How To Survive A Flight During Holidays

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How To Survive A Flight During Holidays

Flying during holidays can be overwhelming even for seasoned travelers. Lots of people feel like they are going crazy with the numbers of people packed at the same places. Aside from the inconvenience, your safety is also another major issue to be concerned of rightfully. With lots of people crowding the place, it is easy to feel lost and become the target. So here are several tips to help you stay safe, comfy, and sane when flying on holidays:

Have a master list for packing

Packing is like one of the core parts for travelling smoothly. Hence, it is highly recommended that you also have your own lists for travel which include list of travel gear and list for leaving the house. You will find how stress-relieving writing all that list is. It also helps build more excitement and enthusiasm over the trip. With the right list, the lower the risk of you leaving important essentials behind. You don’t want to leave important gifts to be given to your family members. You also don’t want to deal with another flight back.

Give space for your bag

Giving space in your bag is a good idea. you can fill your suitcase with one-third for miscellaneous items and one-third for clothing, and another one-third is for empty space. You don’t want to be struggling with bursting bag in the middle of your vacation. By giving space, you have more room to bring home gifts you may receive from the vacation. 

Avoid wrapping before you go

Wrapping all your gifts prior the trip must make you feel overjoy because you don’t have to deal with last-minute wrapping. However, you might regret it later because any item that cannot be identified easily will have to be unwrapped and examined. It is very time-consuming and will only add to your travel stress. You can instead use gift bags or tissue paper to wrap your gifts.

Keep your passport within reach but safe

Forgetting your passport at home or hotel room is nightmare for every traveler. However, it is still pretty common especially when travelers are overwhelmed with the buzz of holidays. Make sure to secure your passports and other travel documents in a safe place. You may consider using bright, colorful travel wallet to keep all those documents safe but still noticeable. 

Stay organized

Try to be more organized that yo usually were when planning for a vacation on big holiday. Keep everything in the right place that is still accessible. This way, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary stress. 

Enjoy your flight

Bring your own source of entertainment to stay sane during the flight. Try to enjoy the flight as much as possible by listening to your favorite playlist, watching movies, reading novels, or simply taking nap. Try to stay positive and think more about how fun you would be once you arrive and meet your family. Build your excitement over the type of activities you want to do to spend holiday with your loved ones.