Warm-Up Holidays at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

“Bali Warm-Up Vacations” allow people restricted to one hotel during a quarantine period to roam about more freely. The “Warm Up Vacation” provides quarantine guests access to a garden and a carefully-controlled variety of hotel services. As opposed to the more traditional quarantine confinement, which primarily isolates an arriving traveler to a room for the duration of the quarantine period. Nusa Dua beach resorts was designed specifically for international guests. Allowing them to isolate themselves at a certain hotel while staying within the hotel. This is to avoid feeling cooped up and quarantined by providing greater freedom of movement. In this way, quarantined travelers experience vacations for the “real” vacation starting after the quarantine period ends.

Warm-Up Holidays at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Nusa Dua Beach Resorts Warm Up Program

Beachfront resort Nusa Dua is required to have separate facilities reserved exclusively for quarantined travelers, such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and dining areas.

Hotel personnel who serve quarantine customers must stay in the property and have no contact with anyone outside the hotel.

Nusa dua beach resort & spa inside the Nusa Dua complex had designed individual packages varying in price and facilities. Three meals a day, separated beach access, a swimming pool, a mini-gym, dining areas, structured daily activities, two PCR testing, and a one-way airport shuttle are among the amenities available.

This program aims so that tourists do not feel they are undergoing quarantine in Bali. It’s to prepare for holidays in Bali and prevent the spread of Covid 19. This is different from the quarantine principle where tourists have to stay in their rooms all day. This program allows tourists to enjoy the facilities at Nusa dua beach resorts and enjoy the beach in the resort area.

Before you decide to vacation in Bali, don’t choose the wrong accommodation. Because not all hotels and resorts implement a warm-up vacation program system. Choosing the wrong hotel leads to you having to quarantine in your room without being able to enjoy hotel or resort facilities. 

Warm-Up Program Price

Tourists are certainly curious about the prices set for the programs set in Bali. For some resorts, the price offered is around 10-15 million for 5 days. Nusa dua beach resorts also provide rooms for employees who work at the resort with this program. The reason is that employees are not allowed to go home when serving guests who are undergoing quarantine. In the future, there will be many accommodations that will join the warm-up holiday program. There will be more choices for tourists to undergo quarantine without feeling in quarantine.

Plan Your Family Holiday Trip With These Useful Tips

Taking the entire family members with you for a holiday trip must be exciting. It is not every day that you can gather everyone to have fun travel. However, not many people are fond of family vacation because they see it a traumatizing. The fact is, it is not entirely wrong. Many families experienced nightmare for their family holiday trip, especially those who did it for the first time. However, multi-generational holiday trip can be planned to go smooth and enjoyable for everyone. 

Planning holiday trip with your big family

The reasons why family trip can be stressful are differences in interests, age groups, logistics, and many more. Planning such a big trip with the entire famili consisted of multi-generational groups of people is challenging but not impossible to make. Here are some useful tips you can consider for smooth family holiday trip:

Simple and better destination to choose

When it comes to choosing destination for multi-generational holiday trip, it is highly recommended to choose the one that is easy and cheap to fly to. In fact, the simpler the better should be your guide in finding the right destination. Going to places too far from your home can cause logistical issues you don’t want to deal with. Not to mention that it costs a fortune to fly to hard-to-reach destinations in such large groups of family. 

Find destination within driving distance

If you think taking flight for multi-generational trip is too much of a headache to plan, you can opt for destinations within driving distance. Even if it takes six to 12 hours drives, it is preferable than paying for five flights at once. It doesn’t cost as much and there are various conveniences to get from taking road trip. For example, you and your family can pull over anytime to have a toilet break, to stretch, or to have some snacks. 

Do it your own way

Your big family may consists of not only your immediate family members, but you also have those in-laws. It may cause differences in the way your family and in-laws plan the trip. Hence, it is better to decide planning trip based on your family’s style. You can discuss this to be this way and have everyone agreed to the plan. However, you can always listen to everyone’s input for a better travel experience. Choosing one particular way for planning the trip just aims to make it easier. 

Be mindful in choosing accommodation

Renting a big house for family trip is not always a great choice. It can be a logistical nightmare instead. It is because you have to think about who is going to cook for everyone, clean the house, etc. If the task is not delegated fairly, there will be some members who feel too exhausted to fully enjoy the trip and end up feeling resentful. Hence, it is recommended to rent individual rooms, condos, or separate Airbnbs to let everyone enjoy family times and private times peacefully.

A Retreat in Ubud: 7 Fine Things to Do in the Evening

A Retreat in Ubud: 10 Fine Things to Do in the Evening
Image credits: Instagram@inesagertoft.yoga

Ubud is a town in the heart of the terraced rice paddies surrounded by the beautiful Bali uplands. We all know Ubud is a source of daytime delight, but what we don’t know is that there are plenty of entertaining things to do in Ubud at night. It’s time to explore Ubud at night after spending a beautiful day in this charming town surrounded by rivers and tropical jungle. The nightlife in Ubud is a wonderful blend of modern city life with the wisdom and beauty of local culture. From enjoying a vibrant live music to relaxing in your own private villas, there’s a lots of things to see and do in Ubud at night. 

Get Social and Enjoy Some Live Music

It’s easy to see why Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, attracts a creative and talented crowds. That includes some of the island’s top musicians. Live music may be found in a variety of bars and restaurants, ranging from jazz and blues at Laughing Buddha Bar to eclectic world music at Bali Bohemia.

Wine Tasting in the Evening 

Wine Tasting in the Evening
Image credits: Instagram@bridgesbali

Spend an exquisite evening with a fine wine in hand. Come to the wine tasting at Bridges Bali and taste some good wine. The Bridges Bali is nestled in the arms of a lovely river valley, providing the ideal setting for a glass of wine. Bridges Bali also offers visitors a beautiful view of the valley and river from its upmarket restaurant. A glass of wine with this view, together with delectable food, live music, and good company, makes for a terrific evening. Attend their wine tasting masterclass to learn how to master the art of wine tasting.

Getting All Pampered with Night Spa

It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself when you’re on vacation in Bali. The wonderful Balinese atmosphere will help you rest and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. The main goal is to have a good time and create lasting memories. You’ll be wishing for the clock to stop ticking.

After a day of walking in all directions, you can unwind and rejuvenate in the spa at night. Walk to your favourite spa or call them for a private massage and flower bath to your Ubud villas for the ultimate private pampering. Then, get ready to sleep or watch some light movie before going to bed. It’s the perfect way to end the day.  

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A Romantic Dinner with Your Loved One

A Romantic Dinner with Your Loved One
Image credits: Instagram@folkubud

Ubud’s gorgeous natural setting is ideal for a romantic supper. This is an opportunity that no couple, young or old, should pass up. Local businessmen are well aware of the situation. As a result, finding upscale restaurants in Ubud will not be difficult.

La View, which has a private infinity pool, Riverside Sayan, which has a river valley view, and Folk, which impresses with its spectacular ambience of clash of cultures, are just a few of the restaurants worth visiting. You will have an extraordinary experience with flickering lights, a starry night sky, calming music, and excellent food. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to do it again in the future.

Enjoy the Nightfall in Your Ubud Villas Infinity Pool

Enjoy the Nightfall in Your Ubud Villas Infinity Pool
Image credits: Instagram@funnyhowsecret

You have an infinity pool in your private resorts villa in Ubud? Cool! Dip in the pool, see the sky change colors as it reflects on the still water, and have some good drinks in hand. It’s time to relax and enjoy the life.

A Magical Night Watching Balinese Traditional Dance

The temples and palaces of Ubud are great tourist attractions in the day. By night, many come alive with heartfelt performances. Royal Ubud Palace, for instance, becomes a stage for the magical Legong Dance every evening. The temple at Junjungan village offers Kecak fire dance performances after the sun goes down.

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Watch Movie in Ubud’s Local Vegan Cinema

Dubbed as the first raw vegan health food café and movie, the Paradiso is something you need to try. Paradiso is the world’s first organic, vegetarian, and vegan cinema, with an HD projector, a 25-meter (82-foot) screen, surround sound, and a comfortable lounge area with seats for up to 150 people. Get your drinks and GMO-free popcorn ready, then settle in for a night of full-fledged movie fun with your friends and family!

Best Family Activities To do When Travel Abroad

Travel to different country is exhilarating because there are many new things we can explore and try. It is even better if you can do it with the people you love such as families. However, overseas family holidays are not always something many people fond of. In fact, it is such a stressful event for some families. One of the most challenging part of it is planning for the activities. 

Best Family Activities To do When Travel Abroad

Activities to do for overseas family holidays

It is highly recommended to choose long-single flight instead of taking multiple flights for a trip abroad. It is to make everything more efficient so you and your big families don’t have to keep moving around. Also, it is best to plan everything to a T regardless how stressful it looks like. It is always better than having overseas family holidays without any plan at all. And here are some ideas for overseas family holidays you can consider:

Have great adventure in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world due to its natural wonders and beauty. It is not only a place for those who seek for romantic holidays. Those who seek for family-friendly activities can choose Bali as travel destination. One of the most recommended activities to do is visiting the Bali Treetop Adventure Park. This place is set in Bali’s largest botanical gardens. There are kid-friendly courses ziplines, climbing obstacles, rope swings, and many more you and your families can explore. 

Watch dolphin in Fiji, Japan

Japan is also very popular among any types of travelers. It is also a family-friendly destination for holidays. One of the most recommended activities to do is watch dolphin in Fiji. You can take off to the turquoise waters of Moon Reef. It is situated in the north-east coast of Fiji. You can see hundreds of dolphins having fun every day of the year around this location. You can take a boat accompanied by the guide to depart from the Takaluna Bay Resort. Spend few days here and see how meaningful and fun your overseas family holiday can be. 

Get a bumpy adventure in Dubai

Dubai is favorites for many travelers and tourists alike from all over the world. This is such a modern spot everyone from any ages can enjoy. This place is also family-friendly, accommodating to many family-friendly activities such as an adventure at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. You can book a tour and strap yourself tight for a bumpy adventure across desert. You and your families can enjoy the most stunning Arabian scenery from the comfort of 4WD. 

Safari in Africa

This activity must be one of the most exciting for kids. Africa is the best place where you get to experience the real wilderness. You and your entire families can enjoy watching animals in their own natural environment. You will be accompanied with knowledgeable guide to spot bathing elephants, exotic birds, sharp-eyed lions, towering giraffe, stampeding wildebeest, and many more. Book the right safari package for your family in advance.

Trip On Board To Komodo, The Ideal Way To Explore

The Komodo island boat trip was a once-in-a-lifetime event. It was an incredible experience to spend days touring islands, snorkeling, and sunbathing on deck till the sun sank on the horizon. You may admire the clear, starry sky till you fall asleep to the gentle swaying of the boat at night.

Trip On Board To Komodo, The Ideal Way To Explore

Choose Komodo island boat trip agency

A Komodo boat trip will make your vacation unforgettable. If you only visit Komodo Island for a day, it will not be enough. So, if you want the most excitement, the 3 Day Komodo Sail on Board offers a three-day, two-night open tour. Your first day will be spent walking to the summit of Kelor Island to take in the breathtaking views! Another island with a magnificent white beach and crystal clear sea may be seen.

Similar tours to Komodo National Park are available from a variety of companies. You can also book a private tour for a more deluxe experience if you’re ready to spend more. 

You may customize your sailing trip to Komodo Island to meet your schedule and select a tour that works for you. It’s even possible to take a single-day boat tour. However, because those cruises do not depart from Lombok, you must first travel to Labuan Bajo.

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Choosing an operator or travel agency is not as easy as we think. There are many important things that we must pay attention to in detail. Most travel operators do not provide detailed package information so in the end, the cruise trip is a bit disappointing.

Before choosing a Komodo cruise agency, there are several things you should pay attention to:

  • Type of tour is it open or private trip
  • Boat type is it standard, phinisi or yacht
  • Available cabin types, whether private, shared, or without cabins
  • Hot water availability
  • Air conditioning
  • maximum boat capacity
  • Is it allowed to bring food/drink
  • Destinations during the trip
  • Komodo tour prices

The pictures on the website are not all in accordance with reality. If you decide to choose a Komodo boat trip online, be sure to get a refund if the facilities and services do not match what they offer. Seeing firsthand the condition of the ship is indeed the best way for a satisfying vacation trip. 

It’s crucial to understand the sort of boat being utilized because it will give you an idea of the amenities, the number of people, cabin style, and the size of the boat you’ll be traveling and sleeping on.

Is It Possible For Sustainable Travel On Budget?

Sustainable travel is now promoted and encouraged to travelers around the world to help protect our environment from further damage. The main concern many people have with this trend of eco-friendly accommodation and overall travel experience is the price that the tour operators offer. Most of the times, you need to spend so much money on the concept of sustainable travel offered by tour operator. 

close-up partial view of person standing in city bus - public transportation

How can you travel sustainably without excessive spending?

The myths about sustainable travel being so expensive has been around since the initial stage of sustainable travel being introduced to travel community. It is not entirely wrong because there are plenty of luxe eco tourism lodges that have been built promising environmentally-friendly accommodations with low impact tours. However, there are also ways you can travel sustainable without staying in expensive eco-friendly lodges. 

Understand the point of sustainable travel

The point of sustainable travel is to establish a balance between the environmental, social, and economic aspects of tourism. With this point in mind, what you need to focus on is how to highlight local experiences, support goals that protect the environment, minimize waste, expand economic development in local communities that are most affected by tourism, as well as help preserve resources. 

Stay at locally-owned accommodations

Sustainable travel doesn’t have to cost a lot since you just have to meet the true point of sustainable travel as mentioned. For example, you can opt for locally-owned accommodations  such as homestay. High-end resorts may offer you luxe amenities and facilities but they are often expensive. By staying in one of the local homestay, you directly contribute to the local economic growth. Just make sure that you also pay attention on the matter of safety and quality to keep you comfortable during your stay. 

Support local markets

Instead of eating in global franchise of a restaurant, you can opt for preparing your own meals and buy the groceries from local markets or local farmers. This way, you support family farms as well as the local economy. Not to mention that buying directly from the local farmers means lower impact of transportation emissions for the environment. 

Opt for public transportation to get around

Taking public transportation means less money you have to spend for your trip. In addition, it is such a pollution-saving opportunity to take. Or, you can also opt for more environment-friendly alternatives such as biking or walking. Do some research in advance to look for safe and inexpensive public transportation you can take. 

Practice slow travel

The purpose of slow travel is allow you to fully enjoy the place you are visiting. Also, you can opt for less popular attractions. Visiting several places in such a short time can give negative impacts to the environment as you leave more footprints. Not to mention that visiting only popular attractions may result in overcrowd and damage the facilities. Instead, you can simply slower your pace and stay longer to explore smaller locally-owned businesses and helps reinvest money back to the local community.

Guide To Avoids Komodo Dragon’s Bite

The animals on Komodo Island are not caged, which provides a wonderful opportunity to witness the komodo dragon in its natural habitat. But it also comes with risks, which travelers must be aware of in order to avoid. The following are the most important tourist tips.

The Komodo dragons fight for prey. The Komodo dragon, Varanus komodoensis, is the biggest living lizard in the world. On island Rinca. Indonesia.

Trekking Komodo island with a Local Guide

You are free to walk across Komodo Island National Park on your own. Using the services and experience of a local guide, on the other hand, is far safer. Despite its poor vision, the lizard’s sense of smell is quite acute. It has generally noticed you before you have had a chance to detect him. 

The Komodo dragon can also be found hidden in bushes or in the shade behind stilt dwellings. Young Komodo dragons are capable of climbing trees. They actually prefer to rest in the shady parts of trees. A guide is more aware of these issues and always brings a special long stick to fight off an attack. As a result, stick close to the guide or ranger at all times.

Don’t Go to the Park by yourself

When the Komodo dragon is hunting for a meal, they prefers to choose a target that is alone, even human. This boosts the lizard’s chances of success. It’s also crucial to stick to the park’s designated hiking trails. You run the risk of coming too close to a komodo dragon if you depart these trails.

Maintain a safe distance with Komodo dragon

When you (and your guide) are at a safe distance from the komodos, it’s also crucial to avoid making any unexpected movements that can startle the lizard. This has the potential to start an attack.

Run in a zigzag pattern to find a stilted house instead of straight.

Although you should avoid unexpected actions like fleeing. You may feel compelled to run as fast as you can in the event of an actual attack. Unfortunately, despite their appearance of being lethargic and sleepy, komodo dragons are quick runners who can easily achieve speeds of 18 kilometers per hour. The Komodo dragon, fortunately, can only run straight ahead.

As a result, if you sprint in a zigzag, the dragon will quickly abandon the chase because it is an inconvenient move for him. If you come upon a stilted house, you must instantly ascend the steps because the komodo is incapable of doing so. Keep in mind that these lizards prefer the shade beneath these dwellings. If they detect a human approaching quickly (running), they may go into battle mode. Climbing into a tree is not recommended because the younger Komodo dragons can still reach you.

Make as little noise as possible.

Despite its poor vision, the komodo dragon possesses an excellent sense of smell and hearing. If make a lot of noise, you may either attract a hungry lizard or disturb them, causing them to attack if they feel threatened.

Perfume is not permitted, and menstruating women are not permitted.

Because the Komodo dragon has such a keen sense of smell, it is best not to apply perfume around it. Women who are menstruating are not permitted to visit the Komodo dragons. The lizards can detect even the tiniest trace of blood and will be attracted to it as prey.

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Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic
Exploring Bali, Nusa Penida & Lombok Dive Spots With Private Boat Charter

Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

The Wayag Islands are located in the northern part of Waisai. Wayag can be reached for 3-5 hours by fast boat. The turquoise water will make the tired journey pay off completely. Clusters of islands and karst hills will be seen from a distance. This unusual scenery has become a Raja Ampat iconic. The thing that is usually done while on vacation to Wayag island is trekking to the top of the karst hill. You can see the beautiful scenery of Wayag Indonesia from a height.

Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

But travelers also need to be careful when they want to climb to the top of Wayag. The hill is still in the form of a cliff with natural karst rocks, there are no tools to climb it. 

Travelers who go up must be full of concentration and support the body firmly. If it’s fast, just 30 minutes of trekking have arrived at the top. It’s challenging, but in fact, the view above Wayag makes all the efforts pay off.

Spending your day on Wayag island 

One of Raja Ampat’s 12 Marine Protected Areas is Wayag. As a result, it is staffed by community rangers who are responsible for patrolling the area for illicit fishing and inappropriate visitor conduct. For two weeks each year, every man in the villages of Salio and Selpepe works as a ranger. This is a magnificent monument to the community’s unwavering commitment to preserving the area’s breathtaking natural resources.

Because the terrain is quite steep, travelers also can’t always come to Wayag. You have to pay attention to the weather conditions first. If it’s the rainy season, it’s better to come at another time.

How to get there?

Wayag can be accessed from Sorong City by taking a fast boat to Waisai. The journey takes about two hours. Then from Waisai to the Wayag Islands the travel time is about four to five hours.

Stop for a moment on an island to pay for the entrance ticket to the Wayag Islands. The ticket has been determined by custom and in collaboration with the local government.

Live onboard is one way that many tourists take to reach Wagag island. You not only visit Wayag but also reach many destinations in Raja Ampat including the best diving spots. Diving lovers, of course, take the sailing route to explore the spectacular and challenging underwater world of Raja Ampat. Plan your Wayag island tour and embark on your adventure both land and underwater. 

Tips To Travel Comfortably While On Your Periods

Lots of people being a woman is full of restrictions of fully enjoying what you like especially when you are on your period. But being a woman and having period doesn’t have to stop you from making the most of epic adventure in your life. Yes, it can be pretty uncomfortable to travel around places during periods for women. However, there are preventive actions you can take to stay comfy and adventurous. 

Stay comfortable on your period while having the best adventure of your life 

It is important for women all around the world to remember that menstrual cycle is not a sign of weakness. It is just part of being a woman. And here are some tips you can do to prevent yourself from having your travel ruined while on your menstrual cycle:

Be prepared for emotional roller coaster

For some women, it is pretty common to experience menstrual blues before or during period. It is different experience from one woman to another but it is mostly a mood swing, irritability, excessive sadness, etc. If you are familiar with these feelings and sure that you are going to experience them, prepare your ammunition. If you usually get better after eating a chocolate bar then pack some of them for your trip. If your mood lifted after listening to music then stock your favorite songs into your phone. 

Pack what you need

If you are sure that you are going to have your period right before or during your travel plan, it is best to make some preparation. Equip yourself with adequate specific menstrual products. If you used to wearing pads during period, then pack them. If you used to wear menstrual cup, then place it in your bag. Also, you may need some menstrual medication if your period is usually painful. Painkillers are necessary to reduce the pain or cramp you experience on your stomach during period. If you don’t like medicine, try natural approach such as drinking chamomile tea. 

Pack comfortable clothes

Being on your period sometimes makes you feel less confident because you are worried that your white dress might get accidently stained. Aside from that reason, most women feel more comfortable to wear loose or baggy clothes during period. It is said to help a lot in reducing cramp. Wear clothes that you feel the most comfortable of be it big pants, long skirt, etc. If you are worried about your clothes getting stained, stick to dark-colored clothes. 

Flying comfortably during your period

Taking a long-haul flight can cause various of discomforts especially when you are on your period. Experiencing cramp in such a limited space with the lack of adequate necessities can be frustrating. To prevent and reduce discomforts, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Choose an aisle seat so you can manoeuvre easier if you need to go to the toilet for changes or something. Also, avoid foods that potentially worsen your discomforts such as spicy foods or dairy. Opt for light, healthy delicious foods to lighten you up during the flight.

Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

Tips For Hikers To Avoid Bad Situations

Hiking is fun activity but can also be an extreme one for some people due to the risks of getting hurt and the trails . For those seasoned hikers, it is probably just a matter of common sense when it comes to safe hiking. However, the reality is that even experienced travelers can find themselves in bad situations due to many reasons. For the beginners, it may be lack of knowledge about hiking itself. And for seasoned travelers, it may be lack of research on the trails they are going to venture. 

How to stay safe during your hikes

Sometimes, a serious accident may happen just because of small things. For example, light rain make the trails more slippery which cause hikers to stumble over then injure themselves pretty bad. Most problems during hikes are preventable, and here are some of essential tips for safer hikes:

How to stay safe during your hikes

Always plan for an overnight

Regardless if you plan only to plan for a day hike without sleeping in the woods, you still need to make preparation like you are going to have an overnight. It is better to be prepared rather than being suck alone without anything to help you survive. If you are a beginner, try not to worry too much about spending the night in the woods. It may only cause you to try finishing your trails as fast as possible, making you more of a careless hiker and get injured. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and know what to expect and ready for the worst. 

Always inform someone where you are going 

Even if you plan on hiking with a buddy, it is best to let other people know about your plan, especially your close family or friends. Inform them of when you are going to return so they know when to ask for help if something bad happen to you. It is also highly recommended that you make an itinerary that is filled with your schedule and planned routes for the hike. Then, give a copy to your family or friends. Also, write your vehicle’s number and colors, and the list of people going with you. It will be easier to attempt a rescue when you have detailed information.

Always do a research in advance

No matter how seasoned you are with hiking, always research your trails. Make sure that you know your destination, routes, and alternative routes. Learn more about the layout of your hikes with your buddy. Make sure that the trails are safe enough for you to hike. Also, it is best to consider the weather and the current situation before going for a hike located in somewhere faraway from your home. 

Prepare yourself

It is also important to prepare yourself and make sure that you are in good condition for a  hike with the trails you already researched. Then, pack essentials and necessities to help you through the hikes safely and comfortably. Always pack first-aid kit, snacks, and water for your hike. And remember to not interact with wildlife during your hike.