Plan Your Family Holiday Trip With These Useful Tips

Taking the entire family members with you for a holiday trip must be exciting. It is not every day that you can gather everyone to have fun travel. However, not many people are fond of family vacation because they see it a traumatizing. The fact is, it is not entirely wrong. Many families experienced nightmare for their family holiday trip, especially those who did it for the first time. However, multi-generational holiday trip can be planned to go smooth and enjoyable for everyone. 

Planning holiday trip with your big family

The reasons why family trip can be stressful are differences in interests, age groups, logistics, and many more. Planning such a big trip with the entire famili consisted of multi-generational groups of people is challenging but not impossible to make. Here are some useful tips you can consider for smooth family holiday trip:

Simple and better destination to choose

When it comes to choosing destination for multi-generational holiday trip, it is highly recommended to choose the one that is easy and cheap to fly to. In fact, the simpler the better should be your guide in finding the right destination. Going to places too far from your home can cause logistical issues you don’t want to deal with. Not to mention that it costs a fortune to fly to hard-to-reach destinations in such large groups of family. 

Find destination within driving distance

If you think taking flight for multi-generational trip is too much of a headache to plan, you can opt for destinations within driving distance. Even if it takes six to 12 hours drives, it is preferable than paying for five flights at once. It doesn’t cost as much and there are various conveniences to get from taking road trip. For example, you and your family can pull over anytime to have a toilet break, to stretch, or to have some snacks. 

Do it your own way

Your big family may consists of not only your immediate family members, but you also have those in-laws. It may cause differences in the way your family and in-laws plan the trip. Hence, it is better to decide planning trip based on your family’s style. You can discuss this to be this way and have everyone agreed to the plan. However, you can always listen to everyone’s input for a better travel experience. Choosing one particular way for planning the trip just aims to make it easier. 

Be mindful in choosing accommodation

Renting a big house for family trip is not always a great choice. It can be a logistical nightmare instead. It is because you have to think about who is going to cook for everyone, clean the house, etc. If the task is not delegated fairly, there will be some members who feel too exhausted to fully enjoy the trip and end up feeling resentful. Hence, it is recommended to rent individual rooms, condos, or separate Airbnbs to let everyone enjoy family times and private times peacefully.

A Retreat in Ubud: 7 Fine Things to Do in the Evening

A Retreat in Ubud: 10 Fine Things to Do in the Evening
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Ubud is a town in the heart of the terraced rice paddies surrounded by the beautiful Bali uplands. We all know Ubud is a source of daytime delight, but what we don’t know is that there are plenty of entertaining things to do in Ubud at night. It’s time to explore Ubud at night after spending a beautiful day in this charming town surrounded by rivers and tropical jungle. The nightlife in Ubud is a wonderful blend of modern city life with the wisdom and beauty of local culture. From enjoying a vibrant live music to relaxing in your own private villas, there’s a lots of things to see and do in Ubud at night. 

Get Social and Enjoy Some Live Music

It’s easy to see why Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, attracts a creative and talented crowds. That includes some of the island’s top musicians. Live music may be found in a variety of bars and restaurants, ranging from jazz and blues at Laughing Buddha Bar to eclectic world music at Bali Bohemia.

Wine Tasting in the Evening 

Wine Tasting in the Evening
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Spend an exquisite evening with a fine wine in hand. Come to the wine tasting at Bridges Bali and taste some good wine. The Bridges Bali is nestled in the arms of a lovely river valley, providing the ideal setting for a glass of wine. Bridges Bali also offers visitors a beautiful view of the valley and river from its upmarket restaurant. A glass of wine with this view, together with delectable food, live music, and good company, makes for a terrific evening. Attend their wine tasting masterclass to learn how to master the art of wine tasting.

Getting All Pampered with Night Spa

It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself when you’re on vacation in Bali. The wonderful Balinese atmosphere will help you rest and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. The main goal is to have a good time and create lasting memories. You’ll be wishing for the clock to stop ticking.

After a day of walking in all directions, you can unwind and rejuvenate in the spa at night. Walk to your favourite spa or call them for a private massage and flower bath to your Ubud villas for the ultimate private pampering. Then, get ready to sleep or watch some light movie before going to bed. It’s the perfect way to end the day.  

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A Romantic Dinner with Your Loved One

A Romantic Dinner with Your Loved One
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Ubud’s gorgeous natural setting is ideal for a romantic supper. This is an opportunity that no couple, young or old, should pass up. Local businessmen are well aware of the situation. As a result, finding upscale restaurants in Ubud will not be difficult.

La View, which has a private infinity pool, Riverside Sayan, which has a river valley view, and Folk, which impresses with its spectacular ambience of clash of cultures, are just a few of the restaurants worth visiting. You will have an extraordinary experience with flickering lights, a starry night sky, calming music, and excellent food. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to do it again in the future.

Enjoy the Nightfall in Your Ubud Villas Infinity Pool

Enjoy the Nightfall in Your Ubud Villas Infinity Pool
Image credits: Instagram@funnyhowsecret

You have an infinity pool in your private resorts villa in Ubud? Cool! Dip in the pool, see the sky change colors as it reflects on the still water, and have some good drinks in hand. It’s time to relax and enjoy the life.

A Magical Night Watching Balinese Traditional Dance

The temples and palaces of Ubud are great tourist attractions in the day. By night, many come alive with heartfelt performances. Royal Ubud Palace, for instance, becomes a stage for the magical Legong Dance every evening. The temple at Junjungan village offers Kecak fire dance performances after the sun goes down.

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Watch Movie in Ubud’s Local Vegan Cinema

Dubbed as the first raw vegan health food café and movie, the Paradiso is something you need to try. Paradiso is the world’s first organic, vegetarian, and vegan cinema, with an HD projector, a 25-meter (82-foot) screen, surround sound, and a comfortable lounge area with seats for up to 150 people. Get your drinks and GMO-free popcorn ready, then settle in for a night of full-fledged movie fun with your friends and family!

How To Fully Relax When Travelling

How To Fully Relax When Travelling

Is it possible to relax when travelling? If you travel to just relax then what’s the point? These kind of questions might confuse some people. However, it doesn’t have to be like that because travel is personal preference. You can enjoy your travel your way as long as you don’t leave bad impact to your surroundings. As for relaxing during travel, it is possible. That’s what vacation for right? You can love vacation and hate travelling at the same thing. 

Stay relaxed during travel

It is possible for you to dislike travelling a lot especially if you tend to stress out on the road. However, just because you don’t like travelling doesn’t mean you cannot fully enjoy your relaxing vacation. And here are some tips for you to stay relaxed during your trip:

What make you feel anxious?

What make you feel anxious?

Find out the things that make you feel anxious or stressed out. It can be about the fear of flight. Meeting strangers, unsure of your safety, etc. Then, try to reason with yourself because even though it is not easy but it’s worth a try. At least it makes you feel more aware of yourself. You know what triggers you and if you can, avoid it during travel so you won’t stress out. 

Always have enough water and snacks with you

Sometimes, the reason of you being so anxious or restless is low blood sugar. When you are dehydrated or hungry, it is easy to suffer from mood swings. You are getting irritated over small things. This applies to both adult and children. Before travel, make sure to pack enough water and snacks in your bag so you can stay hydrated and replenish your body when needed. 

Self distraction

Try to distract yourself with something if you feel listless during travel even without any trigger. You can play a simple game on your phone, watch some movies, or listen to some music. Choose the one that can make you feel relaxed the most. 

Self pampering

Self pampering

To ease your mind during travel, pamper yourself to the top by going to a spa so you can the well-deserved massage after your body going through a lot. You can also do some yoga or meditation to keep yourself relaxed and at peace of mind. You can also eat what you crave the most to keep yourself in good mood.

Block the surrounding

Sometimes, the reason of you being unable to fully relax is the people around you during travel. You might get a loud seatmate or rude roommate. If this the case, use something to block the noise such as using headphone to listen to some relaxing music. If you are not comfortable to have a roommate especially strangers on your trip, book accommodation that suits your need in advance. 

Drink up!

Some people also have a drink to help themselves relax. However, you need to be careful not to get drunk because being drunk in unfamiliar place puts your safety at risk especially if you travel alone. Also, avoid taking pills either and choose natural approach instead. 

The Spectacular Three Wreck Diving in Bali

All Three Different Wreck Diving in Bali

Submerging down to the darkness of the sea and seeing immense body of wreckage lying in the ocean floor really evokes a wonder. Shipwrecks is really a fascinating attraction under the sea. In the yonder years, wreckages of a ships was always associated with stories of sunken treasures—motivating treasure seekers to explore deepest water for finding gems and valuables. Today, the most valuable treasure of wrecks is the coral blooms that take over the ship, the marine animals that call it home, and the story of the wrecks that inspire a sense of awe. Wreck diving has been one of the most popular thing to do in Bali. If you’re a diver, the Tulamben, Kubu Boga, and Japanese wrecks should sit in the top of your Bali bucket list. Here’s some of the best tips to make your wreck diving Bali experience unforgettable. 

All Three Different Wreck Diving in Bali 

Legends aside, shipwrecks is actually very diverse. Shipwrecks doesn’t have to be the remnants of wooden colonial ships. It can encompass all kind of vessels—from mega cruisers to cargo ships and fishing vessels, and everything in between. 

The USAT Liberty

The Spectacular Three Wreck Diving in Bali

Bali itself hold the treasure of three wreckages on its shoreline. One is the famous Tulamben wreck, a war cargo ship named USAT Liberty from the World War II era. The ally’s ship was torpedoed by the Japanese and forced to be beached in the coastline of Tulamben. Twenty one years later, Bali’s Mount Agung erupted and the earthquake sent the vessel to slip off the beach—sliding down in sand slope under the water. The ship’s highest point is now at a depth of 5 meters while the lowest point sits on 30 meters below the surface. 

Japanese Wreck

Not too far from Tulamben, lies the Japanese Wreck in Amed. The origin story of this wreck is not too clear and no one really know how the wreck got there. No one even sure that it’s really was a Japanese boat—the Japanese-style toilet on the tug was the only indicator. This small wreck rest in just 5 meters below the water and it’s the absolute joy for divers and snorkelers! It’s totally covered by large gorgonian fans, blooming corals, sponges, and busy marine lives that flourish around the vessel. 

The Kubu Boga Wreck

Third is the Kubu Boga wreck, named after the village of where the wreck was sunk. Unlike the other two, this particular wreck was donated and purposefully sunk to promote marine growth and diving attraction. Most of the ship are still intact and has nice area to go explore the inside of the wreck!

Plan Your Underwater Shoot for Wreck Diving Bali 

Plan Your Underwater Shoot

One can submerge to the wreck and end up with just a standard picture of themselves with the wreck. Others, however, go down with clear plans and surface with nat-geo worthy of shoots. You don’t actually need all the cool and sophisticated cameras to capture stunning wreck photography. All you need are wide angle lens, high ISO settings, the right lighting, and some prior research to get familiar with the wreck’s shape. 

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Prepare Extra Security Tools

Though most of wreck diving in Bali are located in considerably shallow water, prepare extra security tools. Wreck diving are known for being more challenging than regular diving as it can be pitch black inside. Bring in extra torch would be very helpful in case your light fails, so you won’t get lost while exploring the wreck. 

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most visited places in Thailand and it is such a heaven because you can practically everything from foods to clothes. Shopping is probably one of the most sought experience by many tourists and travelers alike. Cheap items and bargains are not uncommon in Bangkok. However, it can be confusing or overwhelming to decide what items to purchase. 

Things to buy when visiting Bangkok

You can buy wide range of items in Bangkok from edible to non-edible ones. Foods, clothes, knick knacks, and everything are there ready for you to purchase. You may have to bargain to get the best deals and do not be shy to do it. However, do it with respect and if it is possible, bring your local friend so you know how to do it right and get your desired item with pretty low price. Here are things you won’t regret to buy when you come to Bangkok:

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Mama Tom Yum noodle is a must thing to buy when you visit Bangkok. Of course, Thailand is famous for their exquisite Tom Yum and you can have it at one of their stalls or restaurants. However, you can also buy the instant noodle version to enjoy the Tom Yum flavor at home with your family. The sour, spicy taste will only spike your taste bud. 

Thai silks and fabrics are also wonderful to buy that you won’t regret it. You can buy it as souvenir for friends or family at home. There are many options from the type of materials to the colors. Of course, they come in affordable price especially if you are expert at bargaining. 

Thai soap ornaments are all so pretty that you cannot resist. They are intricately carved by the locals creating beautiful shape. They are made of soap so the smells are just great. You don’t have to use it for bath. Instead, use it for decorative purpose. While it sits beautifully on your table, the fragrance is spreading wonderfully around the room.  

What To Buy When Traveling To Bangkok Thailand

Fried shallots are also a must-buy food when you are in Bangkok. It might be simple for foods and you can even say it is snack. However, the taste is wonderful. It is nutty, flavorful, and smell great. It is condiment you can use for various dishes. You can just sprinkle them on top of warm rice and the taste is so delightful. 

Royal Chitralada milk candy is also a must-buy food in Bangkok. It is popular and legendary snack for the locals. They say you are not Thai if you don’t know how it tastes. This simple snack taste yummy. The biscuits come in two different flavors. They are chocolate and original milk flavor. You can snack on it while watching movies with your friends. 

Colorful and authentic fairy lights are also favorite items many travelers in Bangkok look for. They come in various shape, color, and size you can choose. Some of them have authentic shape that you cannot find in other places.

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

After being locked down during COVID-19, the only thing you need now is to go on a vacation and forget about all the madness the COVID crisis has caused. So, what is the best holiday idea during COVID-19? Yes, a sailing holiday is all you need.  Renting a yacht is one of the great holiday ideas during COVID-19 and a way to have an adventure and easily maintain social distancing. Indonesia is often listed among the finest beach destinations on the planet, and it’s pretty easy to see why. A yacht charter in Indonesia is a good way to see one of the world’s greatest areas of natural beauty.

How safe will a yacht charter Indonesia for your next summer holiday?

Social distancing

Yacht charter Indonesia allows you to stay away from the crowds. A sailing holiday itself allows you to keep your distance from the crowds. Being on your private yacht, with your friends or family is all you need to have a fabulous holiday, whilst staying safe. With a yacht, you don’t have to be in overcrowded places. You can visit the beautiful island, private bays, and remote dive sites where no one else does. Moreover, you can enjoy a different destination every day, without having to pack a ferry to get from one place to another.

Yacht charter Indonesia is the safest holiday for family

Renting a yacht is ideal for friends or families who want to sail with their loved ones only and keeping their distance from others. On the boat, you can find numerous exciting things to do on a yacht and enjoy the holiday safely. For instance, diving, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling. Sailing holidays is also a perfect opportunity to form stronger bonds within the family.

Advantages of Yacht Charter Indonesia During COVID-19

Spend time relaxing and unwinding

The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental well-being. The deep blue ocean and the expansive views will help you unwind and recharge your mental health. Therefore, you can have the amazing experience of a lifetime with your friends or family. For an unplugged holiday, renting a yacht is the best holiday idea even during COVID-19.

You can personalize your holiday experience

With a yacht charter, you have the chance to control and plan your own holiday. You can plan your itinerary to avoid any crowded destination and arrange for services to spend your holiday safely. So, spend your time researching your exciting destination carefully. If you dream to travel and spend time with your loved one, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Then, renting a yacht in Indonesia gives you the freedom to do exactly that. In short, a sailing holiday is the ultimate fun adventure, and memories are made that last a lifetime.

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Types Of Fellow Travelers You Don’t Want To Travel With

Types Of Fellow Travelers You Don’t Want To Travel With

Meeting fellow travelers during your trip is probably one of the most memorable moment especially when you share the same interest. Also, they can be very helpful by pointing your direction to the right path, sharing some travel tips, or even translating language you know nothing about in unfamiliar place. However, not all travelers are nice and such decent human beings. Some of them might become part of your travel nightmare. 

Fellow travelers you don’t want to be with during your trip

It is possible that you meet different travelers each time you visit a place. Sometimes, they are like your long lost friends. However, sometimes, they remind you of the annoying character of a movie. Sometimes, meeting fellow travelers is inevitable and it can be either good or bad experience. But here are types of fellow travelers you definitely don’t want to travel with, let alone be stuck with in a long-haul train ride or flight:

The Name Dropping

Fellow travelers who tend to name-drop in every conversation you made regardless of the subject. For example, a tourist who like comparing the places they are currently visiting with the one they visited before. They like showing-off instead of sharing their experience. The line between those two might be a little bit thin. But you can exactly tell in which mode your fellow travelers are during their talk. You can see from the attitude they are exuding when talking with you. Being stuck with this type of fellow traveler can make you feel drained especially when they can’t stop talking.

The High Maintenance

The High Maintenance

High-maintenance types are also fellow travelers you don’t want to be involved with during your trip. This type of travelers often ask so many questions into details. They are not satisfied with every options available. They even make their in-flight food order take too long, putting their flight attendance in silent sufferings. They keep complaining about many things even for the minor ones such as the temperature of their drinks, the thickness of their pillow, etc. 

The I-Know-It-All

Next type of tourist or fellow traveler you don’t want to travel with is the one who exude ‘the know-it-all’ attitude. They ask tour guide many questions not because they want to know about the place or cultural information. Instead, they just want to expound upon the guy’s answer. They like talking about subject into details like they are the expert of it. They often underestimate your knowledge of the subject. 

The Home Boy

Another type of fellow travelers you don’t want to be with during your trip is the one who keeps seeking something familiar with they are used to at their home. Answering questions for this type of fellow traveler can be exhausting. Meanwhile, they keep seeking the comforts of home. They even want their destination to have the same climate as their home. Dealing with this type of fellow travelers is tricky. If you think you cannot handle them, avoid them by doing your own things during the trip.

Mothers, Find Your Little Piece of Heaven in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Mothers, Find Your Little Piece of Heaven in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Let’s face it. It’s hard for Mammas to enjoy their holiday the way they deserve it. There’s always the worry of preparing meals for everyone. Watching the kids having fun and be right there at moments they need something. Being on guard every time in case there’s something happens with the kids. Listening the needs of the kids while they are shouting, “Mommy!” for all reasons all the time. We love kids very much, but sometimes mom do need their own downtime. However, here in Bali lies a gem for all travelling parents: the Nusa Dua beach resort. Not just a luxury resort, this is that kind of family resort that allows adults to relax and find a piece of heaven. 

A Private Beach at Nusa Dua Resort

Mothers, Find Your Little Piece of Heaven in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

What’s a beach resort without private beach? To be able to just step into the golden sands and gaze to the blue water without leaving the resort. Without the hassle of renting a car or waiting for a taxi and going down to unknown roads. When you are travelling with kids, simplicity is the upmost luxury. You will find a strip of pristine beaches overlooking the awesome Benoa cape just in the backyard of the Nusa Dua beach resort. Lie down in one of the beach chair, get a drink or two, and let the kids play their heart out/ 

A Family Room Where Kids Sleep Separately 

A Family Room Where Kids Sleep Separately

You know how messy sleep time could be with kids. Usually you need to book a separate room for the kids—especially if you have two or more kids travelling with you. Most of the time, however, the kids end up in the parents’ room at night. And all the family member end up crammed together in one bed. Well, you’ll love the family room in Nusa Dua Beach Resort. It’s not just a connecting room (well, they have one though), but a kids room in parent’s suite! The room is even decorated with cute marine theme and playstation game which will makes children feel at home in the room. They also get their very own, kids-friendly amenities in the bathroom. How awesome is that? 

Most Importantly… the Kids Club

Most Importantly… the Kids Club

Ah, the kids club. The one that you really have. They said kids are the VIP guests at this Nusa Dua beach resort and seems like they really mean it. Here’s the place where kids could have all the fun; climb the walls, bouncing off in the playroom, diving in the ball pits, do painting, do face painting, and so much things else. The moment they step into the kids club, they will forget about you. And while they’re busy playing and having fun… it’s time to you to just enjoy the holiday moment. Lounge in the pool or just hang out in the cafe with a cup of good coffee. You deserve a me-time. 

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A Rejuvenating Spa in this Nusa Dua Beach Resort

A Rejuvenating Spa in this Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Talking about me-time, why don’t spend a truly quality me-time in this resort’s spa? Enter the Nusa Dua Beach Resort Tea Tree Spa signature. With the kids expanding their creativity and hone their motor muscles in the Kids’ Club, pamper yourself with relaxing deep tissue massage and treatments in the spa. Good news: you can also bond with the kids over spa. They have their special Father & Son and Mom & Daughter package to enjoy with the children!

Can You Travel Comfortably And Safely With Diabetes

Can You Travel Comfortably And Safely With Diabetes

There is misconception that say travel is only for young people who are healthy. People who have certain health condition can still enjoy a vacation or trip as long as they take precaution and follow guidance given by their doctors. Therefore, it is possible for those with diabetes to travel safely and comfortably. If you are planning to travel with diabetic people, it is better to be more thorough with the preparation. 

Travelling comfortably and safely with diabetes

The very first thing you need to do before travelling with diabetes is to talk with your doctor or medical team. They have to know about your travel plan such as length of visit, your destination, activities, as well as the weather. This way, your doctor will have the base to decide the right suggestion that suit the best with your condition. There are many thing on the road that can influence your needs such as heat, altitude, cold, foods, exertions, etc. 

Always be ready with medications

You need to talk with your doctors about medications you have to bring with you. You also should have a plan for sickness that is possible during your trip. Your doctor will prepare written instructions you can easily follow and prepare you a back-up insulin with a syringe. It is also better to pack medications and everything twice. This way, you will be ready for the unexpected such as loss bag or any situation. This way, you still have back-up even during crisis. 

Put medication in carry-on bag

Put medication in carry-on bag

It is advised to put medications and the kits in your bag instead of suitcase because suitcase has more potential to lose. You also have to pack some crackers, glucose tablets as your low supply in your bag. Solid glucose choice is more preferable and more efficient to bring to the airport instead of juice boxes. 

The TSA could be an issue

Be prepared with TSA airport security if you travel by plane especially if you are wearing a medical device. Make sure you are prepared for thorough check. If your travel companion is the one with diabetes, make sure to inform them prior the travel about the possibility of this situation. 

Is the destination insulin-friendly?

Do your research about your destination prior to the trip. Your destination may be too cold for you to keep your insulin usable. Insulin is best to keep in room temperature. Therefore, you still have to be mindful when using hotel room fridge because it can freeze your insulin. If you have such a long haul journey to reach your destination under cold weather, you can use your body heat to keep your insulin and the kit from freezing.

Don’t let it stop you

The most important thing to travel comfortably and safely with diabetes is to not let it stop you. With thorough plan and precaution, you can travel with ease. You still can create your own adventure even when you have diabetes. There are many things to do and enjoy during your travel without letting your diabetes hold you back. If you travel with diabetic travel buddy, always encourage them to enjoy their adventure. 

Finding the Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua Bali

This is Why Holiday Inn is the Best Family Resort in Nusa Dua

There’s no denying that Bali is the perfect playground for the gown-up in holidays. Brimming with world class surf beaches, diving sites, the beach clubs, and lively shopping centres make Bali just perfect for reality escapade. However, when you are going with family, you might want to tone down the adventures a bit and seek more of cultural entertainment and activities that could be done with the young travelers. The same with accommodation; you’d want to see a family-friendly lodging that could accommodate the family needs. This is where the Holiday Inn, a family resort Nusa Dua come into picture and why it’s the best on it. 

The Food on this Best Family Resort Nusa Dua is Supreme

The Food on this Best Family Resort Nusa Dua is Supreme

Resort food is never disappointing. But the best family resort in Nusa Dua knows how to indulge their guests with overflowing delicious treats not only in one, not two, but three eateries. The Pasar Market offers everything from Western menus to modern Asian meals and Balinese to please every tastebuds. On the poolside they have the Duke’s pool bar and lounge serving laughter snack and cocktails—perfect for a leisure day by the pool. On days when you feel like having meals while breathing the ocean breeze, you can just head up to the Nudi Beach Bar & restaurant. The lively oceanfront restaurant in Balinese offers two levels of relaxed seating, which is a terrific spot to for  sundowners with the family. 

And the best of it all is, all the restaurants are totally kids friendly. Not only that they have high chairs for the pint-sized travelers, they also have special kids menu that would arouse appetite even for picky children. Kids can eat for free as long as they are accompanied by one paying adult. That means you pay for your own meal and the kids can choose whatever they like from the kids menu for free. Also, they get a free activity sheet during the meal time to keep them busy! Just how awesome is that?

Clever Architecture for Best Staying Experience

The oceanfront resort knows very well how to build the property and max up the location benefit. Clever designing allows many rooms to have full or partial view of the breathtaking Benoa cape. Family needs is apparent for being the main priority here. From 11 types of room offered, three of them are family rooms in different design. The Tanjung Family Adventure Suite, Tanjung Kids Adventure Suite, and the Tanjung Family Connecting Room each offers two bedrooms—kids room and master bedroom in the suite along with separate amenities. With special attention given to the kids, it’s easy to see why the Holiday Inn gets to be the best family resort in Nusa Dua

Kids Get the VIP Treatment 

Kids Get the VIP Treatment

It’s one thing to find a family-friendly resort. However, it’s definitely something else to find a resort where kids are treated as the VIP, not just some children tagging along. By now you probably have been aware on how important family experience is in this resort. They really do now that kids’ happiness is essential to the overall satisfaction of a family holiday. Not only that kids get their own cutely-decorated room, their own kids-special toiletries, and free meals. They also have their own pools, a kid club, and their very own welcoming drink at the receptionist! And if you sleep in the family suite, the kids would receive an activity book and colouring pencils in their welcoming pack to keep them entertained during the holiday! 

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A Taste of Balinese Culture at this Family Resort Nusa Dua

It’s not the best family resort in Nusa Dua if they cannot give an authentic Balinese experience to the guest without stepping out from the property. Here you can try the Balinese dance, joining Balinese traditional offering “canang sari” making, and joining rituals. All without having to step on the car and leaving the resort!