Plan Your Family Holiday Trip With These Useful Tips

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Taking the entire family members with you for a holiday trip must be exciting. It is not every day that you can gather everyone to have fun travel. However, not many people are fond of family vacation because they see it a traumatizing. The fact is, it is not entirely wrong. Many families experienced nightmare for their family holiday trip, especially those who did it for the first time. However, multi-generational holiday trip can be planned to go smooth and enjoyable for everyone. 

Planning holiday trip with your big family

The reasons why family trip can be stressful are differences in interests, age groups, logistics, and many more. Planning such a big trip with the entire famili consisted of multi-generational groups of people is challenging but not impossible to make. Here are some useful tips you can consider for smooth family holiday trip:

Simple and better destination to choose

When it comes to choosing destination for multi-generational holiday trip, it is highly recommended to choose the one that is easy and cheap to fly to. In fact, the simpler the better should be your guide in finding the right destination. Going to places too far from your home can cause logistical issues you don’t want to deal with. Not to mention that it costs a fortune to fly to hard-to-reach destinations in such large groups of family. 

Find destination within driving distance

If you think taking flight for multi-generational trip is too much of a headache to plan, you can opt for destinations within driving distance. Even if it takes six to 12 hours drives, it is preferable than paying for five flights at once. It doesn’t cost as much and there are various conveniences to get from taking road trip. For example, you and your family can pull over anytime to have a toilet break, to stretch, or to have some snacks. 

Do it your own way

Your big family may consists of not only your immediate family members, but you also have those in-laws. It may cause differences in the way your family and in-laws plan the trip. Hence, it is better to decide planning trip based on your family’s style. You can discuss this to be this way and have everyone agreed to the plan. However, you can always listen to everyone’s input for a better travel experience. Choosing one particular way for planning the trip just aims to make it easier. 

Be mindful in choosing accommodation

Renting a big house for family trip is not always a great choice. It can be a logistical nightmare instead. It is because you have to think about who is going to cook for everyone, clean the house, etc. If the task is not delegated fairly, there will be some members who feel too exhausted to fully enjoy the trip and end up feeling resentful. Hence, it is recommended to rent individual rooms, condos, or separate Airbnbs to let everyone enjoy family times and private times peacefully.