Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

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The Wayag Islands are located in the northern part of Waisai. Wayag can be reached for 3-5 hours by fast boat. The turquoise water will make the tired journey pay off completely. Clusters of islands and karst hills will be seen from a distance. This unusual scenery has become a Raja Ampat iconic. The thing that is usually done while on vacation to Wayag island is trekking to the top of the karst hill. You can see the beautiful scenery of Wayag Indonesia from a height.

Wayag Island, Exploring Raja Ampat Iconic

But travelers also need to be careful when they want to climb to the top of Wayag. The hill is still in the form of a cliff with natural karst rocks, there are no tools to climb it. 

Travelers who go up must be full of concentration and support the body firmly. If it’s fast, just 30 minutes of trekking have arrived at the top. It’s challenging, but in fact, the view above Wayag makes all the efforts pay off.

Spending your day on Wayag island 

One of Raja Ampat’s 12 Marine Protected Areas is Wayag. As a result, it is staffed by community rangers who are responsible for patrolling the area for illicit fishing and inappropriate visitor conduct. For two weeks each year, every man in the villages of Salio and Selpepe works as a ranger. This is a magnificent monument to the community’s unwavering commitment to preserving the area’s breathtaking natural resources.

Because the terrain is quite steep, travelers also can’t always come to Wayag. You have to pay attention to the weather conditions first. If it’s the rainy season, it’s better to come at another time.

How to get there?

Wayag can be accessed from Sorong City by taking a fast boat to Waisai. The journey takes about two hours. Then from Waisai to the Wayag Islands the travel time is about four to five hours.

Stop for a moment on an island to pay for the entrance ticket to the Wayag Islands. The ticket has been determined by custom and in collaboration with the local government.

Live onboard is one way that many tourists take to reach Wagag island. You not only visit Wayag but also reach many destinations in Raja Ampat including the best diving spots. Diving lovers, of course, take the sailing route to explore the spectacular and challenging underwater world of Raja Ampat. Plan your Wayag island tour and embark on your adventure both land and underwater.