Travel Tips to Makassar, South Sulawesi Province- Indonesia

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Indonesia is home to hundreds travel destinations. One of them is Makassar, a city located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This is actually the main port of entry to the Sulawesi Island. When it comes to Sulawesi, you may remember about Toraja.

Travel tips to makassar

There are many things to see and do when you travel to Makassar. This is a modern city but still hold original culture at is finest. Both blends just right which make this city is even more intriguing to visit. It is even recommended to stay for at least five to seven days in order to explore all interesting things in Makassar.

Recommended things to do while travelling in Makassar

As mentioned earlier that Makassar is a modern city which blends together with the original culture. There are many sites which never fail to attract tourists both local and international. Amongst all interesting things you can do, here is the most recommended activities you shouldn’t miss while travelling in Makassar:

  • Makassar is home to Bantimurung Park where people can see waterfall and butterflies. This is why Kart landscapes are always interesting to visit. This Karst outcrop may not be as intriguing as the one located in Malaysia or South China but what you will see here is absolutely amazing. The backdrop of the waterfall gives magical vibe to the mood. You can also ride inflated tube down the waterfall for fun. You can also visit Goa Mimpi or Dream Cave. Not to mention the butterflies which makes the entire surroundings seem even more magical. They are flitting around the waterfall or the pathway to the cave.
  • There is also Paotere Harbor that you should visit while exploring Makassar. This has a long track of history. This is where you can witness how the trade and the wharf are so busy. Shipping activities are interesting to watch. It includes shipping rice, coffee, onions, and other essentials the local needs daily. The best time to visit this harbor is early in the morning. You will witness the busiest scene while enjoying the beautiful view of sunrise. Continue your exploration by having a breakfast at wharf side street food stalls.
  • When it comes to Makassar tourist attraction, Maros cannot be forgotten. It is Hutan Batu or Forest Stone located in Salenrang. It takes you one hour drive for the city. However, you still need to take motorized canoes to help you reach the location. You will enjoy the ride through the Pute River as well as jungle, cliffs, bridges, as well as traditional houses. For your information, the Stone Forest in Makassar is the world’s second largest karts landscape.
  • Pantai Losari is like an icon of Makassar. This is the local’s most favorite place to gather around with families especially during sunset hours. There are cartoon mascots, food stalls, and of course the beautiful horizon you can enjoy in this place. Not to mention that the street foods are just hard to miss especially pisang epe, a roast banana and buroncang, roast coconut cakes.