Spending honeymoon at affordable private pool villas in Bali

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Bali is one of the most iconic travel destination in Indonesia. It has become famous due to its beauty and all attractions started from historical, cultural sites to authentic local dishes. Everything about Bali is always fascinating. Thus, the number of visitor to this paradise island is rarely decreased each year. Bali is also one of the most wanted destination for honeymoon because there are many exotic and romantic places to visit for couples. Of course, beaches are one of the main attractions for couple in honeymoon. However, there are also many things to explore beyond imagination.

Spending honeymoon at affordable private pool villas in Bali

Recommended private pool villas for your honeymoon in Bali

Staying at villas during your honeymoon in Bali is a must because then you can enjoy your romantic private time with your partner to the fullest. Villas with private pools are also what couples want for their accommodation during honeymoon. Private pool will bring more romance and intimacy for couple to make the most of their time. It is also not a secret that private pool villas are often expensive. However, you can still enjoy the most romantic honeymoon at affordable private pool villas in Bali:


Paradise Loft Villas Bali is a great place to boost up romance between you and your partner during your honeymoon in Bali. It applies Mediterranean style to the interior design which brings soothing effect with neutral color choice. It is built on a hill in the Jimbaran area which adds amazing view of Tanjung Benoa to enjoy.  The private pool offer scenic view so you can soak in the water while relaxing.


If you are looking luxurious villa for honeymoon but still offer openness and intimacy at the same time, Danoya Villa at Seminyak is the right place to go. This tropical villa applies open concept architecture so you won’t lose sight of your partner even for a second. Of course, this villa has its private pool to enjoy. It is even situated next to a lush garden with sunbed chairs. The room is spacious that can make you reluctant to go out.


There is also Aishwarya Exclusive Villas located in Sanur. The location is secluded so you enjoy your time with your partner without unnecessary noise from the outside. You can book one of 17 one-bedroom villas for your honeymoon plan. It has private pool where you can enjoy serene atmosphere with scenic view. There are also minimalist gardens to explore during your stay in the villa. The frangipani trees view is just the perfect to look at.


If you want to stay at villa with more Balinese concept then you can book a room at Villa Puspa located in Tabanan. The concept mimics Balinese art gallery where traditional and tropical themes are applied. However, you can still enjoy modern facilities such as open kitchen and cozy bathtub. This is also a place where you can go watching beautiful sunset only five minutes away from the villa. You can also enjoy private pool with open concept surrounded by lush garden.