Fill Your Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo with Water-Sport Fun!

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Crossing on the Flores Sea, what can you do during the sailing trip Labuan Bajo? Maybe lounging in the deck, watching the ever-changing landscape, or reading books in library. Sure, this things feel very relaxing, especially in a much-needed holiday. You can, however, spice things up with some water sports! As you are going to spend days floating in the sea, why not taking things to the fullest?

Fill Your Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo with Water-Sport Fun!

Luckily, some of the best liveaboard ships for sailing trip Labuan Bajo have decent water sport equipments on board. Don’t waste the opportunity. Though you’ve never do those things before, there’s always an instructor to guide you. You might not stumble to the same opportunity in such amazing landscape like Flores anytime soon. Without further do, here are my recommendation of five water sport activities to do in the liveaboard.

Diving and Snorkelling

With world class diving sites and coral triangle spread all around you, who can skip a dip in Flores sea? It’s a home to more than 200 reef-building coral species, pelagic, sharks, manta rays, and turtles. The seabed is vibrant with thousands of corals in soft color purple, yellow, orange, red, and magenta, a reminder that the underwater of Flores is another universe altogether. Between them are the psyschedelic nudibranch and array of fishes. It’s truly a loss if you just spend the days on the surface. Even non divers and beginner swimmers can snorkel with live vest.


The water around Komodo National Park is just perfect for kayak. Fill your days in sailing trip Labuan Bajo in the shallower shore, where the big liveaboard sometimes cannot dock in. Explore the surrounding bays and get closer to the whimsical nature. See the dropping hills and remote beaches from another perspective. Venture to the territory of dolphins and dugongs. They may lift their bottled nose out of the water and greet you with curiosity!

Stand Up Paddles

Many islands around the National Park rose in close proximity. This means that some of the bays of one island is protected by the other, resulting in calm water. With such small waves and tranquil ocean breeze, the water is totally perfect for stand up paddles. Wake early in the morning when the ship is still sleepy and sail with stand up paddles. Venture between the inhabited islands or into secluded shore. It’s just you and the nature. Below the clean waters, you can see the undisturbed reefs, busy fishes, or even a sleeping sharks.

Bonus point: this activity is actually good workout for your balance and strength!


The UNESCO status of Komodo National Park might hinder one from fishing around the area, but it’s something you can actually do. After all, fishing is the main source of living for the locals. Outside the protected areas, you can look for fishes both for sport or plain fun. Just like diving, you need to pay some amount of money before start fishing.

Floating with…Floaters

Okay. Maybe some of you won’t call this s a water sport… but there’s a lot of very shallow with perfectly clear turquoise water around the island. Take Makassar, Pink Beach, and Kanawa are just among the few. Think no more. Bring your stylish floaters here and start drifting in style. Don’t forget to take aerial snaps! These will make as gorgeous photos for your sailing trip Labuan Bajo.