The Best Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea has claimed themselves as one of the most influential countries especially due to the Kpop sensation. However, South Korea is not only famous for its entertainment business but also for their attractive sites which have drawn lots of tourist from local and international. There are lots of great places to visit in South Korea. Therefore, if you have a plan to visit this lovely country anytime soon then you’d better prepare and decide which sites you want to visit during your trip since there are many of them.

Places to visit in South Korea during your trip

  • Seopjikoji is located in Jeju Island. It is the best site for those who are looking for serene and romantic place. The promontory on the coast along with yellow rape attracts every eyes. The colorful environment is just a charm you can’t resist once you land your feet on this famous island.
  • Yong-san River is also a favorite site for tourist, even for the locals. South Korea is famous for its Han River but Yoong-san River also has its own beauty to appreciate. The 132 kilometer in length cycle path is just mesmerizing. It stretches from Damyang to Mokpo. Have a peaceful walk along the path will just bring serenity to your trip.
  • Haeundae Beach is located in the southern port city of Busan, of the largest cities in South Korea. This is one of the most favorite beaches which are always flocked with visitors. You can enjoy Polar Bear festival which is always held in January. The number of participants in this festival keeps increasing by year.
  • Namsan Seoul Tower is the most favorite places to visit in South Korea especially for youngster. It is actually a communication and observation tower which is located on Mt. Namsan. This tower is famous even to international tourists because it’s often mentioned in many Kdramas. The attraction is when you see the panoramic views from the top.
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace is also a must visit place is South Korea you can’t be missed. It is located in the northern side of South Korea and is called Northern Palace. The building in this palace is still traditional and original. You can even visit the museum inside the palace to take a better look at historical sides of South Korea.
  • Gwangjang Market is a heaven for foodies. In this market, you will be able to taste lots of Korean street foods you’ve been craving for. Various foods you can try are bibimbap, bindaetteok, sundae, gimbap, tteobokki, and many more.
  • Noryangjin Fish Market is another attraction you can find in South Korea. This is a market specialized in seafood variety such as octopus, snow crab, abalone, and many more. If you crave for fresh seafood then this is the best place to go. You can buy your favorite seafood and bring them to the restaurant located just on the first floor in the market to be cooked. No wonder this is one of the best places to visit in South Korea.

How To Plan Bali Scuba Diving Holiday Efficiently

Your holiday schedule messed up? This often happens when there is no proper preparation. You will miss many opportunities to see the best destinations. How to plan your next vacation? Dive? Looks like a good idea! Where are beautiful and amazing diving spots? Bali!

Plan and Enjoy Bali

Bali scuba diving holiday if the planned result will be satisfactory. You will not only be exploring under the stunning Bali hills! Many other tourist destinations that you can enjoy after completing scuba diving in Bali.

The location of diving spots in Bali is quite far away. You need transportation and a guide to reach it. You have to rent a boat to the point of dive from the shoreline. Diving guides are also important. They know the conditions and weather under the sea appropriately. This will be a safe dive for you.

Bali scuba diving packages are not something hard to find. Offering various dive centers in Bali makes it easy to compare dive packages. Do not be fooled scuba diving Bali packages cheap! Pay attention to the instructors’ certificates first. PADI certified dive instructors are a must.

PADI organization provides training for instructors well. The dive instructors are able to guide the dives safely. They trained to solve problems and make quick decisions while diving. Their reviews and reviews that once took dive packages in Bali are the best way. One of the best reviews for dive center in Bali is Dune Atlantis.

Dune Atlantis best deal Bali scuba diving holiday will make your dream come true. Dune Atlantis offers a planned package so you do not waste time. You just adjust the date, time and day of diving you want. Dive spot spotters are also available in several options. For professional divers, day and night dive packages are available.

Bali scuba diving holiday is the time when you enjoy your holiday destination comfortably. No need to worry about your holiday schedule messed up. Dune Atlantis helps you organize every dive session. After completing the dive, you will have plenty of time enjoying other interesting tourist destinations.

Do not be fooled cheap dive packages! You will regret throwing that for a cheap dive package. A little witty and wise to choose diving packages is a must if you do not want to spend a double budget. The best satisfaction is enjoying the dives safely and comfortably. Selection of a dive center is exactly the best.

Find Out Common Travel Mistakes

Travel mistakes

There are common travel mistakes you need to know so you can avoid unnecessary hassle during your travel. There is no such thing as perfect travel or perfect travelers. They are all bound to makes mistakes. However, mistakes are meant to be learnt and those can be avoided. Every individual experience different moment on their traveling. However, no one wants to repeats the same mistake while enjoying their precious travel. Therefore, there is no hurt to find out common mistakes happen during travel experienced by most travelers. You will find it helpful to get you hassle-free travel.

Common travel mistakes you need to know

Some travelers like to spend their time preparing before going to travel. Others tend to like spontaneous travel which doesn’t involve thorough plan making in the process. However, no matter how prepare you are, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. Sometimes, people learn from their experience. When they experience one mistake, they try hard not to fall for the same mistake. Here are common mistakes in travelling you need to know:

  1. One of the most common mistakes is to not tightening your toiletries products caps all the way. All liquid, cream, and gel products are prone to burst especially when you didn’t tighten the caps well. It can be a hassle when they burst and the content spread all over your bag. This looks like a small mistake but it’s indeed a mood-killer for your travelling.
  2. The next common mistakes in travelling is over packing. It is understandable that you are worried about what you need to bring. Sometimes, it ends up in what you ‘want’ to bring instead. It leads you to pack unnecessary things in your bag.
  3. One of the most common travel mistakes is skipping to buy something you like. In the middle of your travel, sometimes you are interested to but certain object which you can’t find in another place. However, you think too hard and decide to not buying it. However, it’s a mistake because when you fail to buy it, it will haunt you for the rest of your travel even when you get back home.
  4. The next common mistake is to not changing money at the airport. This can be a real hassle when you travel overseas. You have chance to change money at the airport so you can buy anything in your destination. However, lots of travelers sometime forget this important step.
  5. Another common mistakes in travelling is too afraid to try something new such as trying street foods. Eating street foods won’t make you die. If the local eat it and they are fine then there is no reason you are paranoid of food poisoning.
  6. One of the most common travel mistakes is to rely on guidebook too much. It is understandable to be well-planned but sometimes it will suffocate you. You can do more by not relying on it too much though. It is better to pull a suggestion or two from the guidebook and make your travelling more memorable by yourself.

Komodo Island Diving: 3 Reasons Why You Need It

The sea currents at Komodo Island and also at many of Flores Islands are quite well-known as they are pretty much strong. So with the waves. But, the underwater life is too beautiful to be missed. Many of tourists have been coming for diving since the Komodo Island itself have became one of the best and diving area and destination in Indonesia. For example, let’s say, the Batu Bolong that is included into part of the Komodo National Park as one of the favourite dive spot among the divers around the world. Komodo Island diving is really needs to be in your list for the next traveling.

Diving at Komodo Island, why you need it?

Since you are going to read about the Komodo Island diving, I have gathering some reasons for it. Why you need to experience it someday. To be exact, there are 3 reasons and one or two of them may sounds like general thing, meaning that not focusing on the Komodo Island itself. I am doing this because there is a big chance that you will not only come to one island, but even more than that. But, the other islands still part of Komodo National Park or the Flores Islands (East Nusa Tenggara) as a whole.

1. Great snorkeling and diving experiences

Province of East Nusa Tenggara is an archipelago and Komodo Island is in it as well. And such archipelagic territories, usually the underwater world has the various type of coral reefs and marine biota. Sometimes, by just simply snorkeling, may it enough for you to join with the Nemos and other small fishes that are tame and clustered. Doesn’t it sounds a beautiful experience from the Komodo Island diving package?

Diving at Komodo Island

The recommended locations for that are at Pink Beach where you know that there are only about hundreds beach like that in the world, at Namo beach, and Satonda Island that is so exotic as well.

Beside that, you can also experience the Komodo Island diving to monitor or see the Mantas at Manta Point’s dive site. If you are lucky enough, you may bumps into the mantas with the 8 meter in size. And even you can see them with barely naked eyes since sometimes they are swinging to the surface. At Manta Point, you will be swinging along with the mantas that might be surrounding you where this will be one of the rare experience you will likely to get.

The manta point itself is located close to another dive spot like Taka Makassar. Because of its famous in monitoring and meeting the mantas, many divers then calling it as the “Manta Kingdon.”

2. Amazing marine life

At East Nusa Tenggara as well as at the Komodo Island diving, there are many other luxury beside the above point when talking about the marine life. They are rich so much and the dive spots are not only what I have been mentioned above.

If you get your own Komodo Island diving package, you’d better ask your dive guide or tour operator about the best month for seeing the sharks, whales, sperm sharks, and many more rare species.

Komodo Island diving

One of the reason why there are so many marine life’s richness at Flores that also supporting the Komodo Island diving is because of the confluence of the hot and cold waters or currents. When both of the currents are converged, then there will be many fishes. So with the coral reefs and many marine biota that are growing well.

At Komodo National Park, it has becomes home for more than 1,000 species of fishes, 260 species of coral reefs, and 70 species of sponge fishes, the seals, 14 species of whales, dolphins as well as the turtles. So that, the Komodo Island diving is really needs to be considered.

3. Many areas dominated by the waters

To be exact, the Komodo National Park itself are mainly covered by the waters than its land. By this domination, I am really sure that it will be really support the marine life especially for Komodo Island diving package. Moreover, i have been mentioned above about the confluence of the 2 currents.

So, it is not surprising if there are many various species and what I have been informed above are only a few from what you could experience diving in Komodo Island.

Benefits of Travelling You Need to Know

Travelling is how to gain some fun and thrilling experiences. It has been a desire of most people to explore around new places. There are many benefits of travelling you can get so it’s not always about spending your money or time while you’re free from your duty. Travelling s much more than that. If travelling is only about have some fun and spend money, people won’t get addicted to it. There are more of travel which can lead people to want the experience more and more. No matter how often they travel, the thrill of experiencing new culture in new places always bring priceless moments.

Benefits of travelling you can get

The basic benefits you will gain from travelling are new experiences, new stories, and new friends. Exploring new places will bring you more memories to remember for your life. Aside from psychological benefits by gaining happiness and fun, travelling also benefits your physical health. To elaborate more on the benefits of travel, here are more of them:

  • The first reason why people love travelling is because they can be free from their routine hassle. Thus, they gain more peace of mind even though it;s temporary. At least, you can release all your stress and tension while travelling.
  • Travelling also helps you to learn more about how the world works. You will get to learn many new things such as new and different culture, societies, and many more. With thus experience, you will be more open-minded. Therefore, you won’t be a judgmental and see everything with different point of views.
  • One of the benefits of travelling is to improve your communication and social skills. You meet new people while travelling and you have more chance to interact with them. You will be able to learn how to act around people with different manner according to the local customs.
  • Travelling will also benefit for your dependency, you will learn how to be independent and responsible for your choice. You will have to rely on your own skills in solving problem. You will also get to decide yourself what’s best for you.
  • By travelling you will improve your confidence level. You will have more experience to cope any obstacles you face. Besides, travelling means real life education. You will learn how real life is much broader than you think.
  • Travelling will also help to improve your physical health because you will actively move your body for good by walking and stuffs. Besides, travelling can relieve your stress so your mood will be much better. It will lead to healthier body.
  • If you travel with your friends or family, it will help to strengthen your bonds. Creating memories together will make you get closer to each other.

Travelling can be the best time for you to get to know yourself. Self-discovery is what people seek from travelling because you will find yourself in different situation from your daily life. Get yourself benefits of travelling and start planning your schedule.

Premium Quality Bean Bag To Pamper Your Daily

Bean bag is no longer a foreign furniture product. Its development has steadily increased since the 1960s. If you search the market, there are many kinds found. Start for children up to beanbags that can be used to relax in the pool. The model may not be appealing the first time you look. But do not judge from the cover. You should try to sit and feel comfortable with this furniture.

At first, bean bag chairs may be just as a furniture. Over time, they are also perfect for decorating every corner of the house. Why is beanbag couch very liked by many people, whether children or adults?

Premium Quality For The Best

Are you tired of spending a budget replacing your broken traditional sofa? This is a common case. Within 1-2 years, most people replace the traditional sofa with a fairly expensive price. The logic is that you get the best by paying more.

But, this will not happen if you use beanbags. Why? Let’s review a bit about the bean bag. This type of sofa, made with the waterproof and heat-resistant material. The outer layer uses 1680D polyester with PVC coating. As for the stuffing using styrofoam grains so comfortable and able to follow your movement as you sit.

You do not need to change beanbag every year. You can easily clean it. If you want to look like new, you can remove the cover and wash it. Blah is no longer comfortable when used, you can add stuffing with cheap price.

Safe For Kids With Secure Lock Zipper

The softness of the surface of this type of furniture not only provides comfort for adults but also children. Secure? They are safe for children. Designed with secure lock zipper, it does not make beans out of place so it’s safe for kids.

Pay Less Get More

What price should be paid for a beanbag? Certainly, the price offered is cheaper than you buy a traditional sofa. No need to pay for a premium quality bean bag. How to find quality and affordable products? Browse the internet, compare its quality and price.

Soo Santai provides the best offer for a premium quality bean bag, with reasonable price and warranty. Headquartered in Bali, they are ready to deliver your order wherever you are. Any money you spend buying a beanbag product will not make you unrepentant to buy the next product.

How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo can be the best way to get a peace of mind. However, it is sometimes undeniable to feel loneliness. People are meant to interact and socialize and maybe that’s why it’s hard to live without others. You might as well consider to make friends while traveling solo. Having a new companion while traveling can give you vivid memory of your experience. Traveling is not always about good places but also good people. While you broaden your horizon through traveling, you can also broaden your friendship or network through it.

Tips to make friends while traveling solo

Make friends while traveling solo

If you think only social butterfly can make friends easily then you are totally wrong. Even if you are the type of preserved or introvert, you can still make friends in many ways. However, for those who are more introvert find it too awkward to even start a small talk with strangers. That’s why you might as well consider the tips to make friends during travel as the following:

  • First thing first is to be open-minded. Old habit is hard to die but you can start to open your mind while traveling since it’s the right time to do it. By becoming more open-minded person, it means that you give others chance as well. You can’t just waste a chance to meet new people with new culture and stuffs because it is priceless.
  • While you are traveling alone and meet other travelers, don’t hesitate to share foods. It is friendly gesture and can be translated to invitation for friendship. When you are going to grab some dinner in supper club for example, don’t be shy to start a small talk with the waiters or other guests either local or other travelers.
  • Next tips to make friends while traveling solo is involve in friendly activities. For example, when you stay in hostel, sometimes there will be some fun events you can join such as beach picnics, or just get together by lunch. You can join the events and meet new people in friendly environment.
  • Traveling solo means you are not bound to a certain schedule. You can decide where to go and how long you will stay. That is why, it is better to be more flexible with your travel plans. Sometimes you meet people who clicks right away. Don’t let your plan ruin the chance for you to make friends. It is fine to go for a little adventure with them and break your schedule once.
  • IF there is a festival or local party, you can join them. Aside from getting some fun, you can also learn the culture of the locals. It is a great way for you to meet new people and broaden your horizon by learning something new.

The most thing you need to be aware in making friend during travel is not worrying so much. Worry will lead you nowhere. Just be confidence and make sure you don’t offend the local customs while you are trying to make friends while traveling solo.

6 Importance Sleeping Equipments For Hiking

If you are planning for hiking a mountain for the next holiday or weekend, then you should to think about all equipments you need to bring up. Especially in hiking that somehow could be dangerous. And for that outdoor or sport activity, one of to be well-planned and organized is your own sleeping equipments for hiking.

Just like any other hobbies, hiking is will also makes you spending more money to buy some tools or equipments that sometimes they are so much expensive, although many of them are also affordable or cheap but really helpful to keep you save. And to be more specific, let us just talk about the important sleeping equipments for hiking while assuming that the other tools that are not related to it are also really important to be brought.

And from many references that I have read and some experiences that I have been through, I have listed some of the sleeping equipments for hiking to help you out and keep you comfort and safe while on the mountain or hill and in the forest regarding to rest your own body. Check out below all of the lists, especially if it is your first hike.

1. A tent

A tent will be mostly needed if you are hiking in a group. This is could also be considered as one of the conventional sleeping equipments for hiking since there are some of the related products that are changing it over times. A small tent at least could be used for 2-4 person, but you know it is also needs to be compare it with the size of our body. Bringing a tent is also required us to have a more energy since it is pretty much heavy, so you may need to prepare yourself. Setting it up will also takes some times and require a specific spot to be placed.

2. A Lightweight Hammock

If you can’t bring a tent, then a hammock might be really the answer for your issue related to the sleeping equipments for hiking. It is lightweight, no need a big space in your backpack and you could even setting it up quickly as long as there are at least two trees or poles which I think they are easy to be found, right?! You will not only get a new experience while sleeping but also is safe since you’d likely swinging between the trees. So make sure to get your own lightweight hiking hammock right now.

Hammock for hiking the mountain

Beside that, it is not only could be brought while hiking, but other traveling activities also could be helped just by bringing your own hammock. And now you could also hiking alone without getting burdened your shoulder with the tent. If you choose to get a hammock, make sure to also buy a tarp to avoid the rain and a underquilt to stay warm. Take it easy, all of the prices are also affordable than buying a tent.

3. A sleeping bag

Although you have got the hammock in your hand, you may also need to consider to bring your sleeping back. And if you are bringing the tent, I think that bringing a sleeping bag is also important for getting warmth and reduce the air temperature. It is also could be placed inside your hammock whether as a pillow or thicken your hammock’s layer to be more comfortable.

4. Jacket

The specific one could be used only for your sleeping. It is because when you use one on the way up, it might getting wet or broken by any other reasons. So bringing a specific jacket for sleeping needs to be considered as important as well. And since the temperature could decrease so much, it also will help you to stay warm.

5. The rain coat

Believe me, I have slept using a rain coat as the last layer of my clothes and jacket since most of them are waterproof. So, the rain coat is not only useful to be used to not getting wet if raining and you are at the way or road on your hiking, but also could be used for sleeping. This option surely optional, but if you need to bringing it, then go ahead.

6. Socks and gloves

I am mostly used the socks and gloves for sleeping when hiking to the mountain. My socks are also sometimes need to be replaced because of the rain or dirty. Sometimes my legs are getting wounds while hiking, so it is very importance to change the socks. As two of the important sleeping equipments for hiking, the dry socks and gloves are really helpful in sleeping with comfort since they could help you reduce the air temperature around.

There might be other sleeping equipments for hiking a mountain that I have not mentioned above, but those 6 are my recommended for now. You may not bringing them all, like using the lightweight hammock than a tent, so simply sorting them out for your own prioritize. Thanks for reading and hope all the information above is helpful.

How to Find Good Food While Travelling

Travelling is not always about finding good spot to spend your time. Good food is also important to enjoy while you are travelling. Sometimes, some travelers find it hard to find good food while travelling because lack of information and experience. However, that’s not something you can’t solve. Memorable meals are also important which can make a trip. However, it’s sometimes hard to locate the right places especially when you travel alone. There is a chance you get lost when you are trying to find the best restaurants or spots.

Tips to find good food while travelling

Finding good foods can be fun even when you travel solo. However, don’t forget that your safety is also important to consider. Wandering around new places to find good food while travelling solo can be challenging. So here are tips to find good food while you travel:

  • Planning is always the best method for everything includes finding good foods. Instead of wasting time wander around new places, it’s better to plan ahead by booking a culinary walking tour. This is one of the best solutions you can take. You can sample many local dishes. You will be introduced to lots of local menus and experience proper mealtime etiquette.
  • Find some information from local food bloggers. This type of research doesn’t need to be so formal and time consuming. You can browse while waiting for your flight. After finding interesting food to try, you can mark the location and use Google maps to help you find the right location.
  • The nest tips to find good foods while travelling is to get information from the local such as hotel concierge, or other travelers you meet along the way. This can also be a great way to make friends with other tourists. You can ask for the most popular spots for tourists which have decent foods to enjoy.
  • Find the place in neighborhoods instead of the one near the biggest tourist attraction in town. The foods located in neighborhoods usually taste better. The restaurants near the biggest tourist attraction are usually not good enough to satisfy travelers who are seeking for original taste. Therefore, do some research about the best spots for good foods in your destination.
  • If you forgot to do a research or browse through internet and you are already starving then you can find the places where there is a decent line waiting to dine. Restaurant with time waiting long line can mean that the place has good foods at least. This can be the fastest way to find decent meals.
  • You can also use apps from your smartphone for dinner and drink deals on the go. You can also find some interesting places which offer good foods along with ratings from people who have visited the place.

Your travelling should be satisfying not only for your eyes ad mind but also for your stomachs. Happy tummy brings happy mood. Therefore, it’s important to find good food while travelling. You can always expect for delicious local foods to try.

Compare The PADI Open Water Bali Price For The Best Deal

Diving is identical to expensive water activities. Cutting dive requires a lot of budgets. Starting from plane tickets, diving equipment, boats, guides, lodging transportation. Can you imagine how much budget should be prepared? The dive certificate is the main one! Never dive if not certified. Where to go and how to have a dive certificate?

Bali is a wise choice if you want to do diving training. This exotic thousand island is one of the world’s best destinations in the world of diving. What is the budget to be prepared to have a diving certificate in Bali? How to choose the best dive organization certificate?

How And Where To Find Padi Open Water Bali?

PADI is the world’s best and trusted dive organization. Why PADI? Because PADI certificate has been recognized the world. Offering PADI open water course Bali is widely offered at various prices. How to compare open water Bali price to save budget?

Seeing the review of several dive centers in Bali is the most appropriate way. Dune Atlantis is one of the best dive center dive center in Bali offering cheap PADI open water Bali price. The initial open water package is right for you beginner divers who want to enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali.

PADI open water Bali price offered usually includes equipment divers, transportation to and from a hotel, and others. This will greatly help you to save your budget. You do not have to bother looking for transportation, guides or bots at a separate price. You do not have to bargain with a naughty guide.

Affordable PADI open water Bali price from trusted dive center is your first step to get a dive certificate. You can enjoy various Bali’s best diving spots ahead of the stunning scenery. Mola-mola, manta rays, sharks, shipwreck are an exciting underwater destination to explore.

Compare the open water Bali price offer offered by several dive centers. Compare the facilities provided by diving equipment, transportation, lunch, boat, guide, diving instructor. Most importantly you should note whether the certificate you get is a PADI certificate.

Diving no longer expensive when getting a PADI open water training package at a cheap price. The diving activity is no longer foreign and considered the activity of the rich. For that, thoroughly and compare diving packages in Bali for a memorable and unforgettable experience. Make sure that you are handled by professional and experienced PADI certified instructors. Bali’s open water rice is best for you to open a stunning underwater door.