How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

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Traveling solo can be the best way to get a peace of mind. However, it is sometimes undeniable to feel loneliness. People are meant to interact and socialize and maybe that’s why it’s hard to live without others. You might as well consider to make friends while traveling solo. Having a new companion while traveling can give you vivid memory of your experience. Traveling is not always about good places but also good people. While you broaden your horizon through traveling, you can also broaden your friendship or network through it.

Tips to make friends while traveling solo

Make friends while traveling solo

If you think only social butterfly can make friends easily then you are totally wrong. Even if you are the type of preserved or introvert, you can still make friends in many ways. However, for those who are more introvert find it too awkward to even start a small talk with strangers. That’s why you might as well consider the tips to make friends during travel as the following:

  • First thing first is to be open-minded. Old habit is hard to die but you can start to open your mind while traveling since it’s the right time to do it. By becoming more open-minded person, it means that you give others chance as well. You can’t just waste a chance to meet new people with new culture and stuffs because it is priceless.
  • While you are traveling alone and meet other travelers, don’t hesitate to share foods. It is friendly gesture and can be translated to invitation for friendship. When you are going to grab some dinner in supper club for example, don’t be shy to start a small talk with the waiters or other guests either local or other travelers.
  • Next tips to make friends while traveling solo is involve in friendly activities. For example, when you stay in hostel, sometimes there will be some fun events you can join such as beach picnics, or just get together by lunch. You can join the events and meet new people in friendly environment.
  • Traveling solo means you are not bound to a certain schedule. You can decide where to go and how long you will stay. That is why, it is better to be more flexible with your travel plans. Sometimes you meet people who clicks right away. Don’t let your plan ruin the chance for you to make friends. It is fine to go for a little adventure with them and break your schedule once.
  • IF there is a festival or local party, you can join them. Aside from getting some fun, you can also learn the culture of the locals. It is a great way for you to meet new people and broaden your horizon by learning something new.

The most thing you need to be aware in making friend during travel is not worrying so much. Worry will lead you nowhere. Just be confidence and make sure you don’t offend the local customs while you are trying to make friends while traveling solo.