Scariest Tourist Attractions For Your Next Travel Plan

Travelling is all about personal preferences and interests. You can plan your own dream travel that fit your value and purpose. Some people travel for fun and others travel for work. Some people travel to quiet places while others travel to the places with craziest crowds. If you are the type of adrenaline seeker traveler, or planning to have a challenging trip, we have recommendations of the perfect places. 

Scariest places to visit

Travel is not always about having a leisure walk around the beach. It can be about unforgettable and challenging adventure you probably wouldn’t do at your own home. And if you are seeking adrenaline-pumping experience for a trip, here are recommended scariest places to visit:

Devil’s Pool in Zambia

Around one million tourists visit Victoria Falls each year to see the world’s largest sheet of falling water. But if you are more adrenaline-obsessed, take to another level by taking a dip in the Devil’s Pool. It’s the ultimate infinity pool that sits right on the edge of Victoria Falls. What makes it scary is the fact that only a small and slippery wall of rock separates you from the sheer drop to the water below. Try dange your arms or feet over the edge and see how it feels. 

Nile River Rafting in Jinja, Uganda

Another scary travel experience you can try that involve the mighty water. You can try river rafting in Jinja, Uganda with proper safety gear, life-jacket, and helmet. It’s terrifying to jump aboard a little rubber boat and set off to the raging Nile River. In this locations, some serious waters pour through grade-five rapids. It’s more terrifying when your raft flips and you get sucked under the raging torrent of water. 

Bungee Jumping in New Zeland

Try bungee jumping at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand. It ‘s only 141 feet and may not be the highest or scariest bungee jump ever since it’s owned by Macau Tower Jump. However, this one spot is the first bungee jump site to ever exist. It’s nestled into a rock face while overlooking Kawarau River.

Mount Hua Shan climbing in China

The slopes of Mount Hua is home to a variety of temples and religious structures. However, you can only see them by scaling the mountain. Starting with gentle climb you will find yourself clinging to a few wooden planks held together by large staples. They are bolted to the cliff face by loose metal chains. Those are several hundreds feet above the ground. It’s in fact one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. 

Shark Cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa

Confront your fears by heading to Gansbaai, South Africa to encounter with the world’s most feared predators, the great white sharks. The waters are naturally populated with sharks. Wearing wetsuit and googles you get into a cage and sharks will approach you. Duck underwater to see the sharks clearly through the metal cage. See how close that rows of sharp teeth are to your face.

Reasons Why Raja Ampat Trip is a Popular Travel Destination

Raja Ampat is one of the districts in the Indonesian province of West Papua. Waisai houses the district’s administrative center. There are 610 islands in this region, including the Raja Ampat archipelago. Four of them are sizable islands: Misool Island, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Raja Ampat trip will be enjoyable and pleasant to the eyes because it is surrounded stunning environment.

Only 35 of the total number of islands are inhabited; most other islands are unnamed and deserted. The entire area of this district is 67,379.60 km², of which 7,559.60 km² is land and 59,820.00 km² is the ocean. Raja Ampat Regency has 93,918 residents in total as of 2019.

Raja Ampat trip

Raja Ampat, or the Four Kings, is an archipelago located in Indonesia’s West Papua region, off the northwest edge of the Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea. It consists of more than 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals that encircle the smaller island of Kofiau and the larger islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. The Coral Triangle, which has the greatest marine biodiversity on earth and includes the Raja Ampat island, straddles the Equator.

The World’s Most Stunning Diving Locations

Raja Ampat is a tourist paradise in eastern Indonesia. These islands are home to over 75% of the world’s coral species. Raja Ampat is home to 699 mollusk species, 547 coral reefs, and 1,318 fish species. It is well known that these islands are located in the World Coral Triangle. Strong currents in the deep ocean transport an abundance of nutrients to mangroves, saltwater lakes, and seagrass meadows. Due to this, Raja Ampat is the preferred location for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Raja Ampat trip

There is Endemic Fauna and Flora.

There are several white sand beaches and a collection of stunning karst islands that non-divers can visit. The endemic flora and wildlife of Raja Ampat are also well-known, including the red Cendrawasih bird of paradise, Wilson’s paradise, maleo waigeo, numerous parrot species, waigeo cuscus, and various orchid varieties.

The Unique Culinary of Raja Ampat

Sea worms is one of the several culinary delicacies of the Raja Ampat Regency. Those who reside outside of Papua might find this food absurd. However, for the people of Papua, notably Raja Ampat, sea worms have become their everyday diet or snack.

The processing procedure is not instantly fried, but rather over a series of phases. There are also Sago caterpillars, which are also present in other parts of Papua. Sago worms are typically burned like satay. When cooked, the texture if processed that way matches grilled sausage. The seasoning can be made spicy or be of several types, like rica-rica or balado. Baha-Baha, Gani Nu, Habo Kon, Manokrawi Grilled Fish, Papuan Wrapped Fish, and Papeda Ikan Kuah Kuning are further traditional Raja Ampat dishes

Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

Sundanese foods are popular cuisines from West Java. If you think of West Java, you might be reminded of Bandung, the hottest tourist destination. However, West Java is more than just Bandung. Hence, the cuisine is very rich and diverse. There are so many delicious Sundanese foods too good to skip during your visit to West Java, Indonesia. 

Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

The best of Sundanese foods you must try

Sundanese foods are characterized by their rich flavors ranging from sour, spicy, sweet, and even bitter. Another special aspect from Sundanese is the use of raw, fresh vegetables called lalapan in almost every serving, along with Sambal. And here are most recommended Sundanese foods for you to try:


Gepuk is almost similar to beef jerky. It is commonly found in West Java and has savory and light sweet flavor. The cow meats are very tender and easy to rip because it is cooked for hours. Also, the meat is marinated with various spices and herbs to make it taste richer and smell divine. Bay leaves, tamarind, and galangal are some of the spices used to make gepuk. Also, the secret to tender meat is not only from the process of simmering but also from the beating and smashing done before being simmered. 

Nasi Timbel

This is like a complete package of rice dish that represents Sundanese cuisine. This dish consists of steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, various raw veggies or lalapan, sambal, fried tempeh and tofu, and fried chicken, and sayur asam. The banana leaves are steamed or barbecued to make them smell more mouth-watering. 


This is popular snack many youngster Sundanese enjoy when they are hanging out with friends. Batagor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng, or translated into fried meatball and tofu. The meatball is made from ground fish meat, starch, salt, pepper, and spring onion. It is then stuffed into tofu and deep-fried until crispy. Then, they are cut into small pieces and added with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and lime juice. Slices cucumber is also added along with Sambal to add more spiciness. 


Combro is another popular snack in West Java. The main ingredients to make combro include grated cassava and oncom. The grated cassava is shaped into medium balls then filled with oncom that has been cooked with various spices. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is a combination of savory, sweet, and spicy making it perfect for a company of tea or coffee. 

Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi is skewered mutton or beef marinated with variety of spices and aromatic herbs. Coriander and ginger are the main stars that enrich the flavor of this satay. The meat is grilled over medium heat and presented with pickled and soy sauce while mostly satay in Indonesia is poured with peanut sauce. Hence, Sate Maranggi has its own flavor that standout. It is best served with steamed rice and many locals enjoy it for lunch or dinner. You can find this Sundanese dish in many street vendors even outside West Java.

Open Trip Raja Ampat, Exploring Jewel of Indonesia On Budget

Raja Ampat is well-known among scuba divers as one of the most exclusive destinations. The wonders of Raja Ampat come at a high cost. Many people need to struggle planning Raja Ampat trip. Raja Ampat seems too far and too expensive to do on a budget. You need dig information as much as possible, start from flight, boat, hotel, etc. For tourists who have explored Raja Ampat, of course they know very well that an open trip to Raja Ampat is the best way if you are on a budget. 

Aerial shot a Limestone islands form a remote lagoon in northern Raja Ampat, Indonesia

How to get open trip Raja Ampat on budget

Wherever you start to explore Raja Ampat, you have to reach Sorong first.  Garuda, Express Air, and Sriwijaya Airlines fly there. If you are coming from somewhere other than Indonesia, your flight costs will be the most expensive part of your trip. 

Open trip Raja Ampat is the right choice if you are solo traveling. Paket open trip berkisar 4-5 juta per orang untuk 4D3N. Why open trip Raja Ampat is perfect choice? With petrol prices artificially inflated, inter-island boat travel is one of the most expensive aspects of visiting Raja Ampat. 

Surfing the internet, comparing open trip packages takes a long time. Preparation for a trip to Raja Ampat is crucial. Each operator arranges an itinerary to a different destination. It takes precision to ensure you visit the popular destinations you want. 

Itineraries consisting of Raja Ampat open trip operator packages can change according to natural conditions. So don’t be surprised if you will be taken to a different destination than you had expected. Surely you will be taken underwater on the island of Kri. Then you will explore to Wayag island to see a group of sharks, feed and snorkel. 

Important information during your trip to Raja Ampat

Travel facts:

  • The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • A 30-day visa is issued upon arrival (not for all countries; check with your embassy), but if you want to stay longer in Indonesia, a 60-day visa can be obtained in advance at consulates and embassies.
  • There are no ATMs on any of the small islands, so bring plenty of cash to pay for your accommodations, transfers, and activities. Some places accept credit cards (for a fee), so check with your lodging ahead of time.
  • Because there is no wi-fi or internet in homestays, you must purchase a SIM card at the airport if you require data.
  • Dress appropriately – it is not acceptable to walk around or sit at dinner in bathing suits simply because it is hot!
  • Please keep in mind that English is not widely spoken. Although Bahasa Indonesian is widely spoken, the majority of people speak one of the many Papuan languages.
  • Even if you only say “Pagi” (morning) and “Terima Kasih” (thank you), you will be greeted with a big smile in return.

Healthy & safety:

  • Dehydration – You can lose up to a litre of water per dive simply by breathing compressed air, so drink plenty of fluids! Fresh coconut is one of the best rehydration options, and it grows in most parts of Raja Ampat.
  • Wounds and infections – In the tropics, cuts can easily become infected, so clean and treat even the smallest wounds right away.
  • Malaria exists in Raja Ampat, and mosquitos are more prevalent in mangrove areas. Before traveling, consult your doctor and protect yourself by covering up and using mosquito repellent. Always sleep with a mosquito net over your head.
  • Sunburn – Raja Ampat is in the tropics, so even on a cloudy day, the sun can burn you! Wear reef-safe sunscreen, cover up, wear a hat, and stay hydrated.

Most Delicious Dishes In Lombok Indonesia

Lombok is one of the islands in Indonesia that has been a magnet to many local and international visitors. Lombok is a great cultural destination because of its diversity. Not to mention that their foods are to die for. If you are looking for serene getaway while being able to enjoy variety of delicious local dishes, Lombok is a perfect destination to choose. The particular taste about Lombok cuisines is the pungent aroma and rich flavor coming from variety of spices, herbs and fresh ingredients.  So here are most delicious dishes in Lombok you must try during your visit to this dreamy island:

Most Delicious Dishes In Lombok Indonesia

Plecing Kangkung

Plecing Kangkung is an iconic dish from Lombok that has been widespread across Indonesia. It looks like salad but not really is. Plecing Kangkung is made from Kangkung, a local vegetable or water spinach added with variety of seafood. The kangkung looks limp but very crunchy when you have  a bite. The most prominent taste is spicy and sweet due to chili, shrimp paste dressing, garlic, grated coconut, deep-fried peanuts, and lime juice. 

Ayam Taliwang

This is a star dish from Lombok every visitor should try during a visit. It is another iconic dish in Lombok that can be found in almost every restaurant and street vendors. Ayam Taliwang is basically grilled chicken with Ayam Kampung as the main ingredient. It is chicken that is raised in the village wit characteristics of smaller, juicier, leaner, and more organic meat. The chicken is dressed with taliwang sauce made of shrimp paste, chili, garlic, lime juice, candle nuts, and salt. 


This is a pretty bizarre dish for non-Indonesians because it is made from banana stems. This dish can be found mostly in weddings, and religious festivals. Ares is a type of curry made from banana stem as well as beef, chicken, and fish. The meat is simmered in coconut milk and added with aromatic herbs such as turmeric, ginger, and galangal. 

Nasi Puyung

This is rice dish that is famous in Lombok due to its tasty flavor. This is basically elevated steamed rice because it is accompanied by several traditional dishes such as shredded chicken or Ayam Suwir, fried potato fries, Tumis Kacang, and spicy hot sauce or Sambal. Fried soy beans are added as garnish to complete this dish perfectly. It is best to eat while still hot. The locals enjoy Nasi Puyung at any time since it is basically perfect for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. It is also fulfilling and you can eat it as main course. 


This is another iconic dish from Lombok. It is made from goat or cow ribs. Bebalung itself means bones so it makes sense for this dish because it uses goat and cow ribs as its main ingredient. Often appear during festivals and ceremonies, this dish is enjoyed in a soup that taste heavenly due to the use of tamarind leaves, salt, ginger, galangal, garlic, shallots, and pepper. It is best served with steamed rice, added with lime juice, and completed with Sambal.

The Benefit of Concrete Construction

Concrete contractors are among the most significant stakeholders in the majority of construction projects. While some sustainable structures are made entirely of wood and glass, the majority of commercial and industrial structures are still made of cement. Today, we will look at the fundamentals, significance, and benefits of various cement types used in the construction industry. Concrete construction is a critical component that is used in a variety of residential and commercial structures.

The Benefit of Concrete Construction

The Benefits of Concrete Construction

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world due to its distinct advantages over other materials. 

Concrete is cost-effective

When compared to engineered cementitious materials used in construction, cement concrete has a very low production cost. It is once again affordable and widely available when compared to steel, polymers, and other building materials. Concrete’s three main components are cement, water, and aggregates. In local markets, all of these are reasonably priced.

Concrete hardens at room temperature.

At regular room temperature or ambient temperature, concrete sets, hardens, and gains strength. As a result, concrete can be used regardless of the weather and, if necessary, optimized with admixtures.

Excellent water resistance properties

Though chemicals in water can cause corrosion in concrete and reinforced concrete. Concrete unlike wood and steel, can withstand water without significant deterioration. Concrete is ideal for underwater and submerged applications because of the property.

Low or no upkeep is required

Concrete construction unlike steel or wooden structures, do not require coating or painting for regular applications to protect against weathering. The coating will be replaced and redone on a regular basis, resulting in a much lower maintenance cost for concrete than for steel or wood.

Types of Concrete in Construction

Common Concrete

Common concrete is one of the most popular types of concrete. The essential constituents of this type of concrete are cement, sand, and coarse aggregates designed and mixed with a specified amount of water.

Within certain limits, the ratio of essential constituents can be varied. A common mix design, also known as Nominal Mix Design, is 1:2:4.

Plain concrete is mostly used to build pavements and buildings where tensile strength is not a requirement.

Lightweight Concrete

Any type of concrete with a density less than 1920 kg/m3 is considered lightweight.

Natural materials such as pumice and scoria are used in the manufacture of lightweight concrete, as are artificial materials such as expanded shales and clays, and processed materials such as perlite and vermiculite.

The single most important feature of lightweight concrete is its extremely low thermal conductivity.

Thermal conductivity, for example, can have a k value as high as 10-12 for plain concrete. However, the thermal conductivity of lightweight concrete is around 0.3.

Lightweight concretes are used for thermal insulation, protecting steel structures, long-span bridge decks, and even as building blocks, depending on their composition.

Concrete of High Density

Heavyweight concrete is another name for this type of concrete. The density of this concrete type ranges between 3000 and 4000 Kg/m3.

These concretes are made with high density crushed rocks as coarse aggregates. Barytes, with a specific gravity of 4.5, is the most commonly used of these materials.

Because it protects against all types of radiation, it is mostly used in atomic power plants and other similar structures.

Concrete construction is the most common and long-lasting building material. In countries prone to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, concrete construction is highly recommended. The development of villas in Bali is increasing sharply in line with the demand for accommodation for domestic and foreign tourists.

The construction of a concrete villa provides many benefits for the owner. As mentioned above, concrete construction can reduce the budget for villa development. If handled by an experienced concrete constructor, your villa building will be durable and easy to maintain.

Balancing Safety And Utility When Carrying Money On Vacation

Carrying money on vacation is a must because almost everything to cater your convenient trip needs money. However, there have been so many cases where travelers or tourists become an easy target of thieves and scammers. On of the keys for carrying money safely on vacation is to balance safety and utility. It means you carry money in a way that makes it difficult for thieves to take your money. However, you still carry your money in a way that makes you easy to access it when you have to pay for something. 

Balancing Safety And Utility When Carrying Money On Vacation

Smart strategies for carrying your money on vacation

Losing your financial resources during a vacation is not a pleasant thing to do but it is still pretty common. So here are some tips for you to carry your money safely and elegantly during your trip:

Divvy up your travel cash and cards into multiple safe spots

It makes sense to divide your travel cash and credit cards into different safe spots when travelling around. If you put everything in one place, then it only takes one incident for you to lose everything you have. Take cash moderately and leave out some of them in a safe location in your hotel room. Distribute your funds so you still get enough money to sustain your trip. 

Keep small bills handy

Make smaller denominations of currency and make it accessible. Therefore, you don’t have to pull out large bill just to pay for small expenses. Hence, you won’t draw thief’s attention. Keep larger bills in the deepest part of your under-clothing money pouch. It is also beneficial if you can make money preparation by getting variety of small bills ready for purchases such as souvenirs, foods, tickets, etc.

Consider using anti-theft bag

There are many anti-theft bags in the market you may actually consider using for your travel plan. They are designed specifically for travel that feature cut-proof straps, slash-proof fabric, and locking zippers. Some of them also come in various design that may suits your style. Anti-theft bags can help deter opportunistic pickpockets and slow down thieves. 

Keep only necessities in your wallet

When you plan on getting around places during your trip, make sure to sort out your wallet first to make sure you don’t carry a bunch of unnecessary items that can potentially lead you to costly mistakes. Carry only necessities in your wallet so even if it gets stolen, you have fewer items to replace. Also, it helps you to travel lighter.

Consider getting a dummy wallet for your trip

You can trick pickpocket and thieves by getting a dummy wallet. It is a smart strategy to get a cheap wallet you can use later as a decoy. You can fill it with small bills to make it look real. You can also put in some sample credit cards you have at home. Getting dummy wallet can help a lot in stopping pickpocket from taking your real wallet, especially if your travel destination is widely known for pickpockets or muggings.

3D2N Amazing Komodo Rinca Tour, Meet The Ancient Animals

Icons of ancient animals on Komodo Island are very popular and a favorite destination for domestic & international tourists. Usually, tourists go directly to the island of Komodo to see this ancient animal. Rinca Island, one of the second largest islands in the Komodo National Park archipelago, is also a habitat for iconic ancient animals. Generally, you can travel to Rinca Island by speed boat from Labuan Bajo. But for the perfect cruise trip, the Komodo Rinca tour package will bring you to see the differences between the two islands of ancient animal habitats. 

3D2N Amazing Komodo Rinca Tour, Meet The Ancient Animals

Komodo Rinca Tour, Watch the reproduction of ancient animal

Komodo mating is a unique sight and adventure. On Rinca island, you can see the largest species of lizard enter the mating period in certain months, especially June to August. The Komodo dragon reproduction process ranges from 7-8 hours. This means that if you come to visit between June and August it is possible to watch a rare show.

The Komodo Rinca tour brings you to see firsthand the mating season of ancient animals. In the process, the female Komodo dragon will become a bone of contention for the male Komodo dragon, because the number of female Komodo dragons is less than the male species. It is possible that a female Komodo dragon will be married to more than one male Komodo dragon.

Pick your Komodo island tour price

A Komodo trip by private boat is perfect if you want to enjoy a 3D2N cruise. Usually, Komodo island tour boat rentals vary, ranging from 1.5 million to tens of millions depending on the ship’s facilities and the duration of your trip. With a cost of 2.6 million, you can get a private cabin/room together on a regular boat. Meanwhile, at a cost of 2.9 million, you can get a private cabin with a superior ship. For prices ranging from 3 million, you can get a private cabin with a phinisi ship.

Many people still wonder why they have to spend days living on a boat to visit the islands of Komodo National Park. Considering there are many amazingly small and large islands that you can visit during the Komodo tour. Staying on board is a great way to save your time for hopping island, snorkeling, and diving. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset on the boat is also a perfect moment and an unforgettable experience.

Smart to choose a Komodo tour operator

This is what you should pay attention to in detail. Be smart when choosing a Komodo tour operator. Not all tour operators do business transparently. They do not mention the name of the ship and the trip schedule to your destination can change at any time without notice. Don’t try to be tempted by cheap trips! Make sure all the packages that you will take are according to what you want.

Group Travel Trips Recommended For Those Who Are In 20s

It is recommended that you explore the world when you are 20s since you are still energetic and high spirited to try and do many crazy things. It is also a great time for you to get out of your comfort zone and build your network. Travelling is not always about wasting money. It is also about making investment for your future. By travelling, you get to learn many things and meet more people that will be valuable for your preparation to build your future as well.

Group Travel Trips Recommended For Those Who Are In 20s

Consider taking these travel group trips during your 20s

Lots of people suggest those who are in 20s to try travelling solo since it can be such a life-changing experience. It can help you discover yourself better. However, you can also start with a group travel trips instead of venturing on your own, especially if you are not ready yet for solo trip. Here are type of group trips you may consider taking in your 20s:

Family reunion group trip

If you have families from different countries, take this opportunity to travel around the world.  It is time to gather up family from each corners of the world and plan for a big family reunion. It can be such a valuable moment because as you get older, family time is more scarce. You can travel with your siblings or family members to visit families who love in different countries. You can take advantage of special occasions such as Thanksgiving, family wedding, or just because. 

Group trip with your close friends

You may have close-knit group of friends who share similar interest on travel. It can be friends from your college, high school, dance class, etc. Plan a group trip together where you can visit and explore your dream destinations. You can start by travelling to the nearest town by taking a road trip car. Do it as often and take it to another level by visiting somewhere farther. 

Post-graduation group trip

Take an international group trip with your college buddies as a way to celebrate your graduation. It is such a monumental moment in your life, and celebrating through a group trip can make it even more memorable. It is time to go out and see the world after being free from books, assignments, and tests. 

Volunteer group trip

If you like to  volunteer, might as well taking it to another level. You can join a volunteer group in foreign countries and make it a memorable journey for you to travel the world. It might not always about having leisure walk on the beach since you are expected to give your contribution. However, you can make the most of your volunteer trip by helping others and spare some time for a little adventure. 

You may also be interested in joining a group trip with strangers by connecting with strangers who share similar interests online. However, make sure to choose trusted site to avoid a risk of being scammed since the internet is full of frauds.

Komodo Island Boat Tour & How To Pick The Perfect One

Komodo island is a paradise for travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Bali. Indonesian government regulations after the pandemic period ended brought a higher increase in domestic and foreign tourists. Komodo Island and its surroundings offer stunning views, and pink beaches, enjoy sunrise & sunset and sail on a calm ocean. The Komodo island boat tour is worth your visit and should be included on your bucket list for a unique cruise experience.  

Komodo Island Boat Tour & How To Pick The Perfect One

Komodo island boat tour 

A unique and fun experience during a Komodo island trip is that you must travel by boat. The Komodo island boat tour makes for a wonderful seclusion trip, diving and snorkeling in the sea whenever you want. 

Because there are so many Komodo island boat tour offers, you must understand the factors to consider when choosing a liveaboard trip. Some factors you should consider:

  • Type of Komodo island trip (open or private tour)
  • Boat type (standard, luxury, or premium)
  • Cabins (shared or private cabins)
  • Hot water
  • Air conditioner
  • Electricity
  • Destination visited
  • Komodo island boat tour price

If it’s your first time doing a liveaboard trip in Indonesia, it will take at least 1-2 months of preparation to find all the information. In this article, we provide information that may be very helpful so that your cruise trip will be perfect.

When looking for information on Komodo island trips, you will find many but not all of them provide details of the type of ship you will use. In some experiences, we have to ask the type and ship name of the package they offer.

It is very important to know the type of boat you will use when traveling. Its function is to indicate the facilities and the number of passengers, the type of cabin, and the size of the boat. Of course, you want your Komodo island boat tour to be as comfortable as possible.

Type of Komodo island boat tour

Knowing your boat type is crucial. Remember that you will be on the ship all the way. That is, you will sleep and be active on the ship. You can’t change boats like moving to another hotel if you’re not happy. There is no reception service if there are complaints or need something important.

privata cabin - queen size - komodo island boat tour
sharing cabin - 2 bed

Private cabin

On certain ships, you will find private cabins with or without attached bathrooms. So, you have to ask in detail what type of cabin you will get. Usually, the ship operator will offer you a sharing or private cabin.

Share cabin

This type of room is perfect if you go with a group. If you want to make friends or share a room with strangers, sharing a cabin will greatly save the cost of your Komodo island tour. If you are the adventurous type with a small backpack it will be very easy to share rooms with other people.

No Cabin

We do not recommend this type of ship without a cabin if your Komodo island tour is 3-4 days. It would be very uncomfortable! This type of ship without a cabin is highly recommended for a one day trip. Cabinless boats are definitely a low-maintenance traveler’s choice. No security or privacy options. You must really take care of your personal belongings.

Destination visited

Not much difference between 4d3n or 3d2n Komodo island boat tour. Pay attention to the itinerary when the travel operator offers a Komodo island trip package. Destinations that must be included in your trip.

Komodo island – a place where the original habitat of ancient animals is where you will see their activities.

Rinca island – an island that is also inhabited by ancient animals that roam freely which is the main attraction of your trip.

Pink beach – a beach with pink sand is not a trick of the eye. You can enjoy bathing or just sunbathe on the beach with pink sand.

Padar island – spectacular view after a relatively steep trek. Start your journey at sunrise and reach the top to enjoy the stunning panorama

Manta point – swimming with tame and harmless manta rays you can do depending on the season and time of your visit