Home construction Bali Law to Know Before Build a House

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It’s easy to let your imagination and creativity run wild when planning your dream home or a renovation. The possibilities seem endless and exciting as you evaluate and select architects, contractors, and window or deck styles. However, in order to achieve the best results, you must keep your feet grounded in reality. First and foremost, before you dig a single shovel of dirt, you must become acquainted with all of the home construction Bali-related laws that you must be aware of before beginning construction. 

Home construction Bali Law to Know Before Build a House

Land approval before starting home construction Bali

Ownership of land doesn’t mean you can do what you want with it. Furthermore, everyone may not have been as cautious as they should have been in the past, and laws can change over time. The presence of an existing structure on a lot does not necessarily imply that it is legally there. Especially in Indonesia, you have to register to get a building permit (permit to construct a building). After getting a building permit, you can look for a Bali construction company. There are several requirements that must be met if there is a foreigner. If possible, you can ask the Bali developer to take care of all the building permit processes on your land. 


Zoning laws cover how land can be used, and what types of buildings are allowed on the land.

Talk to your local zoning office, town hall, or other local planning councils about getting zoning information relating to your land to make sure there are no restrictions or regulations that will prevent you from building where you want, and get their permission before you build. This is different from building permits.

Covenants and Ordinances

Even minor rules and regulations can obstruct your build. It is your responsibility to ensure that your proposed construction complies with local ordinances and covenants.

Although your zone may be approved for a certain type of structure, a local ordinance may limit the size or height of that structure. You’ll need to get written permission from your municipality’s planning commission or commissioner before proceeding. Typically, the best place to find this information is at your town’s city hall or mayor’s office, the department of housing, or another local government office.

Permit & Plans

Of course, if you’re building or remodeling a house, you’ll need a building permit, and you’ll need to submit your plans for approval to your local code office. This includes structural drawings, measurements, floor plans, what material will be used on the exterior, and an elevation view. 

The person who obtains the permit is considered the contractor in Bali for the project and is liable for construction-related damages, according to the law. As the homeowner, you can participate in this process with others.

Depending on what you’re building, you may also need electrical, mechanical, and even grading permits. When necessary, an experienced Bali construction company will obtain all necessary permits.

Permits should be factored into your budget and can have an impact on your timeline. Include permit time and costs before you begin construction, even if your project is only a renovation or addition. Some people consider obtaining all of these permits and following the rules to be time-consuming. A good, smart builder, architect Bali, designer, or contractor will never skip these crucial steps.

Frequent communication with all parties involved in your construction project. Combined with your understanding of the process, will ensure that all necessary steps are taken.