Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

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Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

Hiking is fun activity but can also be an extreme one for some people due to the risks of getting hurt and the trails . For those seasoned hikers, it is probably just a matter of common sense when it comes to safe hiking. However, the reality is that even experienced travelers can find themselves in bad situations due to many reasons. For the beginners, it may be lack of knowledge about hiking itself. And for seasoned travelers, it may be lack of research on the trails they are going to venture. 

How to stay safe during your hikes

Sometimes, a serious accident may happen just because of small things. For example, light rain make the trails more slippery which cause hikers to stumble over then injure themselves pretty bad. Most problems during hikes are preventable, and here are some of essential tips for safer hikes:

How to stay safe during your hikes

Always plan for an overnight

Regardless if you plan only to plan for a day hike without sleeping in the woods, you still need to make preparation like you are going to have an overnight. It is better to be prepared rather than being suck alone without anything to help you survive. If you are a beginner, try not to worry too much about spending the night in the woods. It may only cause you to try finishing your trails as fast as possible, making you more of a careless hiker and get injured. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and know what to expect and ready for the worst. 

Always inform someone where you are going 

Even if you plan on hiking with a buddy, it is best to let other people know about your plan, especially your close family or friends. Inform them of when you are going to return so they know when to ask for help if something bad happen to you. It is also highly recommended that you make an itinerary that is filled with your schedule and planned routes for the hike. Then, give a copy to your family or friends. Also, write your vehicle’s number and colors, and the list of people going with you. It will be easier to attempt a rescue when you have detailed information.

Always do a research in advance

No matter how seasoned you are with hiking, always research your trails. Make sure that you know your destination, routes, and alternative routes. Learn more about the layout of your hikes with your buddy. Make sure that the trails are safe enough for you to hike. Also, it is best to consider the weather and the current situation before going for a hike located in somewhere faraway from your home. 

Prepare yourself

It is also important to prepare yourself and make sure that you are in good condition for a  hike with the trails you already researched. Then, pack essentials and necessities to help you through the hikes safely and comfortably. Always pack first-aid kit, snacks, and water for your hike. And remember to not interact with wildlife during your hike.