vacation in a hotel. First is, of course, the space. A standard hotel room forced a set of parent, baby cot, two big luggages, baby stroller, and a bulk of baby stuffs to fit all in the room. If the parents wants more room, they need to book a family suite which obviously will cost more than they need. 

Also, staying in a hotel with a baby often meant that parents have to spend the evenings in the dark or hiding in the bathroom to not disturb baby’s sleep time. Not a very pleasant option, indeed. Then there’s the distance between the room and the swimming pools. It’s not easy to go back and forth with floaters, towels, snacks, and wet diapers in one hand—and a kid in the other. This is why holiday villas with private pool in Bali is highly sought-after. But not every villa is attractive to families. These are several qualities of a holiday villa in Bali that every family loves. 

Enlist Your Holiday Villa As A Friendly Vacation House

If there is an option to declare family friendly or children welcome when making your listing, make sure to mention it. Parents will always use this filter option as parents when they are looking for vacation villas in Bali. They want to make sure that the locations they are staying is child-friendly, therefore they have considered whether or not that the villa is family-friendly.

Be Clear About Number of Bedroom 

Be Clear About Number of Bedroom

Parents that are interested in staying at your resort will think about where each of their children will sleep. They will look over the photos and count how many bedrooms there are in total. After that, they will go on to the next listing if the home is labeled as a two bedroom but only has one bedroom photographs. Also, don’t assume that parents who are traveling with a child want their child to sleep in their room. They will most likely wish to use the three bedrooms if they rent the flat because it is listed as such. 

Travelling families usually goes with three bedroom holiday villas in Bali which is enough for a small family. A four-bedroom, six-bedroom or more is preferable for family gathering or extended family vacation. Be upfront with your renters if you charge more for access to all of the rooms.

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Keep Your Decoration to Minimum

We know. You want to present your Bali holiday villas as pretty as possible. Accessorises do make your home look lovely, but parents will actually choose a property based on how clean it is. Why? Because even well-behaved children enjoy getting into things. If you wish to keep something in your home, be aware that if you haven’t already, it will most likely be moved.

Point Out the Family Friendly Amenities in Your Listing

If your holiday villa has any features that make it family friendly, make sure to mention them in your listing description. For instance, are you on a peaceful street? Are there any nearby playgrounds, family-friendly attractions, or restaurants? If this is the case, make a note of it in your ad.

Provide Kitchen and Laundry in Your Bali Holiday Villas

Traveling parents would like having access to all of the kitchen amenities as well as laundry facilities. Breakfast is more likely to be had by parents traveling with children before leaving for the day. They also want to have laundry so that we don’t have to bring as much. The travelling parents also appreciate it when laundry detergent is available. They will prefer not to have to carry laundry detergent about with them because it’s not normally available in small quantities. Of course, you don’t have to provide them all, but if you do, that will be a huge bonus point. 

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Help Parents Smoothen Out Their Travel

Make a list of local information for your guests. Where can they get the best deals on groceries, diapers, and baby food? Are there any playgrounds near your holiday villa, particularly ones that aren’t readily apparent to tourists? Where can they get the best ice cream and eateries that are family friendly? Do you know of any amazing places for kids to visit? Include some indoor activities as well. A little research can go a long way in saving parents time and trouble!