Scariest Tourist Attractions For Your Next Travel Plan

Travelling is all about personal preferences and interests. You can plan your own dream travel that fit your value and purpose. Some people travel for fun and others travel for work. Some people travel to quiet places while others travel to the places with craziest crowds. If you are the type of adrenaline seeker traveler, or planning to have a challenging trip, we have recommendations of the perfect places. 

Scariest places to visit

Travel is not always about having a leisure walk around the beach. It can be about unforgettable and challenging adventure you probably wouldn’t do at your own home. And if you are seeking adrenaline-pumping experience for a trip, here are recommended scariest places to visit:

Devil’s Pool in Zambia

Around one million tourists visit Victoria Falls each year to see the world’s largest sheet of falling water. But if you are more adrenaline-obsessed, take to another level by taking a dip in the Devil’s Pool. It’s the ultimate infinity pool that sits right on the edge of Victoria Falls. What makes it scary is the fact that only a small and slippery wall of rock separates you from the sheer drop to the water below. Try dange your arms or feet over the edge and see how it feels. 

Nile River Rafting in Jinja, Uganda

Another scary travel experience you can try that involve the mighty water. You can try river rafting in Jinja, Uganda with proper safety gear, life-jacket, and helmet. It’s terrifying to jump aboard a little rubber boat and set off to the raging Nile River. In this locations, some serious waters pour through grade-five rapids. It’s more terrifying when your raft flips and you get sucked under the raging torrent of water. 

Bungee Jumping in New Zeland

Try bungee jumping at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand. It ‘s only 141 feet and may not be the highest or scariest bungee jump ever since it’s owned by Macau Tower Jump. However, this one spot is the first bungee jump site to ever exist. It’s nestled into a rock face while overlooking Kawarau River.

Mount Hua Shan climbing in China

The slopes of Mount Hua is home to a variety of temples and religious structures. However, you can only see them by scaling the mountain. Starting with gentle climb you will find yourself clinging to a few wooden planks held together by large staples. They are bolted to the cliff face by loose metal chains. Those are several hundreds feet above the ground. It’s in fact one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. 

Shark Cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa

Confront your fears by heading to Gansbaai, South Africa to encounter with the world’s most feared predators, the great white sharks. The waters are naturally populated with sharks. Wearing wetsuit and googles you get into a cage and sharks will approach you. Duck underwater to see the sharks clearly through the metal cage. See how close that rows of sharp teeth are to your face.

Reasons Why Raja Ampat Trip is a Popular Travel Destination

Raja Ampat is one of the districts in the Indonesian province of West Papua. Waisai houses the district’s administrative center. There are 610 islands in this region, including the Raja Ampat archipelago. Four of them are sizable islands: Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Raja Ampat trip will be enjoyable and pleasant to the eyes because it is surrounded stunning environment.

Only 35 of the total number of islands are inhabited; most other islands are unnamed and deserted. The entire area of this district is 67,379.60 km², of which 7,559.60 km² is land and 59,820.00 km² is the ocean. Raja Ampat Regency has 93,918 residents in total as of 2019.

Raja Ampat trip

Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago located in Indonesia’s West Papua region, off the northwest edge of the Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea. It consists of more than 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals that encircle the smaller island of Kofiau and the larger islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. The Coral Triangle, which has the greatest marine biodiversity on earth and includes the Raja Ampat island, straddles the Equator.

The World’s Most Stunning Diving Locations

Raja Ampat is a tourist paradise in eastern Indonesia. These islands are home to over 75% of the world’s coral species. Raja Ampat is home to 699 mollusk species, 547 coral reefs, and 1,318 fish species. It is well known that these islands are located in the World Coral Triangle. Strong currents in the deep ocean transport an abundance of nutrients to mangroves, saltwater lakes, and seagrass meadows. Due to this, Raja Ampat is the preferred location for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Raja Ampat trip

There is Endemic Fauna and Flora.

There are several white sand beaches and a collection of stunning karst islands that non-divers can visit. The endemic flora and wildlife of Raja Ampat are also well-known, including the red Cendrawasih bird of paradise, Wilson’s paradise, maleo waigeo, numerous parrot species, waigeo cuscus, and various orchid varieties.

The Unique Culinary of Raja Ampat

Sea worms is one of the several culinary delicacies of the Raja Ampat Regency. Those who reside outside of Papua might find this food absurd. However, for the people of Papua, notably Raja Ampat, sea worms have become their everyday diet or snack.

The processing procedure is not instantly fried, but rather over a series of phases. There are also Sago caterpillars, which are also present in other parts of Papua. Sago worms are typically burned like satay. When cooked, the texture if processed that way matches grilled sausage. The seasoning can be made spicy or be of several types, like rica-rica or balado. Baha-Baha, Gani Nu, Habo Kon, Manokrawi Grilled Fish, Papuan Wrapped Fish, and Papeda Ikan Kuah Kuning are further traditional Raja Ampat dishes

Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

Sundanese foods are popular cuisines from West Java. If you think of West Java, you might be reminded of Bandung, the hottest tourist destination. However, West Java is more than just Bandung. Hence, the cuisine is very rich and diverse. There are so many delicious Sundanese foods too good to skip during your visit to West Java, Indonesia. 

Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

The best of Sundanese foods you must try

Sundanese foods are characterized by their rich flavors ranging from sour, spicy, sweet, and even bitter. Another special aspect from Sundanese is the use of raw, fresh vegetables called lalapan in almost every serving, along with Sambal. And here are most recommended Sundanese foods for you to try:


Gepuk is almost similar to beef jerky. It is commonly found in West Java and has savory and light sweet flavor. The cow meats are very tender and easy to rip because it is cooked for hours. Also, the meat is marinated with various spices and herbs to make it taste richer and smell divine. Bay leaves, tamarind, and galangal are some of the spices used to make gepuk. Also, the secret to tender meat is not only from the process of simmering but also from the beating and smashing done before being simmered. 

Nasi Timbel

This is like a complete package of rice dish that represents Sundanese cuisine. This dish consists of steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, various raw veggies or lalapan, sambal, fried tempeh and tofu, and fried chicken, and sayur asam. The banana leaves are steamed or barbecued to make them smell more mouth-watering. 


This is popular snack many youngster Sundanese enjoy when they are hanging out with friends. Batagor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng, or translated into fried meatball and tofu. The meatball is made from ground fish meat, starch, salt, pepper, and spring onion. It is then stuffed into tofu and deep-fried until crispy. Then, they are cut into small pieces and added with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and lime juice. Slices cucumber is also added along with Sambal to add more spiciness. 


Combro is another popular snack in West Java. The main ingredients to make combro include grated cassava and oncom. The grated cassava is shaped into medium balls then filled with oncom that has been cooked with various spices. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is a combination of savory, sweet, and spicy making it perfect for a company of tea or coffee. 

Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi is skewered mutton or beef marinated with variety of spices and aromatic herbs. Coriander and ginger are the main stars that enrich the flavor of this satay. The meat is grilled over medium heat and presented with pickled and soy sauce while mostly satay in Indonesia is poured with peanut sauce. Hence, Sate Maranggi has its own flavor that standout. It is best served with steamed rice and many locals enjoy it for lunch or dinner. You can find this Sundanese dish in many street vendors even outside West Java.

Tropical Vacation Ideas To Consider

Some of the top ingredients for ideal tropical vacations include silky warm seas, dreamy beaches, endless sunshine, and lush scenery. However, some tropical vacations even often offer beyond, especially because each places holds their own unique charms. Some of dreamy tropical destinations are filled with natural beauty while others are even added with cultural attractions. That is why, tropical adventure is never boring. And here are some of ideas for perfect tropical vacations:

The Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Photo by Savir C on Unsplash

This is where you get to experience and enjoy the beauty of idyllic South Seas where you can freely bathe in sunshine. You can access this island from the gateway town of Nadi. Mamanuca is the perfect string of about 20 islands, known for their crystal clear waters, palm-studded beaches, and vibrant coral gardens. This is considered one of the best fits for you who want to enjoy tropical vacation on budget as well. From this place, you can also get access to visit the legendary surf break, Cloudbreak.

The Abacos, The Bahamas

Abacos is such a lovely place 300 kilometers east of Florida. This is such a perfect site for boating and sailing. It is also a great destinations for those whoa re seeking for serenity and tranquility, away from hustle and bustle of big cities and tourists crowds. This place offers secluded pine-fringed beaches, colorful coral reefs, interesting fishing villages, and more. Main transports here include boats and golf carts. Diving, fishing, relaxing, snorkelling, and chatting with the locals are most favorite things to do here. 

Bali, Indonesia

This paradise island is located in Indonesia and has been a popular destination due to its beauty of nature and unique culture. The options of activities are endless here. You can go diving, snorkelling, and swimming. You can also go hiking, trekking, or strolling around. There are many temples to visit as well where you get to learn more about the local culture. Do not forget to enjoy authentic local cuisines that taste heavenly and tied to the culture of the locals. In Bali, you also get to interact with sneaky, grabby monkeys that are not afraid of tourists. 

Port Douglas, Australia

Not far from Indonesia is another dreamy tropical vacation destination, Port Douglas, which is located in Australia. This is perfect for adventurous nature enthusiasts. From humble fishing village, this place has turn into a home to popular tropical tourist resorts. This place offers so many interesting attractions including reef trips and safaris. The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest are two must-visit destinations in Port Douglas. The best time to visit Port Douglas is during winter season around May to September. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is heaven for tropical travelers. This place offers variety if tropical charms including surf breaks, rich nature, historical landmarks, mouthwatering local cuisine, and more. This is also considered one the most affordable destinations for tropical trip. Consider taking Sri Lankan safari and go deep into lush jungle to spot wildlife living there such as elephants, leopards, sloth bears, water buffalo, and diverse bird species.

Best Luxury Liveaboard Destination in Indonesia 

liveaboard ship
source : instagram @hello_indo_

There are many excellent liveaboard destinations in Indonesia, with stunning marine biodiversity and beautiful eye-opening sights that introduce you to the world’s wonders. Make sure Indonesia is on your list of destinations to visit for a liveaboard, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Recommended Destinations for Liveaboard Trip Across Indonesia

With the many options available for liveaboard destinations in Indonesia, here we list some of the great places that you have to consider if you are planning for a luxury liveaboard trip in Indonesia.

Bali, Nusa Penida and Lombok

Bali is one of the best island for a liveaboard diving trip in Indonesia because there’s so many great dive sites here. This trip usually starts from Bali which means this makes starting this trip easy because it’s close to an international airport. What’s great about this destination is that there’s many beautiful spots that’s close to each other like kelingking beach and Manta Point in Nusa Penida and Belongas bay in Lombok where you can see Hammerhead shark and eagle rays or explore Lombok Island. The best thing is these destinations are close to each other which means there are many destinations on this trip that are close together, perfect for a dive cruise.   

Raja Ampat National Park and Papua Island

dicing with whaleshark
Source : instagram @hello_indo_

Located in East Indonesia, Raja Ampat is known for the massive marine biodiversity like whale sharks, Manta rays, and even the beautiful vibrant coral with the many fishes living there. Beside that you can enjoy exotic endangered birds that live on Papua like the kasuari, cendrawasih the bird of paradise. You can also visit the Asmat tribe, the native tribe that has many beautiful original cultures that’s still preserved from the erosion of time.


Wakatobi is a Marine Park that’s preserved as one of the Unesco World Heritage site. Consisted of four islands that made the acronym Wakatobi, which is Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. There’s multiple dive sites here that have high coral density that is a must visit for every diver, perfect for a liveaboard trip. The island offer multiple destination like the Turtle point in Binongko island where you can see the turtle being raised and protected to combat their declining population. If you want to spice up your trip there’s also some places that provide a dive cruise liveaboard option that surely will make your trip in exploring Indonesia better.

Banda Region

Banda island was known for the center of the spice trading and now is a great place for vacation to revisit historical remnants of the Dutch that still stand strong today. If you like beachview, this place is perfect with the white beach and crystal clear seawater. Banda offers many great spots to visit like Ambon, Nusa Luat, Gunung Api, Banda Neira and Banda Hatta. Comeover and learn the rich history of the small island that became the center of spice trades in Indonesia.  

Anambas Island

With many little islands surrounding it, Anambas island offers multiple unique destinations that’s surely able to provide a unique experience on its own. Recognized for its several gorgeous lagoons, particularly on the islands of Pantai Selat Rangsang, Pulau Bawah, Pulau Rongkat, and Pantai Pulau Penjalin, where islands appear out of nowhere from the sea. At low tide, the connecting sands join the islets, forming an inland sea and an outer sea beyond, with lagoons carpeted with white sand and colorful corals strewn about. The Anambas Islands boast exquisite white beaches that gleam and become even more stunning as the lagoons fill with turquoise water, revealing unique corals and schools of fish dashing in the crystal clear water.

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Fear Of Sharks Can Stop You From Enjoying Beach Vacation

It is already known by the public that people are afraid of being attacked by sharks. Some are even afraid to get in to the ocean because think sharks are ready waiting for them at the bottom. Sharks have been demonized for so long. From the data, it shows that there were only few unprovoked attacks by sharks and even low number number of fatal attack. Sharks are not mindless killers because they are just evolved animals that need to be protected. They have major role in balancing the marine ecosystem. 

Why you shouldn’t be worried about shark attacks during your vacation

There are more causes of injury and death caused by other factors than shark attack. You can still enjoy your getaway in the water as long as you follow the rules from the local authority. And here are the reasons why getting attacked by sharks should be the least of your worry during your trip:

Humans are not natural food for sharks

As mentioned earlier that sharks are evolved animals. They have been existed for over 400 million years and they are not conditioned to see humans as preys. Humans are not their food source that even when you swim side by side with them, you will still be fine and alive. Sharks avoid humans and tend to prey for tunas or seals that have high fat. Scientists believe that attacks to human by sharks are a case of mistaken identity or a product of curiosity. The problem is that with even small bite from sharks it can cause severe injury to humans. 

The majority of sharks are pretty harmless

When you hear the word sharks, the very first image that comes to your mind must be that of sharp teeth and open jaws. There are more than 400 species of sharks and the majority of them are considered harmless. In reality, most of them are even smaller than humans, hence they tendency to avoid humans. However, there are three significantly large sharks that many people are afraid of such as the whale shark, the basking shark, and the megamouth shark. However, their diet is made up of plankton.

Enjoy your trip to the beach with no worry 

The chance of you getting attacked by the sharks during your visit to the beach is one in 3.4 millions. The incidents at the beach is mostly caused by drowning. In fact, statistics show that you are likely to get injured and die from cycling and not from stepping into the beach. Therefore, it is best to not overly worried about getting attacked by sharks during your water adventure on the beach. 

Make the most out of your beach vacation by having fun with your loved ones. However, always follow the rules and guidance from the authorities to make sure you won’t get involved in any accident. If you want to take precaution, avoid getting into the ocean at dusk and dawn. Those are times when large sharks species hunt.

Komodo Diving – Is it safe to swim with sharks?

Some shark tourist experiences are controversial, but there are methods to keep these magnificent aquatic animals safe. Travelers have numerous opportunities to witness these species, whether diving, snorkeling, or swimming beside them. Before booking your own shark trip, learn about the ethics of shark encounters, the debate over shark baiting and cage diving. Indonesia is one of the countries that has a remarkable diversity of small and large marine biota. If you are planning a Komodo diving trip, it is possible to get the experience of swimming with sharks. 

Wisesa Liveaboard - Komodo diving trip

Komodo Diving – Sharks

It is a fact, sharks have been around for hundreds of years. Despite the fearsome reputation, humans are more likely to kill sharks than the other way around. The number of sharks is dropping considerably because of shark fin soup. Sharks grow relatively slowly and take years to grow. Even some species of sharks are on the verge of extinction and can be an ecological disaster. Sharks are predators capable of keeping the ocean healthy.

Types of sharks you can find on Komodo island

White tip reef shark (Max size: 1.6m)

Every other year, the viviparous gestation period of 10-13 months for 1 to 6 live pups.

The “white tips,” one of the most abundant sharks found on Indo-Pacific reefs, are best seen in the Park near Gili Lawa Laut. At Castle Rock, Tengah, and Siaba Besar, babies can generally be seen hidden beneath table corals. Fun fact: they are one of the few shark species capable of pumping water over their gills while remaining motionless on the ocean floor.

Black tip reef shark (Max size: 1.6m)

This fearful shark is difficult to approach, although it may be found all across the National Park. Karang Makassar, The Passage, and Tengah are some of the greatest places in Komodo to see black tip reef sharks.

Grey reef shark (Max size: 1.9m)

The largest sharks were typically seen in Komodo patrol the diving sites of Castle Rock and Crystal Rock, but they’ve also been spotted in a few other spots.

Whale shark (Max size: 12.65m)

komodo diving - whale shark

The whale shark is regarded as a gentle giant and fairly accessible when on the surface due to its strict plankton diet, which makes it harmless to people. They are classified as endangered because they do not attain maturity until they are 30 years old. By sharing images or videos of encounters to the Wildbook, anyone with a camera may help save whale sharks. Although seeing a whale shark in the Komodo diving site is a rare occurrence. The Aliikai has teamed with scientists on a few unique tours each year to swim and dive with these incredible creatures. 

Komodo diving meet the Megamouth shark

The Komodo National Park diving site is full of surprises, and unexpected sightings are often. There have been numerous arguments about which shark species was that silhouette in the distance. There have also been reports of hammerhead sharks passing by, a young tiger shark eating a dead whale at the surface, and a megamouth shark observed in 2017 at a popular diving site in Komodo’s northwestern region. 

How to choose trustable and responsible scuba diving Komodo operator?

How to choose trustable and responsible scuba diving Komodo operator?

While diving with a PADI-certified dive operator ensures that you will be guided by a qualified diver, it does not guarantee that they will follow safe diving techniques. Responsible shark encounters begin with education. Divers and swimmers can ask operators if they follow the guide’s suggestions, even if it isn’t an official accreditation. If a company promotes shark dives but doesn’t provide any information about the creatures or conservation efforts, it’s probably not a responsible company

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Tips To Make Your Travel Photos More Interesting To Post On Social Media

Social media is now widely used as a platform for sharing information. Through social media, we can find lots of information including best spots for a vacation. And that is why travel industry keep growing each year. People share their travel stories through social media posts which attract other people to do the same thing. Travel photos are what attract people the most. A good travel photo that shows the beauty of the place and the sentiment of the trip is usually loved by people. And how can you make good travel photos like a pro? 

How to make instagrammable travel photos

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms today. The most interesting part of it is the photo sharing features in high quality. You can post your travel photos there to promote certain travel destination and attract people to come. Or, you can simply post travel photos just for the sake of Instagram aesthetic and that’s okay too. Here are some tips to make your instagram travel photos look more stunning:

Avoid spamming your Instagram with your selfies

Selfies often give you satisfaction in some way. You feel pretty when standing to a unique architecture during your trip and take a selfie, and then spam your Instagram account with them. It is not recommended if you want your account to look more aesthetic. If you want to focus on your travel stories and journey, fill your Instagram with travel photos that are not your selfies. Aesthetic travel photos can include photographs of landscapes. The point is to make the location of your trip as the main object of the picture. It will be much more aesthetic. You can also take some selfies during travel and post in your Instagram account but maybe not spam it too much with those. 

Take your time taking the pictures

You don’t have to be in such a rush in taking good travel photos. Just take your time and if possible, practice first. See what angle you think can capture the main object the best. If you want to take really good photos, you may consider coming to the attractions early. Hence, you still have time to fully enjoy your time as well as to take few beautiful pictures. 

Choose the right time to take pictures

There is golden hour in photography and you may consider it to take more beautiful photos that worthy for Instagram post. During golden hour, you get the best natural lighting to help you make the best pictures. Everything will be highlighted perfectly even when you use different angle. 

Create your own story

You can set particular theme for your Instagram travel photos. You can create it by making the most of your smartphone if you don’t have a camera. Use filters if necessary to focus on the theme. When you take picture of nature and weather, do not be afraid of experimenting. Find your own approach to convey the message to your audience.

Private Boat Labuan Bajo For Family

Private boat Labuan Bajo is the best way to explore Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo has the beauty of Komodo National Park which you can explore by renting a yacht. You can invite friends, family, relatives, office outings, even honeymooners to enjoy the Labuan Bajo tour. Labuan Bajo tour package allows you to set the schedule and time you want.

samara private boat labuan bajo

Luxury private boat Labuan Bajo with open deck, exploring Komodo National Park

Who doesn’t want a vacation, sailing on a luxury ship? There are many types of Labuan Bajo yachts that you can use to explore all tourist points. With affordable prices, travelers can get an experience like staying in a five-star hotel. 

Sometimes children can feel bored being in one place for a long time. The Labuan Bajo sailing trip is not just an ordinary vacation, because there are many interesting activities for your children. The ship provides diving and snorkeling equipment, of course the children will really like water activities. Snorkeling spots in Bajo national park offer an amazing underwater charm. 

When you feel tired of seeing the underwater beauty, you and your family can have an outdoor dinner and enjoy the sunset. Labuan Bajo’s private boat is sure to provide an extraordinary experience.

Visiting Komodo Island

Seeing rare reptiles is a unique and memorable experience for you and your family. Unfortunately, tourists should not be too close to Komodo because it is very dangerous. Follow the instructions of the ranger who accompanies you when you see Komodo. You need to know, Komodo dragons can be very aggressive suddenly and conditions are not favorable to be very close to them.  

Pink Beach

Pink beach is one of the interesting spots that should be included in your Labuan Bajo private boat trip list. The view of pink sand is a unique sight for you and your family. Behind the pink color of the sand, the role of the waves is very large, dragging and breaking coral reefs to the coast.

You can snorkel fun at the pink beach. Try to snorkel to the middle because you can see beautiful coral reefs. Or you can just jump the water and snorkel from your private yacht. If you are lucky, you can meet a shark at a depth of 5m, which means you can see it clearly just by snorkeling. You can see butterfly fish, Nemo, and other types of reef fish. Pink beach is one of the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia, which you must visit.

Making Your Masks More Comfortable For Travel

In some places around he world, travel restriction starts to loosen up because the governments lifting up some rules, allowing their people to travel at least domestically. However, it is a must to follow the protocols and health guidelines to stay safe including wearing a mask every time going out of home. Wearing a mask has become a norm now but that doesn’t make it less inconvenient. Wearing masks can cause discomforts especially when they are worn for hours. 

Ways to make your masks more comfortable to wear for travel

Wearing a mask is not only to protect yourself but also others from the risk of having covid-19. However, wearing a mask can cause variety of discomforts such as itchy, difficulty to breath more properly, redness on skin, etc. Here are some hacks to help you make your masks more comfortable to wear when you are going out of your home to travel somewhere:

Use air blocker

It is common to suffer from dry eyes and foggy glasses from wearing a mask because the air keep escaping from your mouth and nose. Hence, try an air blocker you can purchase online such as Breathe Right Strip. It helps seal the top of your mask to your face.  In addition, it is safer and more comfortable to sue since it is designed to be used on skin following the shape of your nose. 

Consider a mask bracket

It is often that you are struggling with sucking your mask into your mouth when talking or simply breathing in. Hence, it is recommended to use a mask bracket. It is made of plastic piece to hook on to your mask’s strap. It helps keep the fabric of mask away from your mouth. It also helps reduce the risk of skin irritation or breakouts.

Try nose bridge for mask

If your mask has no nose bridge or has one but doesn’t fit your nose, you can purchase one separately. You can simply stick it on to the fabric mask and it will become more comfortable to wear. The nose-bridge can be adjusted following the shape of your nose so it will be more well-fitting. 

Consider mask extender

Another discomfort of wearing a mask is the feeling of your ear being pulled on by mask loops especially when you wear it for long hours during travel. Hence, you can consider using a mask extender called ear saver straps. It is easy to wear since you can by simply hook your mask straps to it. Hence, you can wear your mask around your head instead of over your ears.

Protect your skin with face balm

Your skin may get irritated or more sensitive because you wear a mask so often or in long hours such as when you have long-haul travel. Protect your skin by putting a layer of face balm on before wearing a mask. Choose the right product that fits your skin condition. It helps create barrier and prevent frictions that often cause skin irritation and chafing.