How To Survive A Flight During Holidays

How To Survive A Flight During Holidays

Flying during holidays can be overwhelming even for seasoned travelers. Lots of people feel like they are going crazy with the numbers of people packed at the same places. Aside from the inconvenience, your safety is also another major issue to be concerned of rightfully. With lots of people crowding the place, it is easy to feel lost and become the target. So here are several tips to help you stay safe, comfy, and sane when flying on holidays:

Have a master list for packing

Packing is like one of the core parts for travelling smoothly. Hence, it is highly recommended that you also have your own lists for travel which include list of travel gear and list for leaving the house. You will find how stress-relieving writing all that list is. It also helps build more excitement and enthusiasm over the trip. With the right list, the lower the risk of you leaving important essentials behind. You don’t want to leave important gifts to be given to your family members. You also don’t want to deal with another flight back.

Give space for your bag

Giving space in your bag is a good idea. you can fill your suitcase with one-third for miscellaneous items and one-third for clothing, and another one-third is for empty space. You don’t want to be struggling with bursting bag in the middle of your vacation. By giving space, you have more room to bring home gifts you may receive from the vacation. 

Avoid wrapping before you go

Wrapping all your gifts prior the trip must make you feel overjoy because you don’t have to deal with last-minute wrapping. However, you might regret it later because any item that cannot be identified easily will have to be unwrapped and examined. It is very time-consuming and will only add to your travel stress. You can instead use gift bags or tissue paper to wrap your gifts.

Keep your passport within reach but safe

Forgetting your passport at home or hotel room is nightmare for every traveler. However, it is still pretty common especially when travelers are overwhelmed with the buzz of holidays. Make sure to secure your passports and other travel documents in a safe place. You may consider using bright, colorful travel wallet to keep all those documents safe but still noticeable. 

Stay organized

Try to be more organized that yo usually were when planning for a vacation on big holiday. Keep everything in the right place that is still accessible. This way, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress. 

Enjoy your flight

Bring your own source of entertainment to stay sane during the flight. Try to enjoy the flight as much as possible by listening to your favorite playlist, watching movies, reading novels, or simply taking nap. Try to stay positive and think more about how fun you would be once you arrive and meet your family. Build your excitement over the type of activities you want to do to spend holiday with your loved ones. 

Advertising Your Bali Holiday Villas to Parents: What to Highlight!

Advertising Your Bali Holiday Villas to Parents- What to Highlight!

One of the fastest expanding categories of the travel business is family and multi-generational travel, with cost and value being two of the most significant criteria for these traveling families. Bedroom space, kitchen amenities, and laundry facilities are becoming increasingly crucial as more families travel together. Vacation rentals are the ideal answer for those looking for a low-cost option. Parents love it when they can have space for themselves during family vacation, and being able to cook to save more vacation budget. Holiday villas are popular among travelling families in Bali, and here’s how you can make your property more attractive to this segment. 

Why Families Love Villa Over Hotel

There are a lot of things need to be forsaken when families are having vacation in a hotel. First is, of course, the space. A standard hotel room forced a set of parent, baby cot, two big luggages, baby stroller, and a bulk of baby stuffs to fit all in the room. If the parents wants more room, they need to book a family suite which obviously will cost more than they need. 

Also, staying in a hotel with a baby often meant that parents have to spend the evenings in the dark or hiding in the bathroom to not disturb baby’s sleep time. Not a very pleasant option, indeed. Then there’s the distance between the room and the swimming pools. It’s not easy to go back and forth with floaters, towels, snacks, and wet diapers in one hand—and a kid in the other. This is why holiday villas with private pool in Bali is highly sought-after. But not every villa is attractive to families. These are several qualities of a holiday villa in Bali that every family loves. 

Enlist Your Holiday Villa As A Friendly Vacation House

If there is an option to declare family friendly or children welcome when making your listing, make sure to mention it. Parents will always use this filter option as parents when they are looking for vacation villas in Bali. They want to make sure that the locations they are staying is child-friendly, therefore they have considered whether or not that the villa is family-friendly.

Be Clear About Number of Bedroom 

Be Clear About Number of Bedroom

Parents that are interested in staying at your resort will think about where each of their children will sleep. They will look over the photos and count how many bedrooms there are in total. After that, they will go on to the next listing if the home is labeled as a two bedroom but only has one bedroom photographs. Also, don’t assume that parents who are traveling with a child want their child to sleep in their room. They will most likely wish to use the three bedrooms if they rent the flat because it is listed as such. 

Travelling families usually goes with three bedroom holiday villas in Bali which is enough for a small family. A four-bedroom, six-bedroom or more is preferable for family gathering or extended family vacation. Be upfront with your renters if you charge more for access to all of the rooms.

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Keep Your Decoration to Minimum

We know. You want to present your Bali holiday villas as pretty as possible. Accessorises do make your home look lovely, but parents will actually choose a property based on how clean it is. Why? Because even well-behaved children enjoy getting into things. If you wish to keep something in your home, be aware that if you haven’t already, it will most likely be moved.

Point Out the Family Friendly Amenities in Your Listing

If your holiday villa has any features that make it family friendly, make sure to mention them in your listing description. For instance, are you on a peaceful street? Are there any nearby playgrounds, family-friendly attractions, or restaurants? If this is the case, make a note of it in your ad.

Provide Kitchen and Laundry in Your Bali Holiday Villas

Traveling parents would like having access to all of the kitchen amenities as well as laundry facilities. Breakfast is more likely to be had by parents traveling with children before leaving for the day. They also want to have laundry so that we don’t have to bring as much. The travelling parents also appreciate it when laundry detergent is available. They will prefer not to have to carry laundry detergent about with them because it’s not normally available in small quantities. Of course, you don’t have to provide them all, but if you do, that will be a huge bonus point. 

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Help Parents Smoothen Out Their Travel

Make a list of local information for your guests. Where can they get the best deals on groceries, diapers, and baby food? Are there any playgrounds near your holiday villa, particularly ones that aren’t readily apparent to tourists? Where can they get the best ice cream and eateries that are family friendly? Do you know of any amazing places for kids to visit? Include some indoor activities as well. A little research can go a long way in saving parents time and trouble!

Tips For Taking Your First  Solo Trip More Seamlessly

Taking your first solo trip can feel so daunting. It is your first time travelling by yourself in foreign place without someone to rely on. However, there are so many benefits of it that it will be worth it anyway. The hardest challenge if solo trip is probably how to make decision, book your flight, and pack your bag. Also, solo trip experience may be different from one person to another. You may expect the same thing but the outcome can be completely different. Here are some tips to consider for a seamless first solo trip:

Rear view of hipster woman on the top of the hill with outstretched arms looking at view

Pack your confidence too

Aside from packing the essentials such as travel gears, clothes, and toiletries, it is just as important to pack your confidence as well. Try adopting a secure and open posture when going out and exploring the places. When you have confidence, you will look more approachable for others. However, it won’t make you an easy target for the wrong people. 

Try to blend in

You don’t want to attract unwanted attention, hence you’d better blend in with the locals. Try not to wear something that tell you are a tourist. Do a research of how the locals dress for casual occasion and pick clothes to help you blend in better. Also, talk at appropriate volume and learn to listen and watch your surroundings. 

Put a smile on your face

You don’t necessarily have to smile all the time throughout the trip. However, put your best smile when interacting with the locals. It is one of the universal gesture of kindness you can share with people that don’t speak the same language. You won’t be viewed as rude or disrespectful when you smile appropriately. A smile can also lead to friendly encounter. 

Be flexible and prepared with your plan

You don’t have to plan for a strict schedule for your travel plan. Be more flexible and allow space for you to catch a break from time to time. Also, be more prepared with it by having a backup plan. Carry extra cash somewhere safe in your luggage, write other alternative destinations on your itinerary, and have copies of important documents.

Let someone know 

Don’t share your travel plan on social media. Instead, let someone you are close with know about it. Let them know your itinerary so they know how to track you just in case something goes wrong. 

Make reservation in advance

You don’t want to wander around looking for a hotel in unknown place alone. Hence, it is best to determine your destination in advance including your accommodation. Reserve hotel room in advance so you can directly head there once you arrive at your intended destination. 

Use your common sense to stay on guard

You may face various hurdles during your first solo trip so use your common sense to deal with them. If you are in doubtful situation, trust your instinct and intuition to stay safe. Stay guarded but don’t forget to have fun and make the most of your first time travelling solo.

Diving Site Indonesia, Discover The Unknown Underwater

Indonesia is a world-class scuba diving destination. If you believe that no trip is complete without at least one dive, Indonesia is most likely near the top of your list. We’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of stunning corals, vibrant fish, and even a shark or two. But, if you find yourself yearning for something different, you should know that Indonesia isn’t just full of bright colors and pleasant sights.

If you believe that no trip is complete without at least one dive, Indonesia is most likely near the top of your list. There are numerous unusual dives available here, ranging from sunken fighter planes to active volcanoes and strange species. Let’s take a look at the 6 most unusual and unique diving site Indonesia for you to explore!

6 Diving Site Indonesia

Banua Wuhu

The Banua Wuhu diving site is located on the southwest side of Mahangetan Island. Banua Wuhu is an active volcano underwater. Its mountain peak is only five meters below the surface. This mountain rises approximately 400 meters above sea level. In one of these extreme diving site Indonesia, you will find exotic sea creatures and volcanic activity in the form of gas bubbles. This gas bubble contains sulfur and has a temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius.

diving site indonesia - banua wubu - volcanic activity in the form of gas bubbles

To reach this location you can fly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The second option, you can sail with 3 types of ships from Manado to Tahuna available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the Terra Sancta ship. The Lotus Marine Vessel travels the same route every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 19.00. Meanwhile, Express Ships are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 09.00 also from Manado to Tahuna. Tickets vary from IDR 150,000 to IDR 300,000. Travel time from Tahuna City is 3 hours by sea transportation. You can save time by renting a speed boat with a travel time of 2 hours.

Shark safari in Belongas Bay

Did you know Belongas Bay in southwest Lombok is one of the few places on the planet where you can dive with both scalloped and great hammerhead sharks?

Even the most experienced scuba divers will be saying “wow” to their dive buddies after this adrenaline-pumping dive.

Shark safari in Belongas Bay - diving site Indonesia

The elements at this dive site take visitors on a wild ride in order to attract such a large school of hammerheads as well as other pelagic species. The currents are some of the strongest in the area, and the surface conditions are also not to be taken lightly. This is not a dive for inexperienced divers.

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The dive begins with a negative entry to 20 meters after a rocky ride to a lighthouse about 20 minutes offshore. Divers gather here. If not all of the divers make it to 20 meters, the group must ascend. Otherwise, the dive group descends an additional 15 to 35 meters below sea level. The divers then make their way around the rock in search of the main attraction, a school of hammerhead sharks.

Hammerhead sharks rarely engage in aggressive behavior. Their tiny mouths are better suited to eating fish than humans. If a diver is attacked, it is usually because the shark has been provoked. Divers have nothing to fear from hammerheads in general, and there have been no recorded attacks in living memory at this site in particular.

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida is Indonesia’s premier destination from August to October for spotting the Bali Sunfish or Mola Mola, one of the 5 creatures you won’t believe exist in Bali. The enormous fish can be seen around 30 meters. Beautiful Indonesian dive site teeming with marine life. There are particularly large Napoleon, gargantuan groupers, and black tip sharks. below sea level in Crystal Bay.

crystal bay mola mola

Scientists believe the Mola Mola appears in shallower waters to be cleaned by other fish. This is great news for divers because it brings the rare creature closer to recreational depths. As it moves around the bay, the fish can be seen slowly waving its vertical fins and eyeing divers.

Underwater Temple, Pemuteran

You may have heard of Pemuteran’s underwater temple, but what you may not know is that it is not a ruin at all. In fact, it’s a Biorock reef that was purposefully placed just offshore to encourage coral growth.

Underwater Temple, Pemuteran, diving site indonesia

The project began in 2007, and you can now see ten statues and a four-metre entryway placed up to 15 meters below the surface. In just eight years, the reef has grown a diverse range of soft coral and attracted a diverse range of marine life. Turtles, frogfish, and nudibranchs are common.

Cenderawasih Bay, Raja Ampat

Do you obsess over collecting’superlatives’ on your travels? For example, seeing Bali’s largest waterfall or the world’s smallest primate?

If so, we have a new animal for you to discover: the whale shark, the world’s largest fish. Indonesian waters are one of the best places to see this magnificent animal.

cenderawasih bay raja ampat

Cendrawasih Bay is one of the best diving site Indonesia and the only places in the world where whale sharks are regularly seen all year round.

The sheer number of these gentle beasts here will captivate both divers and snorkelers. Unlike elsewhere in the world, there are enough whale sharks to go around for each group of divers/ snorkelers. Cenderawasih Bay is truly one of the best places to interact with these amazing creatures.

USAT Liberty, a War shipwreck in Tulamben

The USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben is regarded as one of the world’s best and most accessible wreck dives. It’s also one of the places in Bali that will undoubtedly give you the chills. The ship, which was originally an American warship, survived WWI only to be sent to battle again in WWII. The Japanese torpedoed it off the northeast coast of Bali in 1942. The ship was eventually beached and rusted for over 30 years. A volcanic eruption pushed the ship into the water in 1963.

The ship isn’t the only reason to visit this Bali destination. A plethora of soft corals has transformed the boat, which now houses a plethora of macro life. On the larger side, divers can expect to see trevally, lizardfish, and barracuda at this eerie dive site.

Surviving A Road Trip With Spouse And How To Make It Enjoyable

Having a road trip with spouse sounds fun but not many people agreed on that. It is because having a road trip itself is already challenging. And doing it with your spouse can make it more challenging in some ways. Different opinions and interests may lead to heated arguments on the road while it is supposed to be a memorable experience for both of you. Not to mention that being confined in a limited space for hours and even days can put a lot of stress. Here are tips to survive a road trip with spouse and how you can make it more enjoyable experience instead:

Shot of young couple loading their bags into car trunk before going for road trip.

Agree on a destination from the beginning

For a road trip with companion, it is always best to plan everything ahead to avoid unnecessary clash in the middle of the trip. When deciding your destinations and routes, make sure that you and your spouse choose something to agree on. It can prevent from one to want to go one way and another a second. It is often what lead to disharmony during a road trip.

Book everything ahead of time

Book your accommodation in advance so you know exactly which place to stop at to rest. A road trip is not as fun as it is portrayed in so many movies. A road trip is tiring and can put a lot of strain in your body. You need to find place to rest and gain more energy to continue your trip. If you haven’t decided on your lodging, you will end up wasting time driving around and around while your body is exhausted. Your spouse will be in similar condition and uncertainty of where to stop may lead to disaster. Hence, book it in advance.

Share responsibilities

Make sure that each of you know what roles to take for the road trip to run smoothly. Driving is tiring and tedious thing. If you can take turn then great. If you or your spouse like driving less, you can share other responsibilities such as providing entertainment, helping with navigation, or deciding on restaurants to stop by. 

Consider more scenic roads and highways

Scenic roads and highways allow you to take slower, relaxing drive. The trip might take longer but at least the scenic views and fresh air can prevent you and your spouse from the stress of monotonous major interstate freeways. 

Apply flexibility

You need to plan a road trip but make sure to not make it too tight to twist. Avoid making tight schedule on your itinerary. Hence, you can enjoy your time on the road in a more fun way. This way, you are not going to feel like you are being chased. 

Take breaks 

It is important to take breaks from time to time. You and your spouse should make the most of the road trip but that doesn’t mean to go beyond your limit. Know when to stop, rest and recharge. Drink more water and stretch your muscles at each stop.

Home construction Bali Law to Know Before Build a House

It’s easy to let your imagination and creativity run wild when planning your dream home or a renovation. The possibilities seem endless and exciting as you evaluate and select architects, contractors, and window or deck styles. However, in order to achieve the best results, you must keep your feet grounded in reality. First and foremost, before you dig a single shovel of dirt, you must become acquainted with all of the home construction Bali-related laws that you must be aware of before beginning construction. 

Home construction Bali Law to Know Before Build a House

Land approval before starting home construction Bali

Ownership of land doesn’t mean you can do what you want with it. Furthermore, everyone may not have been as cautious as they should have been in the past, and laws can change over time. The presence of an existing structure on a lot does not necessarily imply that it is legally there. Especially in Indonesia, you have to register to get a building permit (permit to construct a building). After getting a building permit, you can look for a Bali construction company. There are several requirements that must be met if there is a foreigner. If possible, you can ask the Bali developer to take care of all the building permit processes on your land. 


Zoning laws cover how land can be used, and what types of buildings are allowed on the land.

Talk to your local zoning office, town hall, or other local planning councils about getting zoning information relating to your land to make sure there are no restrictions or regulations that will prevent you from building where you want, and get their permission before you build. This is different from building permits.

Covenants and Ordinances

Even minor rules and regulations can obstruct your build. It is your responsibility to ensure that your proposed construction complies with local ordinances and covenants.

Although your zone may be approved for a certain type of structure, a local ordinance may limit the size or height of that structure. You’ll need to get written permission from your municipality’s planning commission or commissioner before proceeding. Typically, the best place to find this information is at your town’s city hall or mayor’s office, the department of housing, or another local government office.

Permit & Plans

Of course, if you’re building or remodeling a house, you’ll need a building permit, and you’ll need to submit your plans for approval to your local code office. This includes structural drawings, measurements, floor plans, what material will be used on the exterior, and an elevation view. 

The person who obtains the permit is considered the contractor in Bali for the project and is liable for construction-related damages, according to the law. As the homeowner, you can participate in this process with others.

Depending on what you’re building, you may also need electrical, mechanical, and even grading permits. When necessary, an experienced Bali construction company will obtain all necessary permits.

Permits should be factored into your budget and can have an impact on your timeline. Include permit time and costs before you begin construction, even if your project is only a renovation or addition. Some people consider obtaining all of these permits and following the rules to be time-consuming. A good, smart builder, architect Bali, designer, or contractor will never skip these crucial steps.

Frequent communication with all parties involved in your construction project. Combined with your understanding of the process, will ensure that all necessary steps are taken.

Tropical Vacation Ideas To Consider

Some of the top ingredients for ideal tropical vacations include silky warm seas, dreamy beaches, endless sunshine, and lush scenery. However, some tropical vacations even often offer beyond, especially because each places holds their own unique charms. Some of dreamy tropical destinations are filled with natural beauty while others are even added with cultural attractions. That is why, tropical adventure is never boring. And here are some of ideas for perfect tropical vacations:

The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Photo by Savir C on Unsplash

This is where you get to experience and enjoy the beauty of idyllic South Seas where you can freely bathe in sunshine. You can access this island from the gateway town of Nadi. Mamanuca is the perfect string of about 20 islands, known for their crystal clear waters, palm-studded beaches, and vibrant coral gardens. This is considered one of the best fits for you who want to enjoy tropical vacation on budget as well. From this place, you can also get access to visit the legendary surf break, Cloudbreak.

The Abacos, The Bahamas

Abacos is such a lovely place 300 kilometers east of Florida. This is such a perfect site for boating and sailing. It is also a great destinations for those whoa re seeking for serenity and tranquility, away from hustle and bustle of big cities and tourists crowds. This place offers secluded pine-fringed beaches, colorful coral reefs, interesting fishing villages, and more. Main transports here include boats and golf carts. Diving, fishing, relaxing, snorkelling, and chatting with the locals are most favorite things to do here. 

Bali, Indonesia

This paradise island is located in Indonesia and has been a popular destination due to its beauty of nature and unique culture. The options of activities are endless here. You can go diving, snorkelling, and swimming. You can also go hiking, trekking, or strolling around. There are many temples to visit as well where you get to learn more about the local culture. Do not forget to enjoy authentic local cuisines that taste heavenly and tied to the culture of the locals. In Bali, you also get to interact with sneaky, grabby monkeys that are not afraid of tourists. 

Port Douglas, Australia

Not far from Indonesia is another dreamy tropical vacation destination, Port Douglas, which is located in Australia. This is perfect for adventurous nature enthusiasts. From humble fishing village, this place has turn into a home to popular tropical tourist resorts. This place offers so many interesting attractions including reef trips and safaris. The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest are two must-visit destinations in Port Douglas. The best time to visit Port Douglas is during winter season around May to September. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is heaven for tropical travelers. This place offers variety if tropical charms including surf breaks, rich nature, historical landmarks, mouthwatering local cuisine, and more. This is also considered one the most affordable destinations for tropical trip. Consider taking Sri Lankan safari and go deep into lush jungle to spot wildlife living there such as elephants, leopards, sloth bears, water buffalo, and diverse bird species.

Best Luxury Liveaboard Destination in Indonesia 

liveaboard ship
source : instagram @hello_indo_

There are many excellent liveaboard destinations in Indonesia, with stunning marine biodiversity and beautiful eye-opening sights that introduce you to the world’s wonders. Make sure Indonesia is on your list of destinations to visit for a liveaboard, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended Destinations for Liveaboard Trip Across Indonesia

With the many options available for liveaboard destinations in Indonesia, here we list some of the great places that you have to consider if you are planning for a luxury liveaboard trip in Indonesia.

Bali, Nusa Penida and Lombok

Bali is one of the best island for a liveaboard diving trip in Indonesia because there’s so many great dive sites here. This trip usually starts from Bali which means this makes starting this trip easy because it’s close to an international airport. What’s great about this destination is that there’s many beautiful spots that’s close to each other like kelingking beach and Manta Point in Nusa Penida and Belongas bay in Lombok where you can see Hammerhead shark and eagle rays or explore Lombok Island. The best thing is these destinations are close to each other which means there are many destinations on this trip that are close together, perfect for a dive cruise.   

Raja Ampat National Park and Papua Island

dicing with whaleshark
Source : instagram @hello_indo_

Located in East Indonesia, Raja Ampat is known for the massive marine biodiversity like whale sharks, Manta rays, and even the beautiful vibrant coral with the many fishes living there. Beside that you can enjoy exotic endangered birds that live on Papua like the kasuari, cendrawasih the bird of paradise. You can also visit the Asmat tribe, the native tribe that has many beautiful original cultures that’s still preserved from the erosion of time.


Wakatobi is a Marine Park that’s preserved as one of the Unesco World Heritage site. Consisted of four islands that made the acronym Wakatobi, which is Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. There’s multiple dive sites here that have high coral density that is a must visit for every diver, perfect for a liveaboard trip. The island offer multiple destination like the Turtle point in Binongko island where you can see the turtle being raised and protected to combat their declining population. If you want to spice up your trip there’s also some places that provide a dive cruise liveaboard option that surely will make your trip in exploring Indonesia better.

Banda Region

Banda island was known for the center of the spice trading and now is a great place for vacation to revisit historical remnants of the Dutch that still stand strong today. If you like beachview, this place is perfect with the white beach and crystal clear seawater. Banda offers many great spots to visit like Ambon, Nusa Luat, Gunung Api, Banda Neira and Banda Hatta. Comeover and learn the rich history of the small island that became the center of spice trades in Indonesia.  

Anambas Island

With many little islands surrounding it, Anambas island offers multiple unique destinations that’s surely able to provide a unique experience on its own. Recognized for its several gorgeous lagoons, particularly on the islands of Pantai Selat Rangsang, Pulau Bawah, Pulau Rongkat, and Pantai Pulau Penjalin, where islands appear out of nowhere from the sea. At low tide, the connecting sands join the islets, forming an inland sea and an outer sea beyond, with lagoons carpeted with white sand and colorful corals strewn about. The Anambas Islands boast exquisite white beaches that gleam and become even more stunning as the lagoons fill with turquoise water, revealing unique corals and schools of fish dashing in the crystal clear water.

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Extreme Sports You Must Try During a Vacation in Indonesia

To keep your life dynamic and exciting you must feed the side of you that sometimes crave for adrenaline rush. This more adventurous side of you allows you to experience many things you may never feel brave enough to try in any other situation. During a vacation is when you can experience all those adrenaline rush by trying many extreme activities. And there is no destination more perfect than Indonesia to do all those challenging thing. Here are some of the most recommended extreme sports you must try during your time in Indonesia:

Paddleboard Yoga in Bali

Yoga is not usually associated with extreme sports since it is more soothing and calming. However, it is different if you do it on a paddleboard on a beach. You will get to learn basic yoga activities to know correct poses to do while standing on a paddleboard in the middle of the sea. It is said to be extreme activity you can do that makes you feel more peaceful because you are being caressed by the ocean breezes and accompanied by calm waves. During your meditative state, a pinch of adrenaline give more balance experience. Sanur beach is a perfect place in Bali for you to try this kind of yoga. 

Paragliding in Puncak, West Java

Paragliding is such an extreme activity because you will be flying high above the ground. Puncak is such a great place to try this extreme sport because it has perfect high viewpoints up in the cloud to let you paragliding peacefully. During a fly, you will get to feel Puncak’s cool wind breeze while admiring stunning scenery. 

Flyboarding in Benoa, Bali

Another recommended extreme activity to do in Indonesia is flyboarding. And the most perfect spot for this is Benoa, Bali. You will have to stand on a type of wakeboard and being pushed up by high-pressure water force. It will send you fly up to five meters up in the air. You need to keep your balance. To make it more challenging, try to fly 10 meters up. Even though this sport looks difficult and complicated, it is much easier in real life. Some tourists were even surprised to see how they could navigate it just as easily. 

Body Rafting in Green Canyon, Pangandaran

Indonesia has also its version of Grand Canyon called Green Canyon located in Pangandaran. This is such a stunning site for you to try body rafting through the canyon. Let yourself swim through the river and feel the cool water. 

Skydiving in North Sulawesi

One of the most extreme sports not everybody willing to try is skydiving. You can do it during your visit to Indonesia. Mega Mas is a perfect spot for skydiving located in North Sulawesi. When you are jumping from several kilometers above the ground, you will be presented with sunning views of Manado’s seaside and Bunaken National Park. Jumping from such extreme height will pump up your adrenaline, and possibly make you want to have it more.

Warm-Up Holidays at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

“Bali Warm-Up Vacations” allow people restricted to one hotel during a quarantine period to roam about more freely. The “Warm Up Vacation” provides quarantine guests access to a garden and a carefully-controlled variety of hotel services. As opposed to the more traditional quarantine confinement, which primarily isolates an arriving traveler to a room for the duration of the quarantine period. Nusa Dua beach resorts was designed specifically for international guests. Allowing them to isolate themselves at a certain hotel while staying within the hotel. This is to avoid feeling cooped up and quarantined by providing greater freedom of movement. In this way, quarantined travelers experience vacations for the “real” vacation starting after the quarantine period ends.

Warm-Up Holidays at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Nusa Dua Beach Resorts Warm Up Program

Beachfront resort Nusa Dua is required to have separate facilities reserved exclusively for quarantined travelers, such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and dining areas.

Hotel personnel who serve quarantine customers must stay in the property and have no contact with anyone outside the hotel.

Nusa dua beach resort & spa inside the Nusa Dua complex had designed individual packages varying in price and facilities. Three meals a day, separated beach access, a swimming pool, a mini-gym, dining areas, structured daily activities, two PCR testing, and a one-way airport shuttle are among the amenities available.

This program aims so that tourists do not feel they are undergoing quarantine in Bali. It’s to prepare for holidays in Bali and prevent the spread of Covid 19. This is different from the quarantine principle where tourists have to stay in their rooms all day. This program allows tourists to enjoy the facilities at Nusa dua beach resorts and enjoy the beach in the resort area.

Before you decide to vacation in Bali, don’t choose the wrong accommodation. Because not all hotels and resorts implement a warm-up vacation program system. Choosing the wrong hotel leads to you having to quarantine in your room without being able to enjoy hotel or resort facilities. 

Warm-Up Program Price

Tourists are certainly curious about the prices set for the programs set in Bali. For some resorts, the price offered is around 10-15 million for 5 days. Nusa dua beach resorts also provide rooms for employees who work at the resort with this program. The reason is that employees are not allowed to go home when serving guests who are undergoing quarantine. In the future, there will be many accommodations that will join the warm-up holiday program. There will be more choices for tourists to undergo quarantine without feeling in quarantine.