Balancing Safety And Utility When Carrying Money On Vacation

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Carrying money on vacation is a must because almost everything to cater your convenient trip needs money. However, there have been so many cases where travelers or tourists become an easy target of thieves and scammers. On of the keys for carrying money safely on vacation is to balance safety and utility. It means you carry money in a way that makes it difficult for thieves to take your money. However, you still carry your money in a way that makes you easy to access it when you have to pay for something. 

Balancing Safety And Utility When Carrying Money On Vacation

Smart strategies for carrying your money on vacation

Losing your financial resources during a vacation is not a pleasant thing to do but it is still pretty common. So here are some tips for you to carry your money safely and elegantly during your trip:

Divvy up your travel cash and cards into multiple safe spots

It makes sense to divide your travel cash and credit cards into different safe spots when travelling around. If you put everything in one place, then it only takes one incident for you to lose everything you have. Take cash moderately and leave out some of them in a safe location in your hotel room. Distribute your funds so you still get enough money to sustain your trip. 

Keep small bills handy

Make smaller denominations of currency and make it accessible. Therefore, you don’t have to pull out large bill just to pay for small expenses. Hence, you won’t draw thief’s attention. Keep larger bills in the deepest part of your under-clothing money pouch. It is also beneficial if you can make money preparation by getting variety of small bills ready for purchases such as souvenirs, foods, tickets, etc.

Consider using anti-theft bag

There are many anti-theft bags in the market you may actually consider using for your travel plan. They are designed specifically for travel that feature cut-proof straps, slash-proof fabric, and locking zippers. Some of them also come in various design that may suits your style. Anti-theft bags can help deter opportunistic pickpockets and slow down thieves. 

Keep only necessities in your wallet

When you plan on getting around places during your trip, make sure to sort out your wallet first to make sure you don’t carry a bunch of unnecessary items that can potentially lead you to costly mistakes. Carry only necessities in your wallet so even if it gets stolen, you have fewer items to replace. Also, it helps you to travel lighter.

Consider getting a dummy wallet for your trip

You can trick pickpocket and thieves by getting a dummy wallet. It is a smart strategy to get a cheap wallet you can use later as a decoy. You can fill it with small bills to make it look real. You can also put in some sample credit cards you have at home. Getting dummy wallet can help a lot in stopping pickpocket from taking your real wallet, especially if your travel destination is widely known for pickpockets or muggings.