Underrated Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

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Underrated Travel Destinations You Should Include into Your Bucket List

Often, people fall for tourist trap. They tend to visit a place the others like the most while in reality those places can also be disappointing. Therefore, it is best to do your own research to decide which place you want to visit for your next travel plan. You might be interested to know that there are underrated travel destinations you should include into your bucket list instead of ignoring them.

Those places are rarely mentioned on social media feeds but it doesn’t mean they are less interesting. Instead of going to common travel destinations, why not give yourself a chance to try something out of the box?

Underrated travel destinations you should consider to visit

Here are recommended places to visit for your next holiday which tend to be underrated:

  • Lake Bled, Slovenia is a place in Europe which is surely underrated because it has less exposure to media. The town is peaceful and presents amazing view. You can enjoy your time walking around the lake. Take your time to enjoy your surrounding because the view is scenic. You will also find a waterfall at Vintgar Gorge, or you can also visit Predjama Castle. This is an old castle, proximately 800 years old located in the mouth of a cave. This city is just like a place you can only find in a fairy-tale book.


  • Guyana, South America is also one of underrated travel destinations you should give a chance to visit. You can visit research station called Iwokrama and you can even stay during night. Explore the rainforest conservation and visit River Rupununi. Venture to the nearby savannah and witness the most breathtaking natural beauty.


  • Kotor, Montenegro is another European hidden beauty you can visit for your next travel plan. The lakeside view along with fresh seafood as well as old cobblestone streets are perfect combination for dreamy vacation. You can also enjoy the beach and try hiking trails. If you are too lazy to go hiking, you can sit and relax while enjoying local wines.


  • Budapest, Hungary is underrated but it is one of the most affordable travel destinations. This is the best place for those budgeted-travelers. This city is well known but still underrated. This place is surely a perfect getaway. There are many things to enjoy here including local foods, museums, as well as architecture. Do not miss to explore both Buda sides of the river as well as Pest. You will experience the contrast vibe from both.


  • Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, Japan are historic villages with natural beauty in all surroundings. These are underrated travel destinations you shouldn’t miss. The farmhouses in the villages use Gassho-style which embodies the nature perfectly. These places are the perfect fit if you search for traditional form of Japanese architecture. Do not miss the chance to explore the river nestling the villages. The villages gained the status of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.