Komodo Boat Charter: All About Privacy in Secluded Paradise

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When you go into tropical waterfront villa, what do you seek? Yup, that blissful feeling for being in the middle of secluded heaven. A place where you can get away from any worldly business, city rush, and adult responsibilities. Where there’s only you, the sky, the water, and probably people you are really close to. But here we have something far better than floating bungalows. Instead of nestling in the water, this kind of accommodation is constantly on the water while displaying different panorama each day. A beautiful landscape overflowing with wilder west kind of beauty on the surrounding. And the best of all, this moving cottage is well-equipped with hospitality services and all creature comforts you would expect from a holiday. That floating hotel is called Komodo boat charter. 

Komodo Boat Charter: All About Privacy in Secluded Paradise

A Man Made Comforts in the Middle of Heaven

No one can deny the beauty of Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. Protected by its national park and UNESCO’s World Heritage status, Komodo soar in its wild charms. Jagged islands rose from the crystal clear ocean, covered with savannah, and lined with stark white beaches, letting out irresistible raw beauty for anyone who sees it. And man have created not only a vessel, but also a good place to rest and sail in the same time. 

Simple Pleasure Comes from the Minimalist Life on Komodo Boat Charter

Sometimes there are days when you don’t want to do anything. When you take a boat charter, you don’t have to bend on rigid itineraries. Everything is under your command. It’s up to you to spend the day by having beach galore, walking with the dragons, or simply spending the day just visiting one or two island and let the rest of the day slowly pass. 

A Place to Bound with Bestie Again

We know what happened with our best friends when adulthood comes. A gang of friends who were always together is now separated by works, kids, or cities. Now, it’s time to be together again. To feel the youth and the warmth of friendship flowers again. Instead of spending a rare escape just in regular villa, your sweet rendezvous will get more meaningful if done a sailing trip in private, Komodo boat charter. Imagine a cheery day under the tropical sun filled with the laugh of your best friends!

A Beautiful, Floating Cottage to Get Undisturbed Honeymoon

It’s time to be drowned in love. 

Peace, complete seclusion, and wonderful surrounding is the best thing offered by Komodo boat charter to couples who just knot the ties. When your heart is full in love, there’s nothing better than being in a beautiful place with only you and your loved ones around.No further reason needed!