Travel Hammock Tips For Getting The Best One

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Some years back, I think that travel hammock popularity is increasingly high even until today. Among the adventurer whether the amateurs or professionals are using it more often than before and I am pretty sure that taking pictures in a hammock will be so instagramable even without having to pose oddly. And if today you still have none of it meanwhile traveling is your thing, I’ll guide you how to choose your travel hammock before you decide to buy one.

travel hammock tips

As the replacement of the tent, a better travel hammock can also be used whether to relax for a moment in the backyard or to accompany you at the wild forest as your own swinging bed.

Nowadays, travel hammock mostly made of the thin nylons so it will be easier to be packed into your backpack and lighter to bring almost everywhere since it couldn’t be burden your shoulder like a tent. Many of the hammocks even not more than 1 kilo because of its lightweight design. So actually, the better hammock is should be as light as it is.

There are 3 types of hammock. The first one is the parachute hammock that also become as the standard whether in the industry itself or in the wild. Secondly, the rope hammock. And yes, it is made of rope as its name. You will mostly found this one on the beach between the coconut trees, right? And the last type of hammock is the tent hammock that ideally to replace the presence of the tent itself.

How to choose the better travel hammock?

The first one tips that you should know is about the stitches. Be details about this one part. If you find the rough and sharp stitches on your travel hammock, then both will be your bad news. The hammock might be broken in the first usage. So you’d better stay out of it. Find the three-layers stitches as the best one in the industry to keep you safe and comfort. If you don’t know about it, simply ask the sellers or providers about it. They might know much than you about that. Yeah, they should.

The materials are also very important for the travel hammock, though it also depending on you in which types of hammock will you buy. If you want the ultra-lightweight, than the parachute one will be your better hammock than the rope.

The travel hammock should also ease the change of the air. If the materials are in low-quality, then your sweat will be difficult to be absorbed, so your hammock might be smell not good. Many also said that using the silk as the main material is also recommended since it also so soft.

After that, you should also pay attention about the ropes and the hooks so you could attributed your hammock to the trees or poles. Usually, the ropes made of webbing and nylon. And the best one is (of course) the nylon since it can holds a weight up to 450 kg and more resistant to frictions. Meanwhile the webbing will be easily off by the frictions with the rough surfaces.

The last one tips will be more related to the manufacturer or the company where the travel hammock was made. It is about the manual guide that consists of the instructions of usage and also the warranty that for how long would the customers get. The warranty itself could be asked about the overall of the hammock itself or maybe just the carrying capacity. Yes, carrying capacity should has its own warranty. Ask that before you buy one.

And that would be the end guide or tips of how to choose the best travel hammock for yourself. Hope this could be help. Pass this article to your friends who love traveling. Thank you.