Save The Last Dragon At Komodo Island!

Komodo Island is where the last dragons are living. Although they could not breathe fire, they still as dangerous as their fellow myths. It is because of what they have became, as the carnivore and also are capable to smell the blood even for miles. They will grow up to 3 meters or more and could be run for about more than 20 km per hour for catching prey.

The dragons are now reaches up to thousands in number for only the living biggest lizards in the Komodo Island, not to mention any other islands around. That’s why that the island is called as the Komodo dragon Island.

Komodo dragon at Komodo Island

Many of the scientists are believing that the Komodo dragons as the last survivors, about millions of years ago, roamed in the mainland of Australia. With their abilities and nature selection or maybe by the human intervention, they had been made it to arrived at the island where they have becoming one of the rare attraction in their relation with the local and national tourism development which is monitoring the Komodo dragons right in their original habitat.

Komodo dragons are living in the wild and harsh environment, surrounded by the hard rocks, but still could be coexist with the local people. Living in harmony side by side yet human is staying alert in case the dragons are “hungry.”

The dragons have been moved far from Australia and found the harsh environment, yet, they still remain endangered by the global warming, wastes up to the illegal fishing that had turned the seawater into dirt. Statistically, there are only about 350 of the female dragons and we are keep on counting down of their numbers.

After being survived for some decades from the human’s pursuit, seems like the dragons are just fine. But knowing that the Komodo females are slowly in laying their eggs and other dangers that might have an impact on reducing the population of dragons, then we should now have to thinking about how to save them.

Actually, there is still “conflict” between the local people and the dragons themselves although just in a small amount. And the conflict should also be got it over sooner. So saving the Komodo dragon island from the species extinction should be started with involving the collaboration between the local government or NGO with the local residents.

There are some of the main issues that should be taken care as soon as possible. The first one is when the original habitat or the forest in the Komodo Island turned into the agricultural lands. Then some of the local people are light the fire to increase the grass reserves for their livestocks. Settlements are also becoming widespread as the population grows. So that, besides lost their original habitat, Komodo dragons need to compete with human as well for getting the pigs and deers as their foodstuffs.

Therefore, one of the applicative and practical ways to save the dragons without having to disrupt the fulfillment of local people needs is through the conservation, measured by integrating sciences and various community-based programs.

If all stakeholders participate well and local people are increasingly aware that they can get benefits from the presence of the dragons, especially through tourism, then saving the Komodo “dragon” Island can be done easily.

Smart Tips To Save Budget While Travelling

Lots of people assume that travelling requires much money and only wealthy people can go travelling with ease. However, that’s a wrong assumption proven by lots of experienced travelers. Even travelers with limited budget can live a life during they travel. To experience the best time, you need to know how to save budget while travelling. Travelling is different from settle life and sometimes it becomes unconventional. However, it is important to live a little during your travel so your journey is more meaningful to remember and cherish.

How to save budget while travelling

  • Choose affordable places to spend for travelling. If you are going to travel overseas, it is wise to choose countries which are affordable to travel. Then, you can even spend long-term travelling and gain more time to enjoy. South East Asia and Africa are home to affordable countries for travelling.
  • To save your budget you need to make smart decision in spending your money. If you can be comfortable to stay at three start hotel then there is no necessary to book five start hotels. You can also choose to cook your meal instead of spending your money in a fancy restaurant. It is also great to choose local dine with friendly owners. It helps you get used to the local’s lifestyle and minimize culture shock.
  • The next thing you can do to save budget while travelling is to create your own lifestyle. For example, you can buy ingredients from local market or interact with the locals to ask for help whenever you need. You can also familiarize yourself with how the local live. Then, it is not only conventional for your budget but also for your experience in travelling.
  • Next tip is to decide your priority. It is important to choose something based on needs than wants. You need to be strong-minded if you want to explore more during your travel. Train yourself to be comfortable to sleep in a van or eat street foods. Thus, you will get used to overcome any hassle during travel and be able to save your budget for ore adventures.
  • Another way to save your money for travelling is to travel in off season. This is not only help you to get cheaper tickets but also give you more convenient travel because you will be free from crowd and hassles.
  • To help you control your spending, make sure to track everything you spend. By tracking, you will have clear estimation for the future spending. You can either write it down or use digital apps to track spending which can be downloaded and installed by smartphone.
  • If you are going for long-term travel, you can pick up works. It helps you to earn some money. However, make sure you don’t violet the regulation. It is common for travelers to pick up a temporary job as the best way to earn some money and to save budget while travelling. Australia is one of destinations where you can work and travel.

Outdoor Bean Bags, Simple Furniture With Maximum Functions

It’s awesome if everyone can do what they want. Relaxing and resting properly is difficult for people to realize in big cities. In fact, they do it whenever they have time. Comfort is no longer something important when rest time is limited. A weekend is the best time for workers to relax and rest.

Relaxing outdoors can help to refresh your mind. Do you have trouble bringing chairs outdoors? Outdoor bean bags are the right solution for now. The availability of outdoor bean bag is almost everywhere. They furnish with innovations tailored to the needs.

Simple Furniture With Maximum Functions

Outdoor bean bags are designed as a simple furniture with maximum functionality. You can take it and move it anywhere. Indoor or outdoor !! With anti-water and anti-flameproof materials, they can last a long time. A sense of comfort is everything.

Outdoor bean bag chairs are the right solution. You can take it to the side of the pool and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Putting it in the car and you use it when you are fishing will be more fun. Traveling worries find a comfortable place can be a problem.

Most people relax and sit on the beach and enjoying sunset or sunrise. Why not take an alternative, use outdoor bean bags and enjoy the beauty that nature offers. Leisure is not fulfilled with traditional outdoor furniture. Having furniture with maximum function is a must. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Find it in online store, like Soo Santai.

There is no better way than to have furniture that is resistant to heat or rain for different purposes. An outdoor bean bag is a versatile flexible chair. They are perfect for children, young or elder. It is common knowledge that traditional furniture is easy to dirty and difficult to clean. This is one of the biggest advantages of having beanbags because it is easy to clean so it looks always new.

There is no better way than to have furniture that is resistant to heat or rain for different purposes. An outdoor bean bag is a versatile flexible chair. They are perfect for children, young or elder. It is common knowledge that traditional furniture is easy to dirty and difficult to clean. This is one of the biggest advantages of having beanbags because it is easy to clean so it looks always new.

Many advantages and benefits of outdoor beanbags in Soo Santai online store. Soo Santai designs and manufactures the best outdoor bean bags for you, no matter where you are. They will send it to your home safely and quickly.

Essential yet Forgettable Things to Bring for Traveling

Things that easy to forget to bring in traveling

Traveling is fun but you need to prepare everything thoroughly so it will be convenient. That’s why you need to know exactly any essential yet forgettable things to bring for traveling. Any kinds of traveling can be either fun or disastrous, depend on how you prepare for the journey. Lots of travelers learn some mistakes from their previous journey and make sure their next plan to be more meaningful and convenient.

Forgettable things to bring for traveling which are indeed important

Traveling is often done in few days. Thus, it requires time and energy. If you decide to go traveling either overseas or local, you need to know what kind of things you need to bring to support your journey. Here are the essential and important things you shouldn’t miss to bring for your travel but are often forgotten:

  1. Clothes are the most important thing to bring especially when you travel far from your home. However, another important thing to bring for more convenient trip is flip flops. They are comfortable to wear but always forgotten. They are comfortable footwear you can wear during your tour walking such as wander around the city to find some foods or visit local museums.
  2. Aside from toiletries, it is also important to bring some painkillers with you. There are many occasions that will make you need them such as jet lag, long delays, altitude changes, and many more.
  3. Next forgettable things to bring for traveling are plastic bags. It may sound unnecessary and often forgotten. However, you will need them eventually. They can be used to put your dirty clothes, or foods. You can also use them to collect your trash so you can keep the environment clean until you find the trash bin during your trip.
  4. Next unthinkable yet necessary thing to bring for your travel is hat. Regardless the weather, hat will always be the best companion for traveler. You can bring your wide-brimmed hat to protect you from harsh sunlight or rain.
  5. Instead of bringing different types of adapter, it is better to bring universal adapter plug so your bag won’t be heavy from bringing too many unnecessary things. You can put them separately in your zip-lock plastic so they will be protected from leaking liquid in your bag.
  6. It is recommended to bring money belt so you can put necessary items such as passports, hand phone, headsets, ATM cards, and cash in it. Money belt is more accessible and practical to bring anywhere you go. It also minimizes the risk from getting pickpocketed during your travel.

To make your things easily brought, you need to choose the right bag. If you are backpacking, it’s recommended to use backpack instead of suitcase. Backpack is more practical and easy to bring anywhere without so much hassle. It is also doesn’t require too much space so it is convenient for you. Make sure to include all essential yet forgettable things to bring for traveling to start your journey for memorable and convenient experience.

Bali Honeymoon Villas for New Romantic Married Couple

Bali honeymoon villas – Yes, I am going to talk about the villa in Bali for honeymoon’s purpose. Especially for the new married couple who wants to stay at the luxury, high privacy and of course a romantic villa so your honeymoon will be experienced at its best and unforgettable. I’ve never writing about this before, but through this article you may see the different point of views that I had. And they might be really helpful for the “just married” couple when travelling in Bali.

There are many of the existing Bali honeymoon villas and hotels. Even this concept is adopted by many of the villas so that there will be many of the guests interesting in using their services. But I won’t talk about which are them, and simply focusing on the best one that I am in love with.

The Bali honeymoon villas I am talking about is provided by the Hu’u Villas that is located in the heart of Seminyak. About 2 minutes walk to the beach in case you want it, and I am really sure that you will really love it for adding the romantic nuances when you are walking on the white sands with the one you love or while enjoy the sun sets on the west.

For your romantic moment in Bali with your lover, the Hu’u Villas itself is offering the Honeymoon Package by using its 1 bedroom villa for 3 days and 2 nights for around USD 990++. You may needs to check this Bali honeymoon villas in their site or continue your reading for other beneficial facilities.

Some of the itineraries you could experience while honeymoon are the sparkling wine welcome and a romantic room setup. I may will skip the wine since I don’t drink it anymore for years, but knowing about the room setup itself makes me wondering and curious about it. You need to the be surprised with the atmosphere, right? And also included with the lunch at Made’s Warung, 2 hours lotus spa treatment which really can’t be missed at all and getting more romantic with the candle light dinner plus its acoustic music performance. Sounds like you need to get this Bali honeymoon villas right away.

Daily breakfast is also available and you will also get the complimentary access to club events at Hu’u Bar
and Canggu Club membership access. You and couple will be spoiled with many interesting itineraries for your romantic vacation purpose.

Now, let’s see about the Bali honeymoon villas itself. The 1 bedroom villa I have mentioned earlier.

Bali honeymoon villa

The image above is the 1 bedroom loft’s exterior from Hu’u Villas with the private pool and a greenery support at its walls. Just by seeing the above image, it have made us feeling warm and excited at the same time. You won’t believe how is the interior looks like. A really best and recommended Bali honeymoon villas for celebrating the marriage in here. You will not need to worry about the privacy as well. Totally private.

Anyway, although this is the only offered package related to the honeymoon activities, you could also choose other available villas such as the 2 bedroom or even 3 bedroom penthouse to get the most of your Bali honeymoon villas.

So far, there is nothing that I know related to the other Bali honeymoon villas. That is why I simply written down about this one.

The Best Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea has claimed themselves as one of the most influential countries especially due to the Kpop sensation. However, South Korea is not only famous for its entertainment business but also for their attractive sites which have drawn lots of tourist from local and international. There are lots of great places to visit in South Korea. Therefore, if you have a plan to visit this lovely country anytime soon then you’d better prepare and decide which sites you want to visit during your trip since there are many of them.

Places to visit in South Korea during your trip

  • Seopjikoji is located in Jeju Island. It is the best site for those who are looking for serene and romantic place. The promontory on the coast along with yellow rape attracts every eyes. The colorful environment is just a charm you can’t resist once you land your feet on this famous island.
  • Yong-san River is also a favorite site for tourist, even for the locals. South Korea is famous for its Han River but Yoong-san River also has its own beauty to appreciate. The 132 kilometer in length cycle path is just mesmerizing. It stretches from Damyang to Mokpo. Have a peaceful walk along the path will just bring serenity to your trip.
  • Haeundae Beach is located in the southern port city of Busan, of the largest cities in South Korea. This is one of the most favorite beaches which are always flocked with visitors. You can enjoy Polar Bear festival which is always held in January. The number of participants in this festival keeps increasing by year.
  • Namsan Seoul Tower is the most favorite places to visit in South Korea especially for youngster. It is actually a communication and observation tower which is located on Mt. Namsan. This tower is famous even to international tourists because it’s often mentioned in many Kdramas. The attraction is when you see the panoramic views from the top.
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace is also a must visit place is South Korea you can’t be missed. It is located in the northern side of South Korea and is called Northern Palace. The building in this palace is still traditional and original. You can even visit the museum inside the palace to take a better look at historical sides of South Korea.
  • Gwangjang Market is a heaven for foodies. In this market, you will be able to taste lots of Korean street foods you’ve been craving for. Various foods you can try are bibimbap, bindaetteok, sundae, gimbap, tteobokki, and many more.
  • Noryangjin Fish Market is another attraction you can find in South Korea. This is a market specialized in seafood variety such as octopus, snow crab, abalone, and many more. If you crave for fresh seafood then this is the best place to go. You can buy your favorite seafood and bring them to the restaurant located just on the first floor in the market to be cooked. No wonder this is one of the best places to visit in South Korea.

How To Plan Bali Scuba Diving Holiday Efficiently

Your holiday schedule messed up? This often happens when there is no proper preparation. You will miss many opportunities to see the best destinations. How to plan your next vacation? Dive? Looks like a good idea! Where are beautiful and amazing diving spots? Bali!

Plan and Enjoy Bali

Bali scuba diving holiday if the planned result will be satisfactory. You will not only be exploring under the stunning Bali hills! Many other tourist destinations that you can enjoy after completing scuba diving in Bali.

The location of diving spots in Bali is quite far away. You need transportation and a guide to reach it. You have to rent a boat to the point of dive from the shoreline. Diving guides are also important. They know the conditions and weather under the sea appropriately. This will be a safe dive for you.

Bali scuba diving packages are not something hard to find. Offering various dive centers in Bali makes it easy to compare dive packages. Do not be fooled scuba diving Bali packages cheap! Pay attention to the instructors’ certificates first. PADI certified dive instructors are a must.

PADI organization provides training for instructors well. The dive instructors are able to guide the dives safely. They trained to solve problems and make quick decisions while diving. Their reviews and reviews that once took dive packages in Bali are the best way. One of the best reviews for dive center in Bali is Dune Atlantis.

Dune Atlantis best deal Bali scuba diving holiday will make your dream come true. Dune Atlantis offers a planned package so you do not waste time. You just adjust the date, time and day of diving you want. Dive spot spotters are also available in several options. For professional divers, day and night dive packages are available.

Bali scuba diving holiday is the time when you enjoy your holiday destination comfortably. No need to worry about your holiday schedule messed up. Dune Atlantis helps you organize every dive session. After completing the dive, you will have plenty of time enjoying other interesting tourist destinations.

Do not be fooled cheap dive packages! You will regret throwing that for a cheap dive package. A little witty and wise to choose diving packages is a must if you do not want to spend a double budget. The best satisfaction is enjoying the dives safely and comfortably. Selection of a dive center is exactly the best.

Find Out Common Travel Mistakes

Travel mistakes

There are common travel mistakes you need to know so you can avoid unnecessary hassle during your travel. There is no such thing as perfect travel or perfect travelers. They are all bound to makes mistakes. However, mistakes are meant to be learnt and those can be avoided. Every individual experience different moment on their traveling. However, no one wants to repeats the same mistake while enjoying their precious travel. Therefore, there is no hurt to find out common mistakes happen during travel experienced by most travelers. You will find it helpful to get you hassle-free travel.

Common travel mistakes you need to know

Some travelers like to spend their time preparing before going to travel. Others tend to like spontaneous travel which doesn’t involve thorough plan making in the process. However, no matter how prepare you are, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. Sometimes, people learn from their experience. When they experience one mistake, they try hard not to fall for the same mistake. Here are common mistakes in travelling you need to know:

  1. One of the most common mistakes is to not tightening your toiletries products caps all the way. All liquid, cream, and gel products are prone to burst especially when you didn’t tighten the caps well. It can be a hassle when they burst and the content spread all over your bag. This looks like a small mistake but it’s indeed a mood-killer for your travelling.
  2. The next common mistakes in travelling is over packing. It is understandable that you are worried about what you need to bring. Sometimes, it ends up in what you ‘want’ to bring instead. It leads you to pack unnecessary things in your bag.
  3. One of the most common travel mistakes is skipping to buy something you like. In the middle of your travel, sometimes you are interested to but certain object which you can’t find in another place. However, you think too hard and decide to not buying it. However, it’s a mistake because when you fail to buy it, it will haunt you for the rest of your travel even when you get back home.
  4. The next common mistake is to not changing money at the airport. This can be a real hassle when you travel overseas. You have chance to change money at the airport so you can buy anything in your destination. However, lots of travelers sometime forget this important step.
  5. Another common mistakes in travelling is too afraid to try something new such as trying street foods. Eating street foods won’t make you die. If the local eat it and they are fine then there is no reason you are paranoid of food poisoning.
  6. One of the most common travel mistakes is to rely on guidebook too much. It is understandable to be well-planned but sometimes it will suffocate you. You can do more by not relying on it too much though. It is better to pull a suggestion or two from the guidebook and make your travelling more memorable by yourself.

Komodo Island Diving: 3 Reasons Why You Need It

The sea currents at Komodo Island and also at many of Flores Islands are quite well-known as they are pretty much strong. So with the waves. But, the underwater life is too beautiful to be missed. Many of tourists have been coming for diving since the Komodo Island itself have became one of the best and diving area and destination in Indonesia. For example, let’s say, the Batu Bolong that is included into part of the Komodo National Park as one of the favourite dive spot among the divers around the world. Komodo Island diving is really needs to be in your list for the next traveling.

Diving at Komodo Island, why you need it?

Since you are going to read about the Komodo Island diving, I have gathering some reasons for it. Why you need to experience it someday. To be exact, there are 3 reasons and one or two of them may sounds like general thing, meaning that not focusing on the Komodo Island itself. I am doing this because there is a big chance that you will not only come to one island, but even more than that. But, the other islands still part of Komodo National Park or the Flores Islands (East Nusa Tenggara) as a whole.

1. Great snorkeling and diving experiences

Province of East Nusa Tenggara is an archipelago and Komodo Island is in it as well. And such archipelagic territories, usually the underwater world has the various type of coral reefs and marine biota. Sometimes, by just simply snorkeling, may it enough for you to join with the Nemos and other small fishes that are tame and clustered. Doesn’t it sounds a beautiful experience from the Komodo Island diving package?

Diving at Komodo Island

The recommended locations for that are at Pink Beach where you know that there are only about hundreds beach like that in the world, at Namo beach, and Satonda Island that is so exotic as well.

Beside that, you can also experience the Komodo Island diving to monitor or see the Mantas at Manta Point’s dive site. If you are lucky enough, you may bumps into the mantas with the 8 meter in size. And even you can see them with barely naked eyes since sometimes they are swinging to the surface. At Manta Point, you will be swinging along with the mantas that might be surrounding you where this will be one of the rare experience you will likely to get.

The manta point itself is located close to another dive spot like Taka Makassar. Because of its famous in monitoring and meeting the mantas, many divers then calling it as the “Manta Kingdon.”

2. Amazing marine life

At East Nusa Tenggara as well as at the Komodo Island diving, there are many other luxury beside the above point when talking about the marine life. They are rich so much and the dive spots are not only what I have been mentioned above.

If you get your own Komodo Island diving package, you’d better ask your dive guide or tour operator about the best month for seeing the sharks, whales, sperm sharks, and many more rare species.

Komodo Island diving

One of the reason why there are so many marine life’s richness at Flores that also supporting the Komodo Island diving is because of the confluence of the hot and cold waters or currents. When both of the currents are converged, then there will be many fishes. So with the coral reefs and many marine biota that are growing well.

At Komodo National Park, it has becomes home for more than 1,000 species of fishes, 260 species of coral reefs, and 70 species of sponge fishes, the seals, 14 species of whales, dolphins as well as the turtles. So that, the Komodo Island diving is really needs to be considered.

3. Many areas dominated by the waters

To be exact, the Komodo National Park itself are mainly covered by the waters than its land. By this domination, I am really sure that it will be really support the marine life especially for Komodo Island diving package. Moreover, i have been mentioned above about the confluence of the 2 currents.

So, it is not surprising if there are many various species and what I have been informed above are only a few from what you could experience for the Komodo Island diving.

Benefits of Travelling You Need to Know

Travelling is how to gain some fun and thrilling experiences. It has been a desire of most people to explore around new places. There are many benefits of travelling you can get so it’s not always about spending your money or time while you’re free from your duty. Travelling s much more than that. If travelling is only about have some fun and spend money, people won’t get addicted to it. There are more of travel which can lead people to want the experience more and more. No matter how often they travel, the thrill of experiencing new culture in new places always bring priceless moments.

Benefits of travelling you can get

The basic benefits you will gain from travelling are new experiences, new stories, and new friends. Exploring new places will bring you more memories to remember for your life. Aside from psychological benefits by gaining happiness and fun, travelling also benefits your physical health. To elaborate more on the benefits of travel, here are more of them:

  • The first reason why people love travelling is because they can be free from their routine hassle. Thus, they gain more peace of mind even though it;s temporary. At least, you can release all your stress and tension while travelling.
  • Travelling also helps you to learn more about how the world works. You will get to learn many new things such as new and different culture, societies, and many more. With thus experience, you will be more open-minded. Therefore, you won’t be a judgmental and see everything with different point of views.
  • One of the benefits of travelling is to improve your communication and social skills. You meet new people while travelling and you have more chance to interact with them. You will be able to learn how to act around people with different manner according to the local customs.
  • Travelling will also benefit for your dependency, you will learn how to be independent and responsible for your choice. You will have to rely on your own skills in solving problem. You will also get to decide yourself what’s best for you.
  • By travelling you will improve your confidence level. You will have more experience to cope any obstacles you face. Besides, travelling means real life education. You will learn how real life is much broader than you think.
  • Travelling will also help to improve your physical health because you will actively move your body for good by walking and stuffs. Besides, travelling can relieve your stress so your mood will be much better. It will lead to healthier body.
  • If you travel with your friends or family, it will help to strengthen your bonds. Creating memories together will make you get closer to each other.

Travelling can be the best time for you to get to know yourself. Self-discovery is what people seek from travelling because you will find yourself in different situation from your daily life. Get yourself benefits of travelling and start planning your schedule.