Best Festivals to Attend for Your Next Cultural Travel Plan

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Festival is always a great way to learn about the culture. Having cultural travel is fun as well as valuable because you get to see the world deeper and richer. There are many best festivals to attend during your cultural trip to help you experience more about the local. Festival is the way the local celebrate what they value the most of their culture. Hence, you shouldn’t miss great festival when you travel around the world. By attending festival, you will meet new people both local and international visitors. However, they have same purpose, which is to enjoy and celebrate the day.

Best festivals to attend during your cultural travel

Best festivals to attend

If you have no idea of the festivals held in many countries all around the world, here are some recommendations of famous festivals. You might as well write down your bucket list for your next travel plan. Here they are:

  • Holi Moo Festival in India is one of the most famous. This festival is usually held in March and opens for any participants both local and international. This is also known as Festival of Colors. It is an event to celebrate the start of the spring harvest as well as tradition to fight against the evil. Throwing each other colored powder and water in the street is what they do in this festival. Don’t be afraid of getting dirty because it is fun.
  • If you don’t want to spend your next winter by hollering in your blanket, you can go to the world’s biggest snow sculpture festival in northern China. This festival is held throughout January so you have time to prepare for your travel there. You will enjoy the best moment of winter wonderland in this festival.
  • If you want to experience romantic vibe, you must attend White Night Festival held in Russia. This is where you will enjoy music and arts such as ballet performance, live opera, fireworks, etc. This festival is held in St. Pittsburgh which is conducted from May to July. Enjoy your time from day to night in the festival and don’t hesitate to interact with others.
  • Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil is a home to the infamous Carnival you shouldn’t miss. In fact, this festival is considered as the world’s best. The visitors come from different countries which make the day merrier. You will enjoy people parade in creative costumes in the main streets.
  • If you are food lovers, you might as well attend one of the world’s biggest food fight festival in Valencia, Spain. The festival is called La Tomatina because this is when you throw each other tomatoes. This festival is fun but remember to follow the rule so you won’t hurt others.
  • Enjoy your time at art and music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. This is one of the best festivals to attend where you can enjoy music performance of different genres. In addition, you will also enjoy arts events as well as foods stalls and arcades.