Guide To Avoids Komodo Dragon’s Bite

The animals on Komodo Island are not caged, which provides a wonderful opportunity to witness the komodo dragon in its natural habitat. But it also comes with risks, which travelers must be aware of in order to avoid. The following are the most important tourist tips.

The Komodo dragons fight for prey. The Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis, is the biggest living lizard in the world. On island Rinca. Indonesia.

Trekking Komodo island with a Local Guide

You are free to walk across Komodo Island National Park on your own. Using the services and experience of a local guide, on the other hand, is far safer. Despite its poor vision, the lizard’s sense of smell is quite acute. It has generally noticed you before you have had a chance to detect him. 

The Komodo dragon can also be found hidden in bushes or in the shade behind stilt dwellings. Young Komodo dragons are capable of climbing trees. They actually prefer to rest in the shady parts of trees. A guide is more aware of these issues and always brings a special long stick to fight off an attack. As a result, stick close to the guide or ranger at all times.

Don’t Go to the Park by yourself

When the Komodo dragon is hunting for a meal, they prefers to choose a target that is alone, even human. This boosts the lizard’s chances of success. It’s also crucial to stick to the park’s designated hiking trails. You run the risk of coming too close to a komodo dragon if you depart these trails.

Maintain a safe distance with Komodo dragon

When you (and your guide) are at a safe distance from the komodos, it’s also crucial to avoid making any unexpected movements that can startle the lizard. This has the potential to start an attack.

Run in a zigzag pattern to find a stilted house instead of straight.

Although you should avoid unexpected actions like fleeing. You may feel compelled to run as fast as you can in the event of an actual attack. Unfortunately, despite their appearance of being lethargic and sleepy, komodo dragons are quick runners who can easily achieve speeds of 18 kilometers per hour. The Komodo dragon, fortunately, can only run straight ahead.

As a result, if you sprint in a zigzag, the dragon will quickly abandon the chase because it is an inconvenient move for him. If you come upon a stilted house, you must instantly ascend the steps because the komodo is incapable of doing so. Keep in mind that these lizards prefer the shade beneath these dwellings. If they detect a human approaching quickly (running), they may go into battle mode. Climbing into a tree is not recommended because the younger Komodo dragons can still reach you.

Make as little noise as possible.

Despite its poor vision, the komodo dragon possesses an excellent sense of smell and hearing. If make a lot of noise, you may either attract a hungry lizard or disturb them, causing them to attack if they feel threatened.

Perfume is not permitted, and menstruating women are not permitted.

Because the Komodo dragon has such a keen sense of smell, it is best not to apply perfume around it. Women who are menstruating are not permitted to visit the Komodo dragons. The lizards can detect even the tiniest trace of blood and will be attracted to it as prey.

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Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic
Exploring Bali, Nusa Penida & Lombok Dive Spots With Private Boat Charter

Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

The Wayag Islands are located in the northern part of Waisai. Wayag can be reached for 3-5 hours by fast boat. The turquoise water will make the tired journey pay off completely. Clusters of islands and karst hills will be seen from a distance. This unusual scenery has become a Raja Ampat iconic. The thing that is usually done while on vacation to Wayag island is trekking to the top of the karst hill. You can see the beautiful scenery of Wayag Indonesia from a height.

Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

But travelers also need to be careful when they want to climb to the top of Wayag. The hill is still in the form of a cliff with natural karst rocks, there are no tools to climb it. 

Travelers who go up must be full of concentration and support the body firmly. If it’s fast, just 30 minutes of trekking have arrived at the top. It’s challenging, but in fact, the view above Wayag makes all the efforts pay off.

Spending your day on Wayag island 

One of Raja Ampat’s 12 Marine Protected Areas is Wayag. As a result, it is staffed by community rangers who are responsible for patrolling the area for illicit fishing and inappropriate visitor conduct. For two weeks each year, every man in the villages of Salio and Selpepe works as a ranger. This is a magnificent monument to the community’s unwavering commitment to preserving the area’s breathtaking natural resources.

Because the terrain is quite steep, travelers also can’t always come to Wayag. You have to pay attention to the weather conditions first. If it’s the rainy season, it’s better to come at another time.

How to get there?

Wayag can be accessed from Sorong City by taking a fast boat to Waisai. The journey takes about two hours. Then from Waisai to the Wayag Islands the travel time is about four to five hours.

Stop for a moment on an island to pay for the entrance ticket to the Wayag Islands. The ticket has been determined by custom and in collaboration with the local government.

Live onboard is one way that many tourists take to reach Wagag island. You not only visit Wayag but also reach many destinations in Raja Ampat including the best diving spots. Diving lovers, of course, take the sailing route to explore the spectacular and challenging underwater world of Raja Ampat. Plan your Wayag island tour and embark on your adventure both land and underwater. 

Tips To Travel Comfortably While On Your Periods

Lots of people being a woman is full of restrictions of fully enjoying what you like especially when you are on your period. But being a woman and having period doesn’t have to stop you from making the most of epic adventure in your life. Yes, it can be pretty uncomfortable to travel around places during periods for women. However, there are preventive actions you can take to stay comfy and adventurous. 

Stay comfortable on your period while having the best adventure of your life 

It is important for women all around the world to remember that menstrual cycle is not a sign of weakness. It is just part of being a woman. And here are some tips you can do to prevent yourself from having your travel ruined while on your menstrual cycle:

Be prepared for emotional roller coaster

For some women, it is pretty common to experience menstrual blues before or during period. It is different experience from one woman to another but it is mostly a mood swing, irritability, excessive sadness, etc. If you are familiar with these feelings and sure that you are going to experience them, prepare your ammunition. If you usually get better after eating a chocolate bar then pack some of them for your trip. If your mood lifted after listening to music then stock your favorite songs into your phone. 

Pack what you need

If you are sure that you are going to have your period right before or during your travel plan, it is best to make some preparation. Equip yourself with adequate specific menstrual products. If you used to wearing pads during period, then pack them. If you used to wear menstrual cup, then place it in your bag. Also, you may need some menstrual medication if your period is usually painful. Painkillers are necessary to reduce the pain or cramp you experience on your stomach during period. If you don’t like medicine, try natural approach such as drinking chamomile tea. 

Pack comfortable clothes

Being on your period sometimes makes you feel less confident because you are worried that your white dress might get accidently stained. Aside from that reason, most women feel more comfortable to wear loose or baggy clothes during period. It is said to help a lot in reducing cramp. Wear clothes that you feel the most comfortable of be it big pants, long skirt, etc. If you are worried about your clothes getting stained, stick to dark-colored clothes. 

Flying comfortably during your period

Taking a long-haul flight can cause various of discomforts especially when you are on your period. Experiencing cramp in such a limited space with the lack of adequate necessities can be frustrating. To prevent and reduce discomforts, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Choose an aisle seat so you can manoeuvre easier if you need to go to the toilet for changes or something. Also, avoid foods that potentially worsen your discomforts such as spicy foods or dairy. Opt for light, healthy delicious foods to lighten you up during the flight.

Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

Hiking is fun activity but can also be an extreme one for some people due to the risks of getting hurt and the trails . For those seasoned hikers, it is probably just a matter of common sense when it comes to safe hiking. However, the reality is that even experienced travelers can find themselves in bad situations due to many reasons. For the beginners, it may be lack of knowledge about hiking itself. And for seasoned travelers, it may be lack of research on the trails they are going to venture. 

How to stay safe during your hikes

Sometimes, a serious accident may happen just because of small things. For example, light rain make the trails more slippery which cause hikers to stumble over then injure themselves pretty bad. Most problems during hikes are preventable, and here are some of essential tips for safer hikes:

How to stay safe during your hikes

Always plan for an overnight

Regardless if you plan only to plan for a day hike without sleeping in the woods, you still need to make preparation like you are going to have an overnight. It is better to be prepared rather than being suck alone without anything to help you survive. If you are a beginner, try not to worry too much about spending the night in the woods. It may only cause you to try finishing your trails as fast as possible, making you more of a careless hiker and get injured. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and know what to expect and ready for the worst. 

Always inform someone where you are going 

Even if you plan on hiking with a buddy, it is best to let other people know about your plan, especially your close family or friends. Inform them of when you are going to return so they know when to ask for help if something bad happen to you. It is also highly recommended that you make an itinerary that is filled with your schedule and planned routes for the hike. Then, give a copy to your family or friends. Also, write your vehicle’s number and colors, and the list of people going with you. It will be easier to attempt a rescue when you have detailed information.

Always do a research in advance

No matter how seasoned you are with hiking, always research your trails. Make sure that you know your destination, routes, and alternative routes. Learn more about the layout of your hikes with your buddy. Make sure that the trails are safe enough for you to hike. Also, it is best to consider the weather and the current situation before going for a hike located in somewhere faraway from your home. 

Prepare yourself

It is also important to prepare yourself and make sure that you are in good condition for a  hike with the trails you already researched. Then, pack essentials and necessities to help you through the hikes safely and comfortably. Always pack first-aid kit, snacks, and water for your hike. And remember to not interact with wildlife during your hike. 

Staying in Villa Ubud Bali Starter Pack

Staying in Villa Ubud Bali Starter Pack

Ubud, Bali, is famous for its huge wildernesses studded with beautiful waterfalls, charming rice fields, and loads of religious temples. It’s the perfect spot to unwind during your vacation to the “Island of the Gods.” There’s nothing like Ubud which can come up with its unique vibe; a mix of Balinese strong tradition, ancient temples, culture infused in crafts and dance, jungles, terraced rice paddies, vegan living, yoga, with western cafes and restaurants—all create a very distinct ambience that no other region could replicate. You’ll have a good notion of how to make the most of your time in Ubud! The town has a reputation for being calmer than the island’s south, notably in terms of nightlife. And of course, you need to stay in a villa while in Ubud to get real in touch with the pristine Bali culture, nature, and the locals!

What Do You Need While Staying in A Villa Ubud Bali? 

What Do You Need While Staying in A Villa Ubud Bali?

Pocket Wifi or 4G SIM Card

Most villas and resorts in Ubud has their own wifi, but sometimes the connection are rocky. You’ll still need internet when you’re walking around, so it’s a good idea to purchase a pocket wifi. There are a lot of options when it comes to pocket wifi for travellers—just look up to the internet! You can also opt the 4G local sim card and buy any data package that suits your need. Our personal favourite are Telkomsel and XL, which signal coverage is good in Ubud. But you can always try other providers!

Light and Breathable Clothes

Bali is humid and sometimes, even in Ubud it can be quite hot. It’s always a good idea to pack more light and breathable clothes for convenient travel in Ubud. 

Balinese Sarong or Kain

As centre of culture and tradition, it’s no wonder if Ubud is home to several main temples and sacred Hindu bath house in Bali. Prepare Balinese sarong so you can pay your respect to sacred sites!

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Where to Stay in Ubud

Choosing where to stay in Ubud may be difficult in a town packed with the most beautiful luxury resorts nestled away within lush rainforests, affluent villas, boutique hotels, and hip hostels. So here are our three recommendations of nice private villa in Ubud that you might like!

A Fully Serviced Villa Ubud Bali by K-Club Villa

A Fully Serviced Villa Ubud Bali by K-Club Villa

K-Club Ubud, one of the best villa resort in Ubud Bali, is located in Jalan Raya Cebok, Kadisan Tegalalang, which is just few minutes away from the renown Tegalalng rice terraces. This villa has four spacious ensuite bedrooms, with one extra bathroom outside. It also has living and dinign area facing the private pool, which opens to amazing rice paddy view. As a guests, you will be able to participate in calming morning yoga session, enjoy the luxury of private spa, flower bath and fine dining in the afternoon. 

Luxurious Tropical Villa Surrounded by Jungles 

Luxurious Tropical Villa Surrounded by Jungles

This gorgeous luxury villa nestled in a hill, featuring an infinity pool overlooking lush Balinese jungle. Nestled in the highlands of Bali and surrounded by rainforest and terraced rice paddies, previous guests enjoy the cool weather while staying in the villa. Previous guests enjoy wonderful tropical garden in the villa, the privacy, and relaxing Bali style indoor and al-fresco living. 

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Sustainable Wooden House Villa

Sustainable Wooden House Villa

Find yourself away from the hustles and bustles of Bali’s busy road at this sustainable wooden house. Build with sustainable living concept, this villa Ubud features rain harvesting tools that collect rain waters and recycle it for bath and toilet water. The wooden material, triangle hut model, and elevated floor make this villa particularly unique. No one will guess that inside the triangle hut is two level floor with three bedrooms, spacious dining area, large kitchen, and bathtub inside. 

About Travelling With Pets You Should Consider

Pets have become our family members so leaving them while we have to travel abroad sound so heart-breaking. It is worst when you don’t have people who you can trust to keep them while you are away. It might not be a problem if you travel by your own vehicle. But it is different story when you have to take air travel. Taking your pet with you can cost a lot and you need to consider many factors to take them safely with you. 

About Travelling With Pets You Should Consider

Don’t leave your pet with friends or families

It can be a good solution if your trip is considered short, but if it is a long one, there is a risk that your pet destroy your friend or family’s furniture, cause an in-house accidents, or damage their floors, causing you to pay for the expensive cost. It is also possible for your pet to get sick or injured while you are away. The easier choice sometimes falls to bringing your pet with you. 

Things to consider when travelling with pet

it is strongly suggested that you find out more information regarding to the intended airline carrier’s live pet guidelines and added charges before booking your flight. You need to determine if your pet will fly in cargo, as excess baggage, or in-cabin. 

Shipping your pets safely when travel with them

Shipping your pets safely when travel with them

Basically, there are three ways you can travel with you pets as mentioned earlier. 

First, your animal can travel with you in the cabin or in the cargo hold. They will be considered as excess or accompanied baggage. It means, they will be charged as such. However, not all airlines offer this option and some even have stricter restrictions of what breeds that can fly. To travel in cabin, pet should weigh less than 15 pounds including the carrier’s weight. 

You can book your pet on separate flight and you will be charged the cargo rate. It is usually more expensive than the first option and not all airlines offer this option either. 

You can use a service from a licensed commercial shipper to get your pet from one location to another. You will be charged the cargo rate and the shipper’s charge. Unless your pet is compact enough to be placed in the cabin, many airlines require this option for your pet transportation. 

Consider the weather before travelling with your pet

Keep in mind that some airlines don’t allow travel in the cargo hold during certain parts of the years due to weather. The cargo can be too hot or cold which is not an ideal place to fly your pet. Flying can be very stressful for pets so make sure your pet will be comfortable to sit, sleep, stand, and turn around in a sturdy carrier if you consider putting them in a cargo. Remember to always follow regulations as well as call and check in advance to ensure you can travel with your pet safely. 

How To Fully Relax When Travelling

How To Fully Relax When Travelling

Is it possible to relax when travelling? If you travel to just relax then what’s the point? These kind of questions might confuse some people. However, it doesn’t have to be like that because travel is personal preference. You can enjoy your travel your way as long as you don’t leave bad impact to your surroundings. As for relaxing during travel, it is possible. That’s what vacation for right? You can love vacation and hate travelling at the same thing. 

Stay relaxed during travel

It is possible for you to dislike travelling a lot especially if you tend to stress out on the road. However, just because you don’t like travelling doesn’t mean you cannot fully enjoy your relaxing vacation. And here are some tips for you to stay relaxed during your trip:

What make you feel anxious?

What make you feel anxious?

Find out the things that make you feel anxious or stressed out. It can be about the fear of flight. Meeting strangers, unsure of your safety, etc. Then, try to reason with yourself because even though it is not easy but it’s worth a try. At least it makes you feel more aware of yourself. You know what triggers you and if you can, avoid it during travel so you won’t stress out. 

Always have enough water and snacks with you

Sometimes, the reason of you being so anxious or restless is low blood sugar. When you are dehydrated or hungry, it is easy to suffer from mood swings. You are getting irritated over small things. This applies to both adult and children. Before travel, make sure to pack enough water and snacks in your bag so you can stay hydrated and replenish your body when needed. 

Self distraction

Try to distract yourself with something if you feel listless during travel even without any trigger. You can play a simple game on your phone, watch some movies, or listen to some music. Choose the one that can make you feel relaxed the most. 

Self pampering

Self pampering

To ease your mind during travel, pamper yourself to the top by going to a spa so you can the well-deserved massage after your body going through a lot. You can also do some yoga or meditation to keep yourself relaxed and at peace of mind. You can also eat what you crave the most to keep yourself in good mood.

Block the surrounding

Sometimes, the reason of you being unable to fully relax is the people around you during travel. You might get a loud seatmate or rude roommate. If this the case, use something to block the noise such as using headphone to listen to some relaxing music. If you are not comfortable to have a roommate especially strangers on your trip, book accommodation that suits your need in advance. 

Drink up!

Some people also have a drink to help themselves relax. However, you need to be careful not to get drunk because being drunk in unfamiliar place puts your safety at risk especially if you travel alone. Also, avoid taking pills either and choose natural approach instead. 

The Spectacular Three Wreck Diving in Bali

All Three Different Wreck Diving in Bali

Submerging down to the darkness of the sea and seeing immense body of wreckage lying in the ocean floor really evokes a wonder. Shipwrecks is really a fascinating attraction under the sea. In the yonder years, wreckages of a ships was always associated with stories of sunken treasures—motivating treasure seekers to explore deepest water for finding gems and valuables. Today, the most valuable treasure of wrecks is the coral blooms that take over the ship, the marine animals that call it home, and the story of the wrecks that inspire a sense of awe. Wreck diving has been one of the most popular thing to do in Bali. If you’re a diver, the Tulamben, Kubu Boga, and Japanese wrecks should sit in the top of your Bali bucket list. Here’s some of the best tips to make your wreck diving Bali experience unforgettable. 

All Three Different Wreck Diving in Bali 

Legends aside, shipwrecks is actually very diverse. Shipwrecks doesn’t have to be the remnants of wooden colonial ships. It can encompass all kind of vessels—from mega cruisers to cargo ships and fishing vessels, and everything in between. 

The USAT Liberty

The Spectacular Three Wreck Diving in Bali

Bali itself hold the treasure of three wreckages on its shoreline. One is the famous Tulamben wreck, a war cargo ship named USAT Liberty from the World War II era. The ally’s ship was torpedoed by the Japanese and forced to be beached in the coastline of Tulamben. Twenty one years later, Bali’s Mount Agung erupted and the earthquake sent the vessel to slip off the beach—sliding down in sand slope under the water. The ship’s highest point is now at a depth of 5 meters while the lowest point sits on 30 meters below the surface. 

Japanese Wreck

Not too far from Tulamben, lies the Japanese Wreck in Amed. The origin story of this wreck is not too clear and no one really know how the wreck got there. No one even sure that it’s really was a Japanese boat—the Japanese-style toilet on the tug was the only indicator. This small wreck rest in just 5 meters below the water and it’s the absolute joy for divers and snorkelers! It’s totally covered by large gorgonian fans, blooming corals, sponges, and busy marine lives that flourish around the vessel. 

The Kubu Boga Wreck

Third is the Kubu Boga wreck, named after the village of where the wreck was sunk. Unlike the other two, this particular wreck was donated and purposefully sunk to promote marine growth and diving attraction. Most of the ship are still intact and has nice area to go explore the inside of the wreck!

Plan Your Underwater Shoot for Wreck Diving Bali 

Plan Your Underwater Shoot

One can submerge to the wreck and end up with just a standard picture of themselves with the wreck. Others, however, go down with clear plans and surface with nat-geo worthy of shoots. You don’t actually need all the cool and sophisticated cameras to capture stunning wreck photography. All you need are wide angle lens, high ISO settings, the right lighting, and some prior research to get familiar with the wreck’s shape. 

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Prepare Extra Security Tools

Though most of wreck diving in Bali are located in considerably shallow water, prepare extra security tools. Wreck diving are known for being more challenging than regular diving as it can be pitch black inside. Bring in extra torch would be very helpful in case your light fails, so you won’t get lost while exploring the wreck. 

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most visited places in Thailand and it is such a heaven because you can practically everything from foods to clothes. Shopping is probably one of the most sought experience by many tourists and travelers alike. Cheap items and bargains are not uncommon in Bangkok. However, it can be confusing or overwhelming to decide what items to purchase. 

Things to buy when visiting Bangkok

You can buy wide range of items in Bangkok from edible to non-edible ones. Foods, clothes, knick knacks, and everything are there ready for you to purchase. You may have to bargain to get the best deals and do not be shy to do it. However, do it with respect and if it is possible, bring your local friend so you know how to do it right and get your desired item with pretty low price. Here are things you won’t regret to buy when you come to Bangkok:

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Mama Tom Yum noodle is a must thing to buy when you visit Bangkok. Of course, Thailand is famous for their exquisite Tom Yum and you can have it at one of their stalls or restaurants. However, you can also buy the instant noodle version to enjoy the Tom Yum flavor at home with your family. The sour, spicy taste will only spike your taste bud. 

Thai silks and fabrics are also wonderful to buy that you won’t regret it. You can buy it as souvenir for friends or family at home. There are many options from the type of materials to the colors. Of course, they come in affordable price especially if you are expert at bargaining. 

Thai soap ornaments are all so pretty that you cannot resist. They are intricately carved by the locals creating beautiful shape. They are made of soap so the smells are just great. You don’t have to use it for bath. Instead, use it for decorative purpose. While it sits beautifully on your table, the fragrance is spreading wonderfully around the room.  

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Fried shallots are also a must-buy food when you are in Bangkok. It might be simple for foods and you can even say it is snack. However, the taste is wonderful. It is nutty, flavorful, and smell great. It is condiment you can use for various dishes. You can just sprinkle them on top of warm rice and the taste is so delightful. 

Royal Chitralada milk candy is also a must-buy food in Bangkok. It is popular and legendary snack for the locals. They say you are not Thai if you don’t know how it tastes. This simple snack taste yummy. The biscuits come in two different flavors. They are chocolate and original milk flavor. You can snack on it while watching movies with your friends. 

Colorful and authentic fairy lights are also favorite items many travelers in Bangkok look for. They come in various shape, color, and size you can choose. Some of them have authentic shape that you cannot find in other places.

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

After being locked down during COVID-19, the only thing you need now is to go on a vacation and forget about all the madness the COVID crisis has caused. So, what is the best holiday idea during COVID-19? Yes, a sailing holiday is all you need.  Renting a yacht is one of the great holiday ideas during COVID-19 and a way to have an adventure and easily maintain social distancing. Indonesia is often listed among the finest beach destinations on the planet, and it’s pretty easy to see why. A yacht charter in Indonesia is a good way to see one of the world’s greatest areas of natural beauty.

How safe will a yacht charter Indonesia for your next summer holiday?

Social distancing

Yacht charter Indonesia allows you to stay away from the crowds. A sailing holiday itself allows you to keep your distance from the crowds. Being on your private yacht, with your friends or family is all you need to have a fabulous holiday, whilst staying safe. With a yacht, you don’t have to be in overcrowded places. You can visit the beautiful island, private bays, and remote dive sites where no one else does. Moreover, you can enjoy a different destination every day, without having to pack a ferry to get from one place to another.

Yacht charter Indonesia is the safest holiday for family

Renting a yacht is ideal for friends or families who want to sail with their loved ones only and keeping their distance from others. On the boat, you can find numerous exciting things to do on a yacht and enjoy the holiday safely. For instance, diving, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling. Sailing holidays is also a perfect opportunity to form stronger bonds within the family.

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

Spend time relaxing and unwinding

The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental well-being. The deep blue ocean and the expansive views will help you unwind and recharge your mental health. Therefore, you can have the amazing experience of a lifetime with your friends or family. For an unplugged holiday, renting a yacht is the best holiday idea even during COVID-19.

You can personalize your holiday experience

With a yacht charter, you have the chance to control and plan your own holiday. You can plan your itinerary to avoid any crowded destination and arrange for services to spend your holiday safely. So, spend your time researching your exciting destination carefully. If you dream to travel and spend time with your loved one, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Then, renting a yacht in Indonesia gives you the freedom to do exactly that. In short, a sailing holiday is the ultimate fun adventure, and memories are made that last a lifetime.

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