What You Need to Know About Vacation Stress

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What You Need to Know About Vacation Stress

A common belief says that vacation can relieve all stress from your body and mind. Contrary to popular belief, there is also a term which says otherwise. Vacation stress is something that also common to happen. Most people go for a vacation in hope to get recharged and energized. So they will feel alive to face their works after the vacation ends.

However, lots of researchers also found that vacation can be the source of stress itself. Of course, the vacation cannot be the only source of stress to blame on. All the stress can be accumulated during the vacation which makes the stress even worse.

Understanding more about vacation stress

When you take a vacation from your daily work and duty, you expect to gain more fun and happiness. However, sometimes a vacation is not that enjoyable. Sometimes, you will feel restless about the burden of having more works to do after taking a break.

It is also common for people to take extra works to finish just because they want to have a vacation immediately. This can be a source of stress that will be accumulated during the vacation. There are many causes of vacation stress you need to know in order to prevent it to happen.

  • Vacation costs money and sometimes it is stressful to set up your budget for vacation. Thinking much about money for vacation can be the source of the stress, this will begin to seep through your mind and make your anxiety worse when the time of your vacation getting close. The stress will be much when you cannot afford the vacation you have wanted. Thus, you won’t be really enjoying the vacation at the end.


  • Physical exhaustion can also be the source of your vacation stress. It is true that releasing your energy can rid of your stress. However, when the exhaustion reaches your limit, it will only leave the stress even more. The most troublesome physical exhaustion is the long travel to reach your destination. This is exhausting even before you start the activities of your vacation. Physical exhaustion is also the source of travel fatigue which can run your entire mood during your vacation days.


  • If you take a vacation to avoid certain responsibilities or problems at school or works, it won’t help you take the stress away. In fact, it will only add your stress because in the end of the vacation you still have those responsibilities and problems which can be bigger the more you avoid them.

Here’s To Avoid Vacation Stress

To avoid vacation stress, we recommended you to plan the vacation long before the due. This will help you plan your budget better. It will also give you time to finish your works so you don’t have to works extra just before the vacation date approaching. Make sure that your health is in good condition before going for the vacation. Therefore, vacation stress can be avoided and instead lift up your energy and mood after.