Have A Taste Of Unique Indonesian Street Foods

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Indonesia consists of thousands of islands and hundreds different cultures. These two factors have contributed enough to the richness of Indonesian cuisine. And one of the must-have delicacies to try in Indonesia is its street foods. The best thing about its street foods is that they are mix of traditional and modern foods from across the country. Get to know more Indonesia rich cuisine from these street foods:


This is more like a snack you can enjoy anytime made from tapioca shaped into small balls. This is probably one of the most well-known street food in the country. To enrich the flavor of these tapioca balls, sauces are added. There are three types of sauces often used by the sellers. They are ketchup, peanut sauce, and soy sauce. A skewer is given to the buyers to make it easier to take out cilok from the container. 


Gorengan means fried snacks that almost every Indonesia loves. It is the type of snack you find in every season in Indonesia. In fact, it is a snack you can find every day across the country. These fried snacks range from tempeh, tahu (tofu), banana, sweet potato, tapioca, and more. These fried snacks are best served with dipping sauce or fresh chili pepper. They are often served as side dish too in many local restaurants. 


This is like Indonesian version of pancake. However, it has bigger size than just regular pancake and it also has various toppings. In Indonesia, there are two types of Martabak: savory, and sweet. Sweet Martabak known as Terang Bulan has many various toppings include chocolate, ground peanut, matcha, vanilla jam, etc. The savory one known as Martabak Telor is made with flour dough filled with chicken, beef, or duck eggs, along with various vegetables. This one is best served with a dipping sauce and chilli pepper. 


This is steamed fish dumpling, a popular street food in Indonesia. The stuffings also include various vegetables. These dumplings are in moderate size and served with peanut sauce along with steamed cabbage, boiled eggs, potato, and tofu. This street food is said to be inspired by Chinese Shumai with the pork is being replaced by fish since the majority of Indonesian populations are Muslims. 


It is kind of hard to translate Seblak. This is a snack made from raw prawn crackers boiled in soup with various spices. Other ingredients are added to enrich the flavors such as meatball, eggs, chicken bones, rice noodles, and many more. The unique flavor comes from garlic, chili peppers, onion, and other Indonesian spices. 

Es Dung Dung

This is sort of a dessert many Indonesian for generations love. It is traditional cream and named after the sound of ‘dung’ made by the mini gong the sellers hit while pushing their cart. This ice cream is made with coconut milk, hence the lower price than regular ice cream. It is served with a sliced bread or in a cone. It tastes lighter than regular ice cream with a hint of coconut aroma.