3D2N Amazing Komodo Rinca Tour, Meet The Ancient Animals

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Icons of ancient animals on Komodo Island are very popular and a favorite destination for domestic & international tourists. Usually, tourists go directly to the island of Komodo to see this ancient animal. Rinca Island, one of the second largest islands in the Komodo National Park archipelago, is also a habitat for iconic ancient animals. Generally, you can travel to Rinca Island by speed boat from Labuan Bajo. But for the perfect cruise trip, the Komodo Rinca tour package will bring you to see the differences between the two islands of ancient animal habitats. 

3D2N Amazing Komodo Rinca Tour, Meet The Ancient Animals

Komodo Rinca Tour, Watch the reproduction of ancient animal

Komodo mating is a unique sight and adventure. On Rinca island, you can see the largest species of lizard enter the mating period in certain months, especially June to August. The Komodo dragon reproduction process ranges from 7-8 hours. This means that if you come to visit between June and August it is possible to watch a rare show.

The Komodo Rinca tour brings you to see firsthand the mating season of ancient animals. In the process, the female Komodo dragon will become a bone of contention for the male Komodo dragon, because the number of female Komodo dragons is less than the male species. It is possible that a female Komodo dragon will be married to more than one male Komodo dragon.

Pick your Komodo island tour price

A Komodo trip by private boat is perfect if you want to enjoy a 3D2N cruise. Usually, Komodo island tour boat rentals vary, ranging from 1.5 million to tens of millions depending on the ship’s facilities and the duration of your trip. With a cost of 2.6 million, you can get a private cabin/room together on a regular boat. Meanwhile, at a cost of 2.9 million, you can get a private cabin with a superior ship. For prices ranging from 3 million, you can get a private cabin with a phinisi ship.

Many people still wonder why they have to spend days living on a boat to visit the islands of Komodo National Park. Considering there are many amazingly small and large islands that you can visit during the Komodo tour. Staying on board is a great way to save your time for hopping island, snorkeling, and diving. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset on the boat is also a perfect moment and an unforgettable experience.

Smart to choose a Komodo tour operator

This is what you should pay attention to in detail. Be smart when choosing a Komodo tour operator. Not all tour operators do business transparently. They do not mention the name of the ship and the trip schedule to your destination can change at any time without notice. Don’t try to be tempted by cheap trips! Make sure all the packages that you will take are according to what you want.