Bali Honeymoon Villas for New Romantic Married Couple

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Bali honeymoon villas – Yes, I am going to talk about the villa in Bali for honeymoon’s purpose. Especially for the new married couple who wants to stay at the luxury, high privacy and of course a romantic villa so your honeymoon will be experienced at its best and unforgettable. I’ve never writing about this before, but through this article you may see the different point of views that I had. And they might be really helpful for the “just married” couple when travelling in Bali.

There are many of the existing Bali honeymoon villas and hotels. Even this concept is adopted by many of the villas so that there will be many of the guests interesting in using their services. But I won’t talk about which are them, and simply focusing on the best one that I am in love with.

The Bali honeymoon villas I am talking about is provided by the Hu’u Villas that is located in the heart of Seminyak. About 2 minutes walk to the beach in case you want it, and I am really sure that you will really love it for adding the romantic nuances when you are walking on the white sands with the one you love or while enjoy the sun sets on the west.

For your romantic moment in Bali with your lover, the Hu’u Villas itself is offering the Honeymoon Package by using its 1 bedroom villa for 3 days and 2 nights for around USD 990++. You may needs to check this Bali honeymoon villas in their site or continue your reading for other beneficial facilities.

Some of the itineraries you could experience while honeymoon are the sparkling wine welcome and a romantic room setup. I may will skip the wine since I don’t drink it anymore for years, but knowing about the room setup itself makes me wondering and curious about it. You need to the be surprised with the atmosphere, right? And also included with the lunch at Made’s Warung, 2 hours lotus spa treatment which really can’t be missed at all and getting more romantic with the candle light dinner plus its acoustic music performance. Sounds like you need to get this Bali honeymoon villas right away.

Daily breakfast is also available and you will also get the complimentary access to club events at Hu’u Bar
and Canggu Club membership access. You and couple will be spoiled with many interesting itineraries for your romantic vacation purpose.

Now, let’s see about the Bali honeymoon villas itself. The 1 bedroom villa I have mentioned earlier.

Bali honeymoon villa

The image above is the 1 bedroom loft’s exterior from Hu’u Villas with the private pool and a greenery support at its walls. Just by seeing the above image, it have made us feeling warm and excited at the same time. You won’t believe how is the interior looks like. A really best and recommended Bali honeymoon villas for celebrating the marriage in here. You will not need to worry about the privacy as well. Totally private.

Anyway, although this is the only offered package related to the honeymoon activities, you could also choose other available villas such as the 2 bedroom or even 3 bedroom penthouse to get the most of your Bali honeymoon villas.

So far, there is nothing that I know related to the other Bali honeymoon villas. That is why I simply written down about this one.