Perfect Places To Go in June

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May will end and this is the time for you to prepare for the trip in June. The most important thing you should know is to find out the best places to visit in June.

Batiment des Forces Motrices

The clever adventurer has been planning a trip for June. Note also the trend airlines for cheap tickets, cultural calendar, weather conditions, or annual events in various countries. It is important for you to know the annual event because this is one that many hunted the traveler. Pay attention to whether the places you visit are included in holy sites, mountains, nature, beach parties or summer parties so you do not get the wrong costumes. This is a recommendation of some places you can visit in June.

Portland, Oregon

June is the best time to visit Portland, where your journey will get a bright ceiling, warm temperatures, and beautiful scenery. Your trip will certainly be filled with energy and life.

Climbing to Mount Hood is a great time where average temperatures crack 70 degrees and rain only down 5 days in a month. The Portland Rose Festival is an annual event held for weeks. You can see brewery or see a free concert in the park.


Corsica is perfect for your journey in June. This beautiful Mediterranean island offers warm and sunny weather throughout the month. You can laze on the beach, hike, or explore the vineyard without sweating. Browse the internet and find airline tickets at the best price and enjoy your journey to Corsica.

New York City

New York City! No one can beat the summer in New York! There really is not a bad month for you to visit New York, but June is the best month. Big Apple can be the beginning of your journey in this city. June is where many free concerts are held at Central Park and Prospect Park and Shakespeare world-renowned in Park show.

The July annual event in New York City is the annual Gay Pride Parade and the Governors Ball festival. Flight prices in July tend to rise, so for those of you who want to enjoy events in July, prepare everything faster.

Mexico City

June is the most beautiful time to visit Mexico. You can enjoy the warm and sunny weather. The city is popular with its building artist, the popularity of museums and restaurants with the cool scenery. If you want to boost adrenaline, you can try to conquer two volcanoes Iztaccihuatl which has a height of about 4,035 meters and Popocatepetl 4763 meters.


Geneva is the best and really feels life in June. You can travel to the lake of Geneva and include the most beautiful lake in the world with an area of a 600km square. You can exercise yachts that will make you healthier.

Swim in Bains de Paquis you have to do or just relax in one of the parks by the lake or cafe. The unique sights at Geneva are best for your trip in June.