Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

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Sundanese foods are popular cuisines from West Java. If you think of West Java, you might be reminded of Bandung, the hottest tourist destination. However, West Java is more than just Bandung. Hence, the cuisine is very rich and diverse. There are so many delicious Sundanese foods too good to skip during your visit to West Java, Indonesia. 

Most Popular Sundanese Foods You Should Try

The best of Sundanese foods you must try

Sundanese foods are characterized by their rich flavors ranging from sour, spicy, sweet, and even bitter. Another special aspect from Sundanese is the use of raw, fresh vegetables called lalapan in almost every serving, along with Sambal. And here are most recommended Sundanese foods for you to try:


Gepuk is almost similar to beef jerky. It is commonly found in West Java and has savory and light sweet flavor. The cow meats are very tender and easy to rip because it is cooked for hours. Also, the meat is marinated with various spices and herbs to make it taste richer and smell divine. Bay leaves, tamarind, and galangal are some of the spices used to make gepuk. Also, the secret to tender meat is not only from the process of simmering but also from the beating and smashing done before being simmered. 

Nasi Timbel

This is like a complete package of rice dish that represents Sundanese cuisine. This dish consists of steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves, various raw veggies or lalapan, sambal, fried tempeh and tofu, and fried chicken, and sayur asam. The banana leaves are steamed or barbecued to make them smell more mouth-watering. 


This is popular snack many youngster Sundanese enjoy when they are hanging out with friends. Batagor stands for Bakso Tahu Goreng, or translated into fried meatball and tofu. The meatball is made from ground fish meat, starch, salt, pepper, and spring onion. It is then stuffed into tofu and deep-fried until crispy. Then, they are cut into small pieces and added with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and lime juice. Slices cucumber is also added along with Sambal to add more spiciness. 


Combro is another popular snack in West Java. The main ingredients to make combro include grated cassava and oncom. The grated cassava is shaped into medium balls then filled with oncom that has been cooked with various spices. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is a combination of savory, sweet, and spicy making it perfect for a company of tea or coffee. 

Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi is skewered mutton or beef marinated with variety of spices and aromatic herbs. Coriander and ginger are the main stars that enrich the flavor of this satay. The meat is grilled over medium heat and presented with pickled and soy sauce while mostly satay in Indonesia is poured with peanut sauce. Hence, Sate Maranggi has its own flavor that standout. It is best served with steamed rice and many locals enjoy it for lunch or dinner. You can find this Sundanese dish in many street vendors even outside West Java.